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QUIZ: 10 Traits of Alpha vs Beta Men (#9 Will Shock You) - Your Alpha Dude

May 28


QUIZ: 10 Traits of Alpha vs Beta Men (#9 Will Shock You)

By Ariel Vagus

May 28, 2020

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Alpha vs. Beta Traits. Alphas and betas. Chads and soy boys. While “alpha” and “beta” are just heuristics, it’s true that women find alpha traits more attractive. That alpha males are more successful in business. And that alpha males are what little boys want to be when they grow up.

Here are 10 beta vs alpha male traits that distinguish them. Which ones define you?

Keep a tally as you go along and you’ll know for sure by the end of this how Alpha you really are.

1. Alpha vs. Beta Posture

Alphas stand tall with their shoulders back and make themselves seem bigger than the physical space they occupy (I bet no one thought Napoleon was short while he was leading his armies to victory).

Betas, on the other hand, shrink, slouch, and try to be as small and inconspicuous as possible. They shield themselves and fear being noticed.

2. Dress Code

When it comes to dress, alpha males dress to impress. Their beta counterparts dress to fit in. They don’t want people noticing them because, in a beta’s mind, being seen could open them up to embarrassment. 

It should be noted that even when alphas dress in an inconspicuous manner, they do so in an interesting way. Consider how simply Steve Jobs dressed. Yet the fact that he wore identical outfits every day is a quirk that makes him interesting. 

Fun Fact: This was something that Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos megascam fame tried to emulate. 

3. Grooming Habits

Alphas tend to be well-groomed and take pride in their appearance. They are supremely confident in the way they look.

Betas tend to be unclean and disheveled. 

A lack of cleanliness signals to women and your business contacts that you can’t handle more responsibility. 

If you can’t handle grooming yourself and dressing well, how could you possibly handle the added responsibility of taking care of a woman? Or take on that big project at work?


It’s another way that alpha vs. beta traits extend well beyond the bedroom, into other areas of life.

4. Liars and Truth Tellers

Most people learned to lie dealing with our parents. And lying is just that — childish behavior. Many men never grow up. They lie to save face or to keep others from becoming upset with them.

But alpha males don’t lie to make others happy. They speak the truth, even when it’s hard. In other words, they have integrity.

Women desire a man with integrity, even if that means disagreeing with her or not giving her what she wants in the moment. When a woman knows that you can withstand pressure from her, she knows you can withstand it from the world. And that turns her on like crazy.

5. Handling Accomplishments

Alphas are confident in their abilities. As a result, they don’t shy away from bringing their accomplishments to attention. 

An alpha male will gladly walk into his home and proclaim loudly, “Honey, I got a raise today!”

Betas tend to downplay their accomplishments. This type of man is more likely to believe that his success (or more often, his failure) is caused by dumb luck rather than his actions.

6. Motivation and Responsibility

The beta male is often unmotivated. As a result, beta males tend to be unsuccessful. They are also unable to accept responsibility for this failure. They will blame others or make excuses to avoid shouldering the burden of responsibility.

Their opposite, alphas, are usually highly-motivated. Alphas hunt down what they want in life, whether that’s sleeping with the hottest girl at the bar or negotiating a higher salary. 

They’re also the first to take responsibility for both their successes and failures. Alphas don’t shirk responsibility, even when it means the hammer might come down on them.

7. Leadership

This one is easy. Alphas are leaders who take initiative. Betas wait around for permission from mommy before acting.

If a situation calls for a leader, you can bet it will be an alpha man who will take charge. If a party gets boring, the alpha man will take the lead and spice things up while the beta will sit around complaining.


When looking at alpha vs. beta traits, this is one of the most important on the list. Alpha guys lead. Period.

8. Physical Condition

Dominant men take pride in their appearance. They work hard to stay in shape. 

The way a man takes care of his body is an outward manifestation of his opinion of himself.

Submissive men tend to be either overweight or underweight, depending on body type. Betas lack the will power to go to the gym or diet. Which brings us to our next trait.…  

9. Delayed Gratification

This one surprised me at first, because I hadn’t thought of it as an alpha trait before, but it’s true. The ability to delay gratification is as close to a guarantee of life success as can be found in psychology. 

When it comes to sex, If you can delay your urges, you won’t become a porn addict like many beta men. Also, you won’t hop into bed with ugly women just because they throw themselves at you. You’ll have the will power to aim for top shelf only.

10. Interacting with Women 

There are significant differences between the way alphas and betas interact with women. Everyone knows that alphas display more confidence, but it goes deeper than that. 

Alphas exude masculine energy. They’re confident, fun-loving, strong, and easily take control of situations. Women respond by displaying their inner femininity. They react with softness, warmth, and grace and feel sexually attracted to the alpha man.

Beta men, on the other hand, have a nervous energy. They make women feel unsafe and unprotected. This forbids most beta men from finding the sex partners they actually desire.

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