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6 Tips to Be More Dominant in Bed — The Basics

Chances are your girlfriend or the girls you meet want to be dominated in bed. According to a survey of 3,211 women, a massive majority — 80% — say they want a mature man who dominates in the bedroom. They

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6 Easy Steps to Instantly Be Less Socially Awkward

Being socially awkward can be tough. It can seem impossible to talk to women. Making casual conversation with strangers feels like pulling teeth. You feel like nobody likes to be around you.  It can lead

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5 Different Types of Hot Girls (And How to Seduce Each)

There are about 5 different types of women out there — and each is a little different when it comes to seduction. Some women are super-focused on their career. Other girls go where the wind blows them.

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How to Talk to Girls in Public (& Get Laid More Often)

There are two reasons you probably don’t ask out as many women as you want. You’re nervous. Or you don’t know how. While all women are different, there are things you should always do if you want

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How to Be Funny and Make Women Want You

“Funny guys are dangerous. They make you laugh and laugh And laugh and laugh Then boom you’re naked.” I can’t track down the original author of that quote, but I’ve always found it to be equally

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5 Hidden Signs a Hot Younger Woman Wants You

How to Attract Younger Women. They have a radiance and a magic that is hard to put into words. But it’s a challenge for any men (let alone those who are advanced in years) to determine a younger woman’s

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Dress Like a Sex Symbol: 11 Fashion Tips for Men That Turn Women On

How to dress well is of utmost importance to the alpha man. How you dress and present yourself has a huge impact on how women and men alike will perceive you. Will men respect you? Will women want you? And

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How Do Pornstars Last So Long? 7 Tips from Real Adult Actors…

There are few things in life more embarrassing than coming too fast.  Let’s say you finally worked up the courage to ask that cute girl from work or class out on a date…. Everything is going great. She

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How to Be Cool and Attract Women in 7 Easy Steps

How to Be Cool: The world is a lot like high school. The cooler and more confident you appear, the more attractive you will be to women and the more success you will likely have in life. This is a dream

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This Guy Will Get You Laid…

Gotham Club’s Founder, Craig Miller, Sits Down For an Exclusive Interview That Will Get You Laid… Craig Miller is a legend in the pickup / seduction community. He used to run the New York

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