Be The Guy Who Ruins Her Lipstick, Not Her Mascara.


I have heard it so many times from almost all women I know in general, they talk about this almost every time, to be with the guy who ruins your lipstick, not your mascara. In This article be the guy who ruins her lipstick not her mascara you will learn its real meaning and how to be that guy?

“The guy who ruins your lipstick, not your mascara”.

What It Actually Means?

It means the guy who never make her cry, but who always kisses her instead.

I’m considering you all must be knowing about lipstick but mascara? i didn’t know that, I had to ask one of my female friend about mascara. It was quite obvious that it must be eye product in cosmetic. She explained me about mascara but still I didn’t get it, then I had to google it.

Then I came to understand what actually mascara is. It’s is a thick dark liquid make-up that is used to make eyelashes dark and make them appear thicker and longer or simply makeup used to make eyelashes appear darker and thicker according to cambridge dictionary.

This sounds so romantic. isn’t it? You may ruin her lipstick by kissing her but never ruin her mascara by making her cry. Women is here for love not for hate. They are submissive and they do want to stick with the guy who doesn’t make her cry. When you make a girl cry, You are not strong, in fact you are not a man. The real man.

By making a girl cry I mean by hurting her either physically or mentally. I’m not saying when she gets emotional and cries on seeing the intensity and care of your love then you are not a real man… what I’m trying to say is never hurt any girl not even mentally. They deserve to be happy, they give birth to life.

How To Become the Man Every Girl Wants To stay With?

1). Make her feel safe

Strength – both mental and physical.

No woman wants a physical weakling – it’s against her nature. That doesn’t mean she won’t settle for slightly less than Herculean. She wants to feel that when she’s in your presence. She wants you to be intelligent and to practice self-control simply because you can.

We’re all still animals and women will always be attracted to the stronger men. She wants you to be strong not for the sake of being strong – she wants you to be strong for her. It brings her pleasure, makes her feel safe and turns her on. Do you honestly need more convincing?

  • Don’t take her for granted – especially in front of other people.

Never do that to her because aside from breaking her heart, you’re also making her feel that you would rather pay attention to other things – and other people – than to be with her.

  • Don’t give her even just a single reason not to trust you.

Some temptations are hard to resist but as someone who is in a relationship, you should always remind yourself that you have this responsibility to walk out from the things that can hurt the person you love.

Security – financial and literal.

You don’t need to be a millionaire. Well, for some women, you very well may need to be, but hopefully you’ll only end up with one who admires the traits required for turning oneself into a millionaire and not the money alone. Generally speaking, the right woman will love you for you, but she does need you to make her feel secure.

She wants to feel that you will protect her from physical harm. She wants to know that you’ll keep her safe, healthy and comfortable. Does she need you to keep her safe? To bring home the bread? No. But she’d like you to be capable of it – even if her salary is bigger than yours.


2). Never hurt her physically as well as mentally.

A real man never hurts a woman. God counts her tears. The woman came out of mans rib, not from his feet to be walked on, not from his head to be superior, but from his side to be equal. Under the arm to be protected, and next to the heart to be loved.


3). Confidence

A confident man really makes women go weak in the knees. There’s something they find very attractive about a man who’s certain and unapologetic about who he is and what he wants. Indecisiveness and self doubt are best kept out of her radar. A woman would always prefer a man who has the courage to walk up to her and tell her he’s interested than a boy who’s too scared to even look her in the eyes.


4). Emotionally Secure

Women want their space as much as you do. The moment they sense you’re possessive, they begin to draw apart. A man who’s happy within himself, someone who doesn’t need constant attention, someone who can go on a day without talking on the phone thrice.

someone who won’t lose his mind the one time she goes out partying with her best friends and gets drunk, someone who has a life beyond the relationship is what women desire. Nobody wants a partner who clings on to them and ties them down forever.


5). Sensitivity

Women believe sensitivity is a strange concept to most men and that is exactly why they fall head over heels in love with a man the moment he shows his sensitive side. They want to know the man they’re going out on dates with isn’t a chauvinistic prick! They want to know he knows the gravity of a situation and who is understanding and accepting towards all kinds of people.


6). Humor

Truth of life – funny guys are the most popular amongst girls. Who doesn’t like a guy who can lighten up the mood a little? If you can make her laugh, half the battle is won. But the trick is to not try too hard.

Girls love men who are effortlessly funny, who can make people laugh at the nastiest of jokes without coming across as insensitive pricks, and more importantly, those who can laugh at themselves as easily they do at others. Be perfect. Always be perfect unless you can be funny.


7). Being Passionate

Women absolutely swoon over men who have a purpose in life – something they really, really love doing. It shows there’s something to look forward to in your life, it shows you’re crazy about something and that passion is infectious. It makes them want to be around you more and more and just admire your zeal in life.


8). Mystery

Mystery attracts a woman to a man like moths to flame. They always want to believe there are a million stories he hides from the rest of the world. They love the idea of discovering new things about their man over time. Want to know the part of your life other than what they see, that it takes someone special for you to reveal who you really are.


The more you try to hide, the closer they want to come. The more you try to cover, the more they want to see.


9). Respect her

Girls would always love talking to their men about anything under the sun. They need to feel that their men are always there to listen and are open to talk about the news, emotions, dreams, relationships or anything. This makes them feel that their opinions are heard and respected.

Never date a girl if you only plan to get her to bed and then dump her. Girls would only want to have sex after she’s married or when she has found the right man who she will spend the rest of her life with. Never force a girl to sleep with you.

This is definitely a sign of not respecting her and your love is not as pure as the love she deserves. A girl nowadays maybe crying for gender equality, but respect begets respect. What girls like most is a man who will offer his pure love and protect her.


10). Girls love text messages

Girls doesn’t care what you text them. Even if it is just a simple good morning, a good night, asking if they’ve eaten their lunch, or how their day went, it doesn’t matter. What girls like most is the thought that you are thinking about them. Sending them a simple text message would absolutely make their day.

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11). Being Well Groomed

Yes, it is really important. Even an ‘out of bed’ or ‘scruffy beard’ look needs some basic grooming. You need to keep yourself clean, presentable and well groomed at all times, especially when you meet her. Women love men who spend some time on their looks and believe in looking good.

It is fine to sweat sometimes, like when it’s the weekend and you need to run several chores. But a guy with dirty nails, dirty and wrinkled clothes, bad breath and body odor is not acceptable. Girls like a guy who showers and shaves daily, brushes his hair and has clean fingers.



Girls deserve to be with the guy who ruins her lipstick, not her mascara as it’s so romantic and pleasing as well. Hurting someone especially girls is never accepted as good. It is a really bad thing and shows you as a wussy who is insecure.

We need to show love and compassion to girls and when you realize she is not deserving of that then don’t be a bitch walking around her with your tails up like doggies. Just cut her from your life but remember never hurt her physically or emotionally.

Just move on and let her live her own life and trust me if your attraction would be still at reasonable level then she will definitely come back holding her ears and trying to win you and your heart. And further is in your hand if she seems congruent and you too want to take things further with her then you can live together.

Share your thoughts on be the guy who ruins her lipstick, not her mascara.
it will be much appreciated.

Stay happy!

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