27 Proven Tips For Dating Online


In this post I will share with you some of the most proven tips on dating online and how to take things further from there and have the relationship that you want with the girl of your choice and liking.

When you’ve finally decided that you want to try online dating or you want to try again, then your no. 1 priority should be your profile. Is it relatable and understandable for the other person watching it? Can people understand you and what you want to make them understand about you? It should define who you are as a person and most of all it should showcase the most interesting parts of you and highlight it.

And the 2nd important thing and the thing at which a lot of people fail is clearly defining the person you want. You can’t be ambiguous here. When you’re ambiguous, then you get no one, or even if you do get someone you fail to turn it into something special. You must be very specific and very defined in this part, and don’t worry we’ll discuss this a lot going forward.

Now, with all that in mind

Dating online has given us unlimited opportunities of communication from anyone and everyone. We can be sitting anywhere in the world yet , we can chat with almost any other stranger present in this world. It’s amazing to know that it gives us so many opportunities and so many options.

You can even know everything about a person by seeing their likes and dislikes and their followers and following and make up a plan of approaching them online, beforehand.

And you can then chat them up, get close to them online before you fix an actual meeting where you two already know each other and have a very deep understanding and bonding with each other.


So, let’s get ready for the 27 proven tips that works while dating online –

Tip No. 1 – Be Clear about what you want.

We all want to socialize, be liked and become a star in everyone’s eyes, or at least in the eyes of some loved ones, especially girls. We want to get into relationships, be loved and respected and even take things further from there.

But, you must know what you’re looking for when you’re looking for a girl online. I mean, you must know your end goal. It must be in your sight when you’re chatting with her, or else everything will go away and you’ll just end up wasting your time over that girl.

So, do you want to just socialize and become friends with her, do you want to be her friend with benefit, or do you want to be her boyfriend, you must know this before you try to approach her online.

I’m putting so much emphasis on this because when you know your goal and you’ll also let her know [ I’ll let you know how ] about your intentions, so that both of you will have a clear understanding of what’s happening when you both are chatting and where that conversation is leading to. I don’t want you to mislead her into believing something which she’s not interested in, as it will only lead to your heartbreak and waste of time in the future.



Tip No. 2 – Be Clear about who you want

Don’t go aimlessly shooting your arrows in a directionless manner. That way you’ll end up getting no one. You need to be very serious and concise about the type of girl that you want to date online. Visualise her in your mind. Is she the person you’ll be able to vibe and connect with?

For ex – You two have different point of view. Let’s say you like basketball and she likes baseball, similarly on other topics as well there’s not much similarities, then you two won’t be able to chat much, leading to only a waste of time for both of you. So, you must be picking your girl very wisely, and that’s an advice for normal dating as well. Don’t just pick any girl. Have Standards.

The man who stands for nothing, will fall for anything.


Tip No. 3 – Friend Zone Her

Now, that you have picked your right girl, who matches your likes and dislikes and your interests. She’s somebody you can vibe well with and you both understand each other well. I want you to go through this process because i want you to make the right choice and get the right girl, not some average run of the mill.

So, now no matter your end goal that you have planned with her, i want you to friend zone her. You can chat with her in a manner that will let her know your goal [ if you want her to be your gf, then subtly let her know ], but still friend zone her.

It will let her know that you’re not a desperate and needy guy, nor are you somebody who shies away from telling the girl about your feelings [ as i said, you must subtly let her know ] . This will create a mental trance of confusion in her mind and hence she’ll be more attracted to you thinking what do you want from her? She’ll want to figure you out, she’ll want to know more about you.

[ Oh, and B.T.W… if you want to know what to text her, then checkout this article ]

And i want you to make a lot of friends online of similar compatibility, likes and dislikes and all that, and not just her, so that you can nurture an abundance mindset in your life which will be very crucial anywhere in your life especially with dating and women.


Tip No. 4 – Working on your Profile

I want you to give special attention on your profile, how you present yourself and how a person will feel when they checkout your profile. There has to be a feel-good vibe coming out of your profile or else no matter the compatibility, the girl won’t accept you. Because obviously she wouldn’t want to be with a stranger who doesn’t even have a good, relatable profile.


It is very important that you give a lot of thought into what you post online, it must not be the bland, usual, boring stuff, that everybody does, while also indicating – ‘This is me, take it or leave it.’ Well you know what the girl’s think on this kinda stuff – Oh yeah, i’ll leave you. There are a lot of options out there. So, don’t go into a win-lose proposition when you can almost always win.

Your profile is the most important thing that is going to give you a lot of online dating success. So, you can’t take it lightly, nor can you post idiotic nonsense stuffs which indicate – “You live a non-existent pathetic life, where you just try to exist and take useless selfies everywhere you go. “

When you’re taking a pic to put in your profile, make sure that you’re giving good expressions, which relate to you [ don’t act like somebody you’re not ] and the quality of the picture is also good. Don’t put bad quality picture as it ruins your image and it again gives the – ” This is me, take it or leave it vibe “
And for an icing on the pic, make sure that you give that big beautiful smile of yours. It’s important as you want to give people feel good vibes.

Now, when working on your profile it’s very important how you write and show your likes and dislikes, who you are as a person, what do you do? Make sure that you’re not too modest, nor are you too boasty kinda guy. Get that middle ground where you sound just like yourself.


Tip No. 5 – Stop being boring

Imagine you’re painting a scenery. Then would you pick good colors to put in it or will you just leave it blank without any paint making it bland. It’s really important that your profile is interesting and spicy yet it relates to you. Come on, think. What are some of the things that make you interesting.

I know you’re interesting, everyone is. Even if you’re a part of a geek club, you’re interesting, to the girl who’s also the part of a geek club. [ This is why i wrote earlier, that there should be compatibility ]. Remove all the boring details from your profile which bores people. Ex – I am daddy’s prince, Not yet working, Still Studying, etc…


Tip No. 6 – Stop being double-meaning on your profile

What you write about yourself or post on your profile, must not be confusing. You must be very cut-through and to the point. So, that people get a very direct idea of who you are.
Confusing, double-meaning statements are some of the biggest turn-offs for people.

Ex – Send me to the wolves and i will come back leading the pack.

Or You’ve written – I am the king and i rule , yet in your profile you have written somewhere – you’re still studying.


Tip No. 7 – Don’t be fake

Don’t try to be somebody who you’re not in real life. This is one of the biggest pitfalls that have started to happen online.

One lie will lead to another and eventually you will be stuck in your web of lies and soon it will all be over. If you truly want to make real long lasting relations even if it’s just physical then don’t try to be someone else.


Tip No. 8 – Don’t approach every profile you see online

I have written this in a section above, but i thought this was so important that i should give it a section of it’s own. Look for quality not quantity. Look for people who you are actually interested in and who will be interested in you.

Hence, my reason for suggesting you that you should define your profile very punctually and with the utmost truthful detail about you.


Tip No. 9 – Keep it brief

I know, i know i wrote to write it in detail. Yet this section is about keeping your profile brief. So, what do i mean? Cut the boring, obvious, ghastly, knitty gritty stuff to yourself and show the absolute best of you, the things which you think are your most attractive on display.

Find the middle ground. Don’t go too deep or too short. Just find the most important qualities in you and display them.
Focus on your strengths.

Ex – If you love nature. Then write – Nature Affectionate. Now, you don’t need to write a whole essay on how much you love nature, your favorite trees, animals, etc… The people have already gotten the idea.


Tip No. 10 – Your Nickname or handles

Oh! this is just one of the biggest mistakes i see guys do. They pick some of the most funniest and hilarious nicknames which only creates a negative expression of them on people.

For ex – Accidental Genius, Bed-lover, etc…


Your nickname or handle should be something that gives others an immediate idea of who you are and what they can expect from you.


Tip No. 11 – Focus on your inner traits instead of physical

I have often seen people talk about their physical attributes, their abs, etc.. on their profile. All that is not important at the beginning. In fact it’s not important for online dating at all. What’s important is your inner traits and your characteristics.

Are you a cut-through no B.S. guy, a shy or timid guy, a loving and warm personality, etc… all these things matter. So, focus on them.

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Tip No. 12 – Be Cautious about giving personal information

You have got your profile set, you are a very warm and charming personality, the girls are flocking here and there to chat with you, all that will happen, if you do it right. It’s supposed to happen. But i want you to not get too caught up and give away your personal information too quickly.

Proceed with caution. Until and unless you’ve met her in real life and you actually like her in real life don’t go too personal online. Who knows, she may be a boy after all.


Tip No. 13 – Be General, not specific

When you’re dating online i want you to be general and friendly, don’t go too specific. Ex – How many members are in your family? How many brothers and sisters? etc…

This sounds as too forthcoming and too much on the front foot. It scares people off and you sound like needy, greedy and creepy.


Tip No. 14 – Remembering some details

Trust me it feels very bad when you can’t remember a person’s name or their handles who you just chatted yesterday. I know it’s very hard to remember everything but at least you should make a genuine effort to remember a person’s name and some of their likes and dislikes so that when you continue your conversation again with them you can start out on the right track again while also making them feel special.

You can take an extra step on this by also reminding them about your last conversation and that you can start again from there. This will make them feel special and you would have won their heart, by just this small effort.


Tip No. 15 – Don’t play the guessing game with names

I know you’re a human and you can’t remember all the names especially when you’re just starting out with them. So, i suggest that you don’t guess their names as it feels very bad.

Instead, of that just be real and genuine and say – I’m sorry. What was your name again?

This sounds authentic and also a very honest person.


Tip No. 16 – Be careful about what you talk

Boys often make the mistake of talking double meaning and making the girl get wrong ideas and often ends up on the bad side of the spectrum.

Don’t be misleading nor too straightforward.

At the beginning try to know her and understand who she is as a person. Talk about common interests while also flirting just enough to let her know that you want more than just friendship.

And don’t talk about serious topics like religion, politics or family matters, at least when you’re starting out.


Tip No. 17 – Ask for phone numbers or e-mails

Once you have chatted well with the person and you two know each other really well enough to know each other’s likes and dislikes and your traits and characteristics and now that you’re absolutely sure about this girl then go and ask her phone no.

A very good way you can ask it is – Hey, so i wanted to go out with you sometime. And if she says yes. Then ask for her number and say i’ll call you and then fix up the date.

Or you can just directly ask for her number if you two have built up that comfort with each other.


Tip No. 18 – Figure out the person you’re chatting to, early on

It’s very important that you understand this person you’re chatting online early, as when you guys have spent too much time together and then you realize that she’s not the right girl or she’s just not your type then it will be a waste of your time and you’ll also hurt the other person’s feelings.

So, what i suggest is you ask them very pointed questions, especially about their interests and hobbies. And then watch their answers. If it seems genuine and the person looks like they are the kind that you want to be with, then only go-ahead.


Tip No. 19 – Face to face Meet-Up

Once you have her phone number and you guys are jelling well over the phone, then what are you waiting for? Ask her out. You can ask her for a movies night if there’s a new movie coming up or you can just go to a restaurant, and if you have chatted well with her then you already know her likes and dislikes in food. So, you can ask her out to a favorite restaurant of hers.


Tip No. 20 – Don’t rush her into bed

I know, i know you’re already dating her and you two are into each other and you two just can’t stay away from each other. But if you sense a bit of uncomfort on her side then i suggest you to take a step back, give her time and then try again.


Tip No. 21 – Be Punctual

When you’re meeting in real-life then first impression matters a lot even if you have chatted a lot with her online. So, you must dress for success and also be punctual. Don’t be late, don’t make her wait, it’s a huge turn-off and mood killer.


Tip No. 22 – Don’t drink too much

When you’re on a date with her, then you don’t want to be seen as someone who takes advantage of women by making them drink and getting them unconscious. That’s very cheap and ghastly of a man.

Plus when you’re drunk you may blurt out something which you didn’t mean to and that might ruin everything.


Tip No. 23 – Paying the Bills

Of course, this is an obvious, yet i want to point it out, that before eating you two discuss who will pay the bill and my suggestion here is – Each person should pay his/her bills. That way if it doesn’t work out then nobody will feel obliged to anyone here.


Tip No. 24 – Be Witty

This is an advice for everywhere. No matter you’re dating online or offline. Being witty is one of the surest ways to hook a girl to you. 

This makes a girl feel like you are not one from the crowd and you’re somebody who will always give her the best of times and keep her happy.


Tip No. 25 – Charm her to Disarm her 😉

Charming is an art and it can always be learnt. It’s one of those things that is going to help you take her to bed [ if that’s your goal ]. You need to make her feel relaxed and comfortable with you, where she can absolutely be free and calm around you.

Charming is giving the other person spotlight. It’s making them feel worthy [ even if they are the least worthy ;]

People love talking about themselves as they’re the heroes of their own life. So, you be energetic and enthusiastic about her and with that enthusiasm ask about her life and herself. Give her the spotlight, make her feel special.

Listen, listen, listen and then listen some more. This way you won’t just create a likability factor about you in her mind but also you’ll get to know her more and plan your moves further ahead.

This tip is advised when you’re chatting online as well. It always works and helps you to propel things further.


Tip No. 26 – Rinse, repeat

When you take actions you fail. That’s life. So, what if you fail when you are trying online dating?

Try again. And again. Until you succeed.

It’s alright to fail, not find the girl you’re looking for or even if you find her then you lose her. It’s alright. Move on. Find someone else.

A lot of people find the right girl, the one that they wanted in their vision at firs try only but you didn’t. It’s fine. They got lucky, or maybe they executed the steps more thoroughly. So, you also go back, refine your process and try again. Never Give Up.


Tip No. 27 – Have a Balance

If you have started to meet in real life with her, then don’t chat online as much as you did before meeting her offline. It will be just too much and the juice in your relationship with her will fade too quickly, and you two will quickly get uninterested.

If you chat too much with her then you both are more likely to turn into friends than anything more serious.



This article was an honest thorough attempt to help you get some really proven tips for dating online.

So, some quick takeaways are – You should try to have a social life which you enjoy and are a genuine person. You take good quality pics and are a genuine authentic person. You have goals and visions about your life and about the girl that you want to find for yourself, and you’re very specific about who you want, you don’t just go aimlessly looking for any girl would work.

You’re a very cut-through and a No B.S. guy who wants to enjoy his life with in the presence of the girl who he has selected for himself.

And that’s it from this post. And hey, if you enjoyed this article then comment and let me know some of your favorite tips here.

And don’t forget to take your dating game to the next level by reading this step-by-step article on how to approach girls and get results.

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