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Be More "Alpha" In Bed: 3 Simple Tips to F**k Her Like an Alpha Male - Your Alpha Dude

Be More “Alpha” In Bed: 3 Simple Tips to F**k Her Like an Alpha Male


You’ve probably heard the old saying that “Nice Guys Finish Last.”

Well there’s another saying that is probably way more important… that you don’t hear nearly as much as you need to:

Nice guys don’t get laid by hot girls.

It’s true: women typically aren’t looking for “just a nice, solid guy to settle down with” unless one of three things happen:

1) They get older… look around… and realize that all their friends are married… and they need to have kids RIGHT NOW!

2) They crave the stability and resources a “nice, Beta guy” bring to the table… but don’t mind cheating on him…” OR

3) The guy who’s naturally Beta brings something else to the table that she needs.

Typically, my students find that #3 here is by far the most desirable outcome.

And there’s one thing in particular that you can do that’s good for you…

“When In Doubt… F**k Her Brains Out!”

Most of my more “beta” students aren’t really “dominant” or “forceful.” It’s just not in their nature.

If that sounds like you… that’s not as big of a problem as you might think.

That’s because if you’re naturally not so dominant in real life… you can absolutely be more dominant in the bedroom.


This is what a lot of hot girls secretly crave.

Because most guys they sleep with put them up on a pedestal.

They’re terrified that smacking her ass during sex… or calling her your “dirty little slut” will send them running for the hills…

When in reality… that’s what these hot girls are secretly craving!

Many women these days are trying their damndest to be “strong, independent women.”

A lot of times, this means they spend most of their time trying to claw their way up the corporate ladder…

Give orders to their underlings…

And otherwise make “big important decisions” all day long.

However… most women naturally hate doing these things!

They naturally just want to let go… have someone else make the decisions for them…

And most importantly… they want a good hard f**k where they can just “get laid,” let go, and let you do the work.

While it may seem like this is a bunch of work for you…


It’s secretly an opportunity to get really hot girls without changing your personality at all.

You can still be “the same old you”…

While secretly spanking hot girls… talking really dirty to them… and letting them be the “submissive little slut” they secretly want to be…

I’m going to show you 3 of my top secrets to “f**k her like an alpha” below. Once you know these… not only will you get a lot more “repeat business” in the bedroom…

But women will be able to sense your newfound dominance in bed. Like a cheap cologne, they’ll smell the confidence on you.

This will lead you to bang hotter girls… and keep them around longer.

Not only that… but a lot of girls will gush to their hot girlfriends about what a “good f**k” you are.

This will have powerful “network multiplier effects” where you’ll find yourself sleeping with a hot girl… and then she’ll bring by a hot girlfriend… and that girlfriend will start hitting on you… trying to “steal” you as her own dominant sexual “plaything.”

So here are my top secrets for being the best lay in bed she’s ever had:

Secret #1: 3 Easy-to-Learn “Rough Moves” That Make Her Wet

If you’re worried about being “too rough” in bed… stop.

Until you’re drawing blood or otherwise “damaging” her body… many women secretly love the rough stuff.

Again, that’s because a lot of guys don’t want to “drive their princess away” by “degrading” her in bed…

When secretly she just wants to “let go”… get f**ked well… and submit to a more dominant man in bed.

If you can be the guy who gives her the kind of rough, dominant sex she wants… then that’s something she can’t get anywhere else.

And she’ll keep coming back to you in bed again and again.

Rough Move 1: Spank Her…

This is exactly like it sounds. When she’s in doggy style… or riding you in cowgirl…

Give her ass a nice “smack.”

A lot of girls report that this gives them a nice “jolt” of pleasure since it “tickles” her sciatic nerve.

If she moans, giggles, or otherwise doesn’t tell you to stop… then try giving her 4-5 sharp, firm spanks in a row.

Rough Move 2: Hold Her Hands Down

When you’re in missionary… try holding her hands down by the wrists next to her head on the pillow.

lot of women moan with pleasure when you combine this with really deep penetration (here’s how to do that if you’re not very “big down there”).

Rough Move #3: Choke Her


Women secretly like being choked.

I’m not saying “choke her to death”–and by all means if she tells you to stop, please stop!

But start with a little bit of pressure on the back of the neck. If she moans or seems to like it, you can increase the pressure a bit more, and move a little more to the side of her neck.

Some women will either tell you “choke me harder!” or take your hand and physically clench it around their necks harder.

But definitely look for some kind of “signal” before you increase pressure on her neck at all.

Secret #2: Dirty Talk That Turns Even the Most “Innocent Girl Next Door” Into Your “Submissive Little Slut”

One of the best ways to seem more “Alpha” in bed is to talk dirty to a hot girl you’re with.

Again, most guys are afraid that their “perfect princess” will run for the hills if they break out the dirty talk.

This simply isn’t true.

Women love dominant men who talk dirty during sex.

Think about 50 Shades of Grey. It’s filled with all kinds of “degrading” dirty talk…

And women completely ate that sh*t up!

Women love when a guy turns them on through dirty talk… or talks them into indulging one of their closest-held fantasies.

Unfortunately, a lot of guys have no clue where to start when it comes to talking dirty.

Here’s how to do it properly:

When you’re on the couch, in bed, or otherwise want to get busy with her, start by talking through some fantasies.

Just ask her, “What do you think about when you masturbate?” or “What turns you on a lot?”

Maybe even “Is there a fantasy you’ve always wanted to play out?”

You’d be surprised how much chicks can just talk about this stuff and get hot and bothered.

And not only that, but you can use her answer to guide the direction your dirty talk goes. Turn it into some light role-playing if you’d like.

Then you can move on to describing what you’re doing to her right then and there.

“You like it when I lick your nipples?”

“Does it feel good when I play with your clit?”

“You like being f**ked deep with my big d!ck?”

(If you need any help with that last one… like if you’re just “average-sized” (or less)… I highly recommend watching this video all the way to the end for a “pornstar secret” on how to make your d!ck seem bigger.

The idea here is to get her saying “yes” to whatever you say. You might have heard of this concept of a “yes ladder.”

From there, you can start ramping things up:

“Are you my personal little slut?”

“You’re my personal little f**kthing aren’t you?”

And then here’s the kicker:

“You’d do anything to pleasure me, wouldn’t you, you little slut?”

If she says “yes!” then you’re golden to ask for pretty much anything you want :-).

Secret #3: F**k Her as Deeply as Possible

This one isn’t so secret: many women like “big dicks.”

I put that in quotes because they don’t necessarily like “a big dick.” Like the physical thing itself…

What they like is a feeling of fullness when being penetrated.

These hot girls like a dick that pushes up against their walls…

And that can hit the “A-Spot” deep inside of them (2-3 inches past the deep spot).

This often triggers powerful multiple “spastic” orgasms…

…where she comes SO HARD she forgets her name…

…starts babbling gibberish…

…and many times, she’ll even squirt.

Until recently, unless you had an 11-inch horsec*ck… it was pretty tough to hit a girl in this mysterious “A-Spot” reliably during sex.

However… a recent discovery has made it much easier for guys with “average” or “below-average-sized” dicks to penetrate hot girls REALLY deeply.

It’s an ancient, secret recipe containing 5 “hardening fruits” used by some of history’s top seducers.

I’m talking guys like Montezuma II (who had 19 mistresses and used to conduct meetings with Spanish conquistadores while nailing hot Aztec chicks)

And Casanova, who f**ked hot girls in their late teens and 20s… sometimes 2 at a time… until he died at the ripe old age of 72…

(Presumably with a smile on his face).

Not only will these 5 fruits make your dick a lot harder

They’ll also “fill up” the hot girl you’re with… so that she thinks you have a huge dong…

Even if you’re just “average-sized” or “below average” down there.

So she’ll feel wanted… desired… and (most importantly) like you can dominate her with just your rock-hard c**k alone…

Your c*ck will become a “selling point”… and she’ll keep coming back to you again and again just to have a chance at riding it.

To get this exclusive “just found” recipe for MAXIMUM hardness and deepness… to be able to f**k hot girls like a male pornstar all night long… and keep them coming back for more… click the link below now:

5 “Hardening Fruits” For Legendary Hard-Ons And MAXIMUM Deep Penetration

P.S. – It’s very difficult to dominate a hot girl with a “half-limp” dick… or a dick that “only works sometimes.” She won’t feel terribly desired… and if she doesn’t feel hot and wanted… then it’s likely that no amount of rough sex or dirty talk is going to get her “in the mood.” To make sure she sees and feels your dick at its very best… click here now and get the recipe for a rock-solid c*ck that will dominate her in bed and keep her coming back for more sex…




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