7 Ultimate Tips to Become a Dominant Male


We have often heard that a dominant male is an attractive male. He’s the one who gets all the girls, all the money and all the success in life.

In this world we can always find a dominant and a weak wimpy man. And guess what who’s the ultra successful one? Of Course, the dominant one.


Because he chooses to work on himself, bet on himself, take constant action with conscious deliberate choices and efforts and he’s the one who improves the people around him as well. He’s not jealous or afraid of other’s improvements or achievements. In fact, he celebrates other’s success and learns from them.

This is why women and the whole society in general loves a dominant man. Because he’s always in control of everything around him. He’s an aura of coolness and calmness around him which attracts everyone towards him.

So, now let’s dig deep into what makes a dominant male and can you become one?


1. Dominating Habits

Habits aren’t destiny. Habits can be ignored, changed, or replaced. It is a pattern
which you go through routinely unless you make a deliberate effort to change it for
better or for worse.

Now, imagine what life would be like if you began each day with small actions that
created a chain reaction of positive benefits throughout your life.
Imagine you made a habit to take small actions each day that would create those reactions.

Habits have a powerful compounding effect to them. At the beginning they look very
insignificant, but overtime they make or break a person’s life.

The best way to build a habit is to combine actions related to what you want from life. In other words, it makes no sense to add random habits together that have no personal meaning. Instead, each habit must align with your goals. This will make it easier to stick with a new habit for a long term and then the compound effect will do the rest for you.

Some challenges that stops you from creating healthy life changing habits and myths about them –

Myth #1 – Lack of Motivation

You’re ready to finally change your life, finally put in the work, and then the motivation flushes away. You’re not motivated enough. You try to deceive yourself into believing you’ll do it tomorrow.

Trust me, you’re not alone here. Many people struggle with their habits.

And they think it’s because of the motivation.

But i’m going to let you in on a secret, but it must remain between us…so shhhhhh….

It’s not about the motivation,motivation never mattered. It’s about the strategy.
You need startegies which can leverage your abilities.

Doing something daily in small amounts is far more powerful than single, intense day of immense work. That’s the strategy.

Myth #2 – Lack Of Time

Sometimes you feel like you’re too busy to squeeze in time for a new habit. [ wow, what an excuse ]

Well, the best solution to this excuse is, cut the crap out of your life and you’ll be amused to see how much time you’ll have to form new habits.

Second best option is sleep less. I am not suggesting that you should become a zombie.But you can definitely wake up half an hour earlier to work on forming a new healthy habit.


Myth #3 – Lack of Focus [ first of all please give yourself an oscar for making amazing excuses ]

A lot of times we get distracted by the hype and hoopla around us and stop focusing on what really matters. [ hey, i forgot asking, what matters to you? ]

These distractions are almost inevitable especially when you’re working on yourself.
Some of those distractions could be – family, tv, weather, etc…

Now, let me tell you a genuine truth. At the beginning almost everyone suffers from
distractions and lack of focus.

But it’s the perseverance and desire for self-improvement is what will keep you going.

Do you truly want it? If you do, then you’ll find a way.

For ex- If family is your distraction, then wake up before everyone else and complete your work or routine.

If TV is your distraction, then cut the cables until and unless you’ve done your work.

Look it’s a matter of priorities. You gotta decide what’s most important. I’ll leave that
to you. First focus on doing what’s most important, then circle the rest of the day around it.

2. Dominating Values

Having healthy values means commitment to the right priorities.
What good is it if a man wins the world but forfeits his soul?

Values can empower people to reach greater goals than they ever thought possible.

Some of those dominating and liberating values are :-

– Gratitude

Always celebrate your surroundings and believe in everything that you’ve been given.
Always know that everything happens for a reason and it is happening to make things
happen for you. It’s happening for your own benefits. Don’t be a low life ingrate.


– Honesty

An honest answer is like a kiss on the lip.

People in all ages should realise that whether the coffers are bulging or empty,whether the flock is increasing or decreasing,integrity is the measure of
humanity and a person’s character.


– Kindness, Compassion and Humility

They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Humility means admitting that even the most powerful person is not totally in control,
and that what ultimately makes a person powerful is not their personal charisma,but
something deeper-their heart.

Always appreciate your people and what they do for you. Don’t take them for granted. Appreciation is the oil that makes things run.

If someone is caught in a sin then you should restore them gently.


– 3 step process to improve under-performing people –

  1. Confront the negative behaviors.
  2. Give the person a chance to change.
  3. Ignore them or just stay away from them, if there’s no change.

Make your people feel like equals. Nobody is inferior or superior. That’s an amazing
quality of a dominant male. It’s that his people love him. Why? Because he loves them , respect them and treats them as equals.


– Punctuality

Everyone knows that being late is very rude and careless and it telegraphs the message that your time is more valuable, that the other person may be busy but you are busier doing more important things. Being late for any date means you run the risk of making a bad impression before you’ve had the chance to really make an impression.

It’s better to be three hours too soon than a minute too late. This shows that you’re a man who’s serious about life and your commitments. One good thing about punctuality is that it’s a sure way to help you enjoy a few minutes of privacy. It shows the other people that you’re a man who knows the true value of time and enjoy every moment of it.


– Being healthy

Health is Wealth. If you want to dominate your life and become a dominant male, you need to take care of your health.

And it begins from your mind.

Feed yourself healthy doses of positivity everyday and speak right and kind to everyone.

REMEMBER: A drop of honey catches more bees, than a gallon of gall.

Now, move on to your soul.

Meditate regularly and focus on solitude. Focus on inner peace and finding a healthy, positive outlook on life.

And finally, your body.

Eat right, exercise daily. [ you thought I would write more here….hehhh… 😉


3. Dominating Fear

Fear is one of the biggest prisons that we live in. It’s like an invisible wall which holds
us back from our personal greatness.

It is a cage made for people who have committed no crime yet living a miserable life, trappedinside a prison of their own making.

Usually the biggest fear is the fear of failure. The “What If” that ruins everyone’s life.

Victories or defeat. These things happen. Learn from them and go back at it again. Face it like a champ. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

People who possess courage have a trait that can permeate and transform everything they do.

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Some steps that can help you in dominating your fear are :-

  1. Visualisation

First of all be specific of what you’re afraid of. Is it public speaking, some bully, a social situation, etc… Then visualise yourself absolutely dominating this social situation. Visualise that you’re the greatest at doing this thing you’re afraid of and nobody can do it better than you.Keep visualising it until this situation has become a natural to you.


  1. Use Affirmations –

Now that the situation has become a natural for you, and you’re ready to tackle it head on i want you to use affirmations that will give you the last push to absolutely dominate this fear of yours.


Some affirmations are –

I am fearless.

Strong and wise.

Calm and mindful.

I have unlimited power.

I let go of fearing mistakes and failure.

Constant affirmation increases courage, and courage is the backbone of con?dence and the panacea to your fears.

Once you’ve let go of your fears then the energy that you’ll radiate will be that of a real independent man who just won his independence in a hard fought battle with fear.

Because, trust me my friend, fear is real and it’s your worst enemy.So, kick that bastard right in the teeth with as much ferocity as you can, so that it never comes back.


4. Dominant Body Language

Body Language is an honest signal which you give to this world about yourself. If you have a good, dominant body language, then you’re a man in-charge of your life and everything around you. It sends subconscious signals to the world about the person you are.

You simply can’t pull off the dominant male part without a proper, manly posture. Believe it or not, it can improve the way you will look regardless of which clothes you wear or how tall you are or how big your waistline is.

Some important posture for a dominant male are –

– Standing Straight

You must stand straight, appear confident and dignified and look like a man who’s proud of himself and what he does. Make sure that your body is not bent from anywhere.

It also maximizes your height which is a plus point for having this posture.

Always lift up your chest, keep your shoulders aligned and stick your butt out whenever you’re standing.


– Sitting Comfortably and Taking Space

When you’re sitting the first thing that you need to take care of the most is your spine. Make sure that it’s not bent and flexed properly. A bad posture sometimes also causes muscle problems later in life.

Always sit straight, take as much space as you want and try to get comfortable without having a care in this world of what other’s will think about you.

Because a dominant man does what he wants, whenever he wants, howsoever he wants, with whoever he wants.


– Always Maintain Eye Contact

It’s one of the most honest signals out there about a man as any.

A dominant male never shys away from showing his eyes to the world while on the other hand a wimp will shy away and get scared to look at the things that really matter.

A good dominant eye contact really separates the pretenders from the real genuine dominant men.


5. The Go Getter Attitude

Any fact facing us is not as important as our attitude toward it, for that determines our success or failure.

It doesn’t matter if you have 1% chance of succeeding at something that you’re currently doing. What matters is how you react to it and how you interpret it inside your heads.

Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you respond to it.

Some benefits of having a go getter attitude are :-

– You can quickly recover from failure.

– You keep track of my progress on goals and make the changes needed.You’re a result oriented guy and highly flexible and tenacious.

– You’re willing to work on good ideas even from others.

– You can and what you need to know without much help.

– You don’t have to be reminded to do what you agree to do.

When you have a go getter attitude then you’re a learner through and through. You take the learning aspect of what you do very seriously.

REMEMBER: When you learn, that’s when you earn.

Success requires more than talent. While talent and knowledge are essential, the key that unlocks them both is your state of mind. Having a positive attitude makes you more dependable and accountable.

You will have pride in your work and people will think of you as an authority at what you do. You’ll become very effective and filled with enthusiasm.

One of the things that hold you back from having this go getter attitude is your past.

What i suggest is, list down all your past mistakes, liabilities, etc.. And burn them
down. Because it’s holding you back. As you can’t carry it’s weight everywhere you go. You’ll burn out. So you need to move on. And move on fast.

You need to keep trying, and i promise you, you’ll move on.

Hoping and wishing are never enough. Change and improvement come only when determination sparks action.


6. The Grooming

Grooming helps in cultivating an attractive and presentable presence.

People say that we should not judge a book by it’s cover, yet a book’s cover still matters
a lot. At least when it comes to the bottom line.

If you want to be a dominant male then you need to dominate your looks. You need to be in charge, no matter what.

I know, it’s nice to fantasize about a world where one does not have to regularly trim, wax,
comb or shave, the truth is that if you want to be in control of your life, then you need to
be in control of your looks.

It’s really important that you dress well and look exquisite, unless you want to be a hobo in which case you shouldn’t be reading this article.

3 Components of grooming are –

– Hygiene
– Clothing and
– Attractiveness


Some basic hygiene tips :-

  1. Shower everyday.
  2. Outsmart bedhead by combing, brushing, and styling your hair.
  3. Brush your teeth every morning and night.
  4. Apply deodorant.
  5. Keep your fingernails and toenails trimmed, and clean.
  6. Launder your clothes regularly.
  7. Shave, pluck, or wax excess hair from your body.


Clothing and Looks –

– Hair Grooming

Having a clean and well groomed hair is very important. It’s your style statement and tells other’s instantly what kind of a person you are.


– Fingernail and Toenail Care

Cleaned and trimmed fingernails and toenails are important for overall health. Germs often collect underneath the nails. Frequent and thorough hand washing and foot care is a good

way to prevent germ or fungus buildup. Nails that become too long and/or are rough and torn can scratch and cut an individual’s skin and may result in a local infection.

This shows that you’re a man who’s very serious about yourself and your life and believe in taking charge of your life all the time. This shows that you’re a man who’s dominant and doesn’t let anything stop him. Not even a small fungus or bacteria.


– Shaving

Shaving is a very important and delicate part of one’s personal hygiene. Nobody likes unwanted hair protruding out of your skin.


Some wearables to wear :-

– Glasses: The look should be small and stylish.

– Watches – Buy one with a leather or metal band.

– Pen – It should be a good quality pen, which should be able to garner attention of people.

– Rings – Not more than 1.

– Hand Bands – Don’t wear too many threads or bands in your hands. 1 should be enough.


7. Dominating Life

Confidence grows through work ethic,through seeing what’s happening around you and then you just  gotta put in the work.

There’s no substitute for hard work.

Your dream needs to be in your head 24/7. You can’t think of anything else.

You can’t do anything else if it’s not related to your work.

Nobody should work harder than you.You need to be a workhorse.

This is the final step. That is, ACTION. To dominate your life and to become a dominant male you need to take actions. And you need to take it better than anyone else and do it better than anyone else. There are no if, and, or, buts about it.

The best way to take these life changing actions is to first ally yourself with right minded people. It’s very important as they’ll propel you to give your best and help you in your attainment of goals.

If you want to have major breakthroughs in life and are aiming BIG in life then you must have the advantage of the experience, education, native ability and imagination of other minds.

You must use the leverage of Other People’s time, other people’s money, other people’s talents, etc..

Trust me, nobody made it big without help. Nobody is self-made.

Once you have found your inner group ,then start persisiting in the quest of your goal. Whatever it is don’t stop or quit. It’s your life that’s on the line. You can’t take it lightly Don’t take these things casually or else you’ll become a casualty.



I might have scared you with all those tips that you need to make to become a dominant male. But trust me it doesn’t happen in a day.

Everyone has to go through those painful processes. And when they finally start seeing the fruits of their hard work it seems magical. And the rewards that you’ll get will be endless.

Comment below and let me know on your thoughts and what you think you should do to become a dominant male?

Keep hustling, keep grinding and keep improving.

Since NOW you know what it takes to become a dominant man, I recommend you to develop the