August 4


9 Signs of a Cheating Wife You Must be Aware of – Relationship Advice

By Ariel Vagus

August 4, 2019


Cheating has been a part of this world for centuries Be it cheating in exams to cheating in bed. It’s everywhere. And when it comes to women, it’s surveyed that around 43% women cheat in their relationships.

And don’t think that all of them cheat just because they’re unsatisfied, no. 

Actually a lot of them cheat just for the fun, the thrill of it. In this article we will know nine signs she is cheating on you. 

A cheater can be anywhere, in your family [ euphemistically writing ], among your friends, the good honest wives who you think are keepers, the corporate bitches who you’re sure cheats on her hubby, etc. She can be anywhere, including your bedroom sleeping right beside you. 


infidelity hold a lot of interest and fascination among all of us. We care a lot about it and almost never want to be in a relationship where we’re used and kept in the dark by our partner. It hold a lot of consequences in our lives, from family troubles, to the bad upbringing of children, etc… It’s almost a chaos into the lives of the ones who are cheated. 

Currently women’s expectations of their partners and loved ones are at an all-time high. They now expect their partners to meet all of their needs. Be it sexually, financially, emotionally and even spiritually. [ two body, one souls…fvck.. ]

And this idea is spreading like wildfire everywhere, which is making women find multiple partners to meet all of their four needs. It was found in an study that on average a woman has 4 partners at a time. 

They want us in multiple roles from a lover, friend, partner to finally being a beast [ you know where ;]. And if this much is not enough then they would also want us to help them in house hold works and in taking care of the children, and the worst part is when we refuse they think we’re misogynists or even worse having an affair.

Heck, if this doesn’t seem enough to you then their new expectation is to have a variety of sexual partners, with the consent of their current spouse or partner (I know this is completely bonkers.)

Now, without further ado, let’s delve deep into the signs that she’s cheating on you – 

1). Feeling uneasy around you.

She’ll try to ignore you or try to stay away from you. This happens because even though she’s a cheater she can’t deny her natural feminine nature, which is a caring nature. So, she’ll do this because she’s feeling guilty. But that doesn’t mean she’ll stop doing it. Once a cheater, always a cheater. 


2). Unusual behavior of your mutual friends.

These things spreads like wildfire, she can’t hide it no matter how much she tries to. So, i want you to keep an eye on your mutual friends as well, if their behavior has changed, are they trying to stay away from her, trying to show some sort of hatred towards her, etc… 


3). Lack of intimacy.

When she is not confiding in you the way she used to earlier and you feel like she’s holding something back. Try to ask her, and get everything out in the open.  



4). Lack of sex.

Have you two been intimate for a long time or not, is she showing you the love that she used to show you earlier? Are you two having mind blowing sex, is she having passionate moans when she’s with you? Notice all this. 


5). The increased activity of her mobile phones or her increased time on social media.

Let’s face it cheating nowadays, have become the easiest thing to do. There are millions of people online, who are ready to help you cheat. So, check her mobile, emails and social media. You’ll definitely find some clue here. 


6). Always check your credit card details.

Chances are that if she’s cheating then she may be spending some cash as well. [ your hard earned money ] Each month you’re provided details of your expenses in the previous month, have a close eye on them, and check for any unusual spending in that month, spending which you don’t know of, or have no idea about. 


7). If she is spending too much time away from home, then this is another warning sign.

Whether it be work, shopping, going out to the bars, meeting an old friend, etc.. Any decrease in the amount of time spent with you or at home is warning flag. Also keep in mind that most affairs are work related. And work is the easiest excuse for them to use to cheat. For ex- I have a meeting, sorry honey i’ll be late, etc.. 


8). Look for newly acquired habits, traits or taste especially in bed.

For ex – Earlier if she didn’t like doggy but now is begging for you to do it, this is a clear warning, or if she didn’t like to drink but now loves it, this is a huge red flag. 


9). Look for any weapons or things she can use to hurt you or possibly even kill you

[ I’m serious here ] If she is cheating full time, then chances are she’s all into it, which means she probably loves that man, instead of you. This means that if both she and her boyfriend decides that they want to live together on your resources they might just plan your death or murder.

It has happened in the past, it might just happen to you. Keep an eye out for that snake in your bed.

Now, that we’ve discussed the signs on if she’s cheating on you or not, let’s finally discuss about what you should do if she truly is cheating but before that I would like to introduce you my recommended page which is going to make you a chick magnet.


>> Your action steps if she’s cheating – 

1). Realize you can’t change her. Once a cheater, always a cheater. You gave her all your love, your time and your efforts, but if she is foolish enough to not love you and appreciate you for that, then move on. 

2). Stay away from her, and hang around people who actually care about you. 

3). Don’t drink, don’t smoke or rather don’t get into any bad habit just because she left you. 

4). Go on dates and find new women who you can reconnect with. It’s important that you find newer connections in your life or else you’ll keep going back to her. 

5). Find some recreational stuffs to do, such as arts, music, or anything that unleashes your creativity. 


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Ariel Vagus

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  • Awesome Alpha says:

    HHAHAHAHAH the last advice was hilarious. You are so right. I have seen so many news coming of cheating wife killed her husband for her lover. Mann…..this world is damned.

  • Akhilesh Verma says:

    Hey I’m secretly going to tell u….m having crush onmarried woman before that she isn’t talk me but somehow I managed n generate feelings in her now….after 6 months ….she is very close me v already share allt hose either good , bad or worse or sexual talks without may fear but just a faith on each other….so I want to ask u that if u tell me some clues to make her feel like his life partner than what would I do …stay with her always with her…she is very lovely n nice lady who understands me or even I do…???
    Tell me some ways to make her feel more comfortable n relaxed.

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