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Best Halloween Costume Ideas For Men 2020 – Top 75 Manly Ideas

By Ariel Vagus

September 2, 2019

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Halloween. It’s the night when Christian traditions mix with pagan folklore, when evil clowns and French maids and superheroes mingle and get in trouble together.

Halloween purges us of the banalities of our everyday existence and transforms us into characters and creatures.

It’s the one night when that old saying comes true: You can be anything you want.

Celtic people considered Halloween or Samhain to exist at the end of the harvest and the beginning of winter. In this in-between time, the boundary between our world and the Otherworld wavered, and the Aos Sí, the spirits, roamed freely across the border.

These days, we still treat Halloween as a night when anything can happen. Party traditions like bonfires and apple bobbing stem from the divination rituals that occurred in Ireland and Britain. We open our doors to debauchery and anonymity in the form of costumes.

Scary Halloween costumes are the norm, but funny and topical getups can easily win the night. Manly, muscle-bearing outfits are also a huge draw. These top 75 best halloween costumes for men offer something for everyone: humor, fear, fandom, sex appeal. Whether you own Halloween, or you’re just looking for a last minute idea, these creative costumes have you covered.

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1. American Psycho Patrick Bateman

American Psycho Patrick Bateman Best Halloween Costumes For Guys

Shock your friends by transforming into Patrick Bateman, the suave serial killer from American Psycho. Wear a long plastic jacket over a suit, and don’t forget the fake blood splatter.


2. Ash Evil Dead

Ash Evil Dead Best Mens Halloween Costumes

Horror buffs will never forget Ash Williams from Evil Dead, the badass who took on the demon and won. All you need is a tattered blue shirt and a chainsaw.


3. Batman

Batman Best Adult Mens Halloween Costumes

Batman is timeless: a rich man who can live a comfortable life, yet chooses to be a vigilante fighting evil. Discover your own dark side by becoming the Dark Knight.

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4. Bert Macklin FBI Parks And Recreation

Bert Macklin Fbi Parks And Recreation Best Adult Mens Halloween Costumes

The only thing cooler than an FBI agent is a fake FBI agent. Hence Burt Macklin, Andy’s hilarious alter-ego on Parks and Recreation. Just wear shades and an “FBI” jacket.


5. Peter Fonda Easy Rider

Best Adult Mens Halloween Costumes Peter Fonda Easy Rider

Got a spare bike helmet? Spray paint an American flag onto it, throw on a leather jacket, and you’re Wyatt, Peter Fonda’s rough-n-ready biker from the 1969 film Easy Rider.



6. Jon Snow Game Of Thrones

Best Cool Halloween Costume Ideas For Men Jon Snow Game Of Thrones

In a chaotic, dragon-filled world, Jon Snow stands resilient. Your fellow Game of Thrones fans will be telling you “You know nothing!” all night, but the costume is worth it.


7. Toy Solider

Best Cool Halloween Costumes For Men Toy Solider

Remember when you’d spend hours arranging plastic soldier battles? Now you can take regular soldier outfits to the next level by innovating a plastic soldier costume, complete with underfoot bases.


8. Gru Despicable Me

Best Easy Mens Halloween Costumes Gru Despicable Me

Of all the characters Steve Carell has blessed us with, Gru is one of the funniest. Transform into the Despicable Me supervillain in a black jacket and skinny striped scarf.


9. Bender Futurama

Best Halloween Costumes For Men Bender Futurama

Enter the 31st Century as the one and only human-hating mortal robot with “swarthy Latin charm”: Bender. The Futurama character’s bulging eyes and tubular body are surprisingly easy to replicate.

10. Clark Kent Superman

Best Halloween Costumes For Men Clark Kent Superman

A Clark Kent/Superman hybrid costume shows that you’re versatile–and you don’t have to wear tights. Bare the “S” logo under an unbuttoned shirt and don’t forget the nerd glasses.

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11. Skeleton

Best Halloween Costumes For Men Skeleton

The skeleton is a Halloween mainstay, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good one. Skeleton getups will always be fun, sweet looking, and just creepy enough to turn heads.


12. Super Mario Brothers Mario Luigi

Best Halloween Costumes For Men Super Mario Brothers Mario Luigi

Mario and Luigi, with their huge moustaches and overalls, are demigods in the gaming universe. They make fun, noticeable costumes. If you go as Mario, your wingman can be Luigi.


13. The Most Interesting Man In The World

Best Halloween Costumes For Men With Beards The Most Interesting Man In The World

“The Most Interesting Man in the World” advertised Dos Equis beer and ended up spawning thousands of memes. Now his dapper appearance makes for an understated yet hilarious Halloween costume.


14. Gomez Addams The Adams Family

Best Last Minute Halloween Costumes For Men Gomez Addams The Adams Family

Gomez Addams is a seasonably gothic costume choice for Halloween. The Addams Family patriarch always looks sharp in his striped suits, pencil ‘stache, and ever-present cigar. Go find your Morticia.


15. Banksy Painting

Best Mens Halloween Costumes Banksy Painting

Banksy’s art is known all over the world for disrupting people’s perspective on the world. Make everyone do a double take with a costume based on one of Banksy’s pieces.

16. Dracula Vampire

Best Mens Halloween Costumes Dracula Vampire

Sucking blood never goes out of style. We all know the ladies love a good vampire, but it doesn’t have to be Twilight-style. Go Dracula in a sweeping black cape.



17. Safari Hunter

Best Mens Halloween Costumes Safari Hunter

You probably already own boots and khakis. Why not express a taste for danger as a safari hunter? You can play it serious or go comical with a fake moustache.


18. Sherlock Holmes

Best Mens Halloween Costumes Sherlock Holmes

From the deerstalker cap to the glass pipe, Sherlock Holmes’ outfit itself is a symbol of mystery. Emulate the world’s best detective in dignified tweeds (the magnifying glass is optional).


19. Tarzan

Best Sexy Mens Halloween Costume Ideas Tarzan

Halloween is the one night of the year you can indulge your uncivilized side. Do it as Tarzan in a suitably torn animal print cloth–the wilder you look, the better.


20. Bill Lumbergh Office Space

Bill Lumbergh Office Space Best Halloween Costume Ideas For Men

Show your love for pointless paperwork and TPS reports with Office Space’s most clueless corporate figure: Bill Lumbergh. Walk around with a coffee mug, two-tone shirt, suspenders and belt buckle while you “Mmm-kay” at every chance possible.


21. Brawny Man

Brawny Man Best Halloween Costume Ideas For Men

Brawny Man’s manly grin has been selling us paper towels for years. The muscular mascot is a funny and unexpected costume, and basic enough to create at the last minute.


22. Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee Best Halloween Costumes For Men

As an actor/marshal artist, Bruce Lee inspired us with his toughness and wisdom. Honor his legacy with a yellow Kill Bill ensemble or just a stretchy pair of pants.


23. Captain America

Captain America Best Mens Halloween Costumes

Show love for the ol’ stars and stripes in a Captain America costume. Keep it low maintenance with a long-sleeved blue shirt and a round red, white and blue shield.


24. Aladdin Disney

Aladdin Disney Best Halloween Costumes For Men

Aladdin, the scoundrel with enough swag to bag a princess, is an instantly recognizable costume. It’s as simple as pairing a purple vest with baggy white pants and red cap.


25. Captain Crunch

Captain Crunch Best Halloween Costumes For Men

Win laughs by becoming the mascot of childhood, the champion of questionably healthy breakfasts–Captain Crunch. You’ll be the only one brave enough to don the bushy moustache and blue uniform.


26. Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan Best Halloween Costumes For Men With Beards

No one does mischief night like Captain Morgan. Rum’s favorite pirate is based on a real figure, the marauding Sir Henry Morgan. Plus, you’ll look epic in the red ensemble.



27. Cowboy

Cowboy Best Mens Halloween Costume Ideas

Grab your lasso, hat and boots. HBO’s Westworld renewed our obsession with the Wild, Wild West. On Halloween, you can forget the daily grind and get rowdy as a cowboy.


28. Curious George The Man With The Yellow Hat

Curious George The Man With The Yellow Hat

The Man in the Yellow Hat is one of the most mysterious, enduring characters in literature. Imitate Curious George’s keeper in an eye-catching yellow 10-gallon hat with a matching outfit.


29. Danny Zuko Grease

Danny Zuko Grease Best Sexy Halloween Costumes For Men

The spirit of the ’50s heartthrob will never die. Danny Zuko from Grease made the girls melt with his voluminous hair, white tee, and leather jacket, and so can you.


30. Devil Lucifer

Devil Lucifer Best Sexy Halloween Costumes For Men

One of the best Halloween costumes is one of the oldest. Yes, we mean Lucifer. The devil is open to your personal interpretation. You can be scary, funny, or both.


31. Donald Trump President

Donald Trump President Best Mens Halloween Costumes

Regardless of your political beliefs, you’ll make “yuge” splash at the Halloween party as Donald J. Trump. Get a mask, or just stick to a suit and a blonde wig.


32. Don Draper Mad Men

Don Draper Mad Men Best Easy Mens Halloween Costumes

Mad Men took place in the 1960s, but Don Draper’s style is timeless. Become TV’s classic man in a grey suit and tie. Your best accessory is a whiskey glass.


33. Gerard Butler Leonidas Spartan 300

Gerard Butler Leonidas Spartan 300 Best Halloween Costumes For Men

King Leonidas led a small army to a shocking victory, but today he’s mostly known as Gerard Butler’s abs. In a Leonidas costume, you too can scream “This is Sparta!”


34. Gustavo Fring Breaking Bad

Gustavo Fring Breaking Bad Best Last Minute Halloween Costumes For Men

Gustavo Fring was a boss on Breaking Bad. And when it came to clothing, the Chilean kingpin never missed a step. Step into character in a suit and frameless glasses.


35. Hercules Greek God

Hercules Greek God Best Mens Halloween Costumes

Gym rats, Halloween is your night to shine. Don sandals, a tunic and cape to make a convincing Hercules costume. You can go the Disney route or be more authentic.


36. Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones Best Mens Halloween Costumes

Only one guy could make archaeology seem like a badass profession. Indiana Jones is a globetrotting adventurer, and all you need to become him is a hat and a whip.


37. Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget Best Mens Halloween Costume Ideas

An Inspector Gadget costume gives the inventors among us a chance to show what they can do. Once you’ve got the gray trench coat on, the world is your oyster.


38. Iron Man

Iron Man Best Male Halloween Costume Ideas

If you’re a playboy with a penchant for heavy metal, Iron Man is the costume for you. The beloved red and gold character fights evil and creates his own destiny.


39. James Bond 007

James Bond 007 Best Halloween Costumes For Men

James Bond is the ultimate icon of manhood. Who didn’t grow up idolizing 007? Bond’s simple, ever-sharp tuxedo is an ideal costume for those who aren’t into arts and crafts.


40. Jax Teller Sons Of Anarchy

Jax Teller Sons Of Anarchy Best Last Minute Halloween Costumes For Men

Outlaws take note. Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy embodies chaotic good as vice president of the motorcycle gang. Become your own antihero with slicked-back hair and a plaid flannel.



41. Jay Gatsby The Great Gatsby

Jay Gatsby The Great Gatsby Best Sexy Mens Halloween Costume Ideas

Jay Gatsby will always be literature’s most elusive playboy. On Halloween, it is only right that you transform into the sophisticated, enigmatic gentleman who reigned supreme over the party scene.


42. Jim Hopper Stranger Things

Jim Hopper Stranger Things Best Mens Halloween Costume Ideas

Stranger Things quickly earned a rabid cult following. One of the show’s underrated heroes is police chief Jim Hopper. Display your fandom by imitating Hopper’s beige uniform and flat-brimmed hat.


43. Joker

Joker Best Halloween Costume Ideas For Men

Every actor who portrays the Joker pushes the limits further. The Batman villain has become the face of anarchy. Terrify everyone with menacing face paint and that famous purple suit.


44. Knight

Knight Best Halloween Costumes For Men

A medieval knight ensemble shows all the damsels what you’re made of. Whether you’re a noble Ivanhoe or more of the Monty Python type, the getup will surely stand out.


45. Lego

Lego Best Guys Halloween Costume Ideas

Let your nostalgia flag fly (and flex your creative muscles) by dressing as a Lego man. The cylindrical yellow head and C-shaped hands will have you dominating any costume contest.


46. Lumberjack

Lumberjack Best Sexy Mens Halloween Costume Ideas

As long as you own a plaid shirt and a beanie, you have at least one costume in your arsenal. Your lumberjack outfit can include headphones and a small axe.


47. Man In Black West World

Man In Black West World Best Simple Mens Halloween Costumes

Everyone is talking about Westworld, and the Man in Black is undoubtedly the show’s most captivating character. His ominous all-black costume exudes an air of mystery that will draw stares.


48. Matthew Lesko

Matthew Lesko Best Mens Halloween Costume Ideas

Looking for a costume that’s easy AND unique? Matthew Lesko is known for his loud infomercials and louder suit. Tape question marks onto a suit and voila! American icon.


49. Men In Black

Men In Black Best Halloween Costume Ideas For Men

Men in Black is an incredible idea for a group costume. Your crew will roll up to the Halloween party in matching suits and sunglasses inspired by the sci-fi comedy.


50. Michael J Fox Back To The Future

Michael J Fox Back To The Future Best Simple Mens Halloween Costumes

So we’ve made it to the future, and we still need roads. But you can always find a red puffer vest and become Marty McFly from Back to the Future.


51. Monopoly Man

Monopoly Man Best Adult Halloween Costumes For Men

Also known as “Rich Uncle Pennybags”, the Monopoly Man has been rumored to be none other than J.P. Morgan. A three-piece suit, top hat and fine mustache complete the “I’m rich, powerful and ready to take over all your plazas, towers, and railroads” look. For good measure, throw in a money bag or cigar for a touch of in your face, you peasant, charm.


52. Mr. Robot

Mr Robot Best Halloween Costumes For Men

Mr. Robot is the hero we deserve. Elliot Alderson, cybersecurity engineer and hacker, is already an iconic character. Chances are, his black hoodie and backpack are already in your closet.


53. Ninja

Ninja Best Halloween Costumes For Men

A ninja is one of the coolest costumes to wear and one of the easiest to make. The warriors originated in 15th century Japan, but have captured imaginations since then.


54. Owen Grady Jurassic World

Owen Grady Jurassic World Best Halloween Costumes For Men

Owen Grady from Jurassic World has a simple look that any guy can put together easily. The Jurassic World employee wrangles dinosaurs in a tan V-neck, a vest and jeans.


55. Philip J Fry Futurama

Philip J Fry Futurama Best Mens Easy Halloween Costumes

You’re goofy, a little immature, and you’ve been accidentally transported 1000 years into the future via cryogenic tank. Sound familiar? Fry, the hero of Futurama, will be a hit costume.


56. Pirate

Pirate Halloween Costumes For Men With Beards

Pirate costumes are a perennial favorite. From Captain Hook to Captain Jack Sparrow, the self-appointed kings of the high seas don’t shy away from swords, eye patches, birds and bling.


57. Plague Doctor

Plague Doctor Best Scary Mens Halloween Costumes

A plague doctor costume has real history behind it–and a serious fright factor. The hollow-eyed, bird-like masks protected doctors’ faces from the Black Plague in Europe. Today, they look eerie.

58. Poseidon Greek God

Poseidon Greek God Best Cool Halloween Costumes For Men

Togas are for amateurs. Elevate yourself to Greek god status as Poseidon, god of the sea. Switch out your white towel with a majestic blue drape, crown, and a trident.


59. Professional Baseball Player

Professional Baseball Player Best Halloween Costume Ideas For Men

From The Sandlot to the Field of Dreams, baseball is a crucial chapter in every boy’s upbringing. Pay tribute to America’s favorite pastime by donning the famous hat and pinstripes.


60. Ragnar Lothbrok Vikings

Ragnar Lothbrok Vikings Best Sexy Halloween Costumes For Men

Bearded dudes, look no further. If you’re somewhere in between a fighter and a poet, Ragnar Lothebrok is the costume for you. The Viking hero was immortalized in Norse poetry.


61. Rick Sanchez Rick And Morty

Rick Sanchez Rick And Morty Best Halloween Costumes For Men

Your Rick Sanchez (from Rick and Morty) costume will be the life of the party. What’s not to love about a brilliant scientist with a wild streak…and an awesome hairdo.


62. Ringmaster Circus

Ringmaster Circus Best Mens Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a circus, and you can be its ring master. Circus ring masters are the boldest, most unconventional men–the ones who know how to make the show go on.


63. Ryan Gosling Drive

Ryan Gosling Drive Best Mens Easy Halloween Costumes

Ryan Gosling in Drive wears a white jacket with a scorpion emblem. Not everyone will get it, but the ones who do will agree it’s the costume of the night.


64. Samurai

Samuari Best Cool Halloween Costumes For Men

A samurai costume might be more complex than most, but the effect is quite powerful. The elaborate military garb of medieval Japan will give you a commanding silhouette this Halloween.


65. Shark

Shark Best Halloween Costumes For Men

They say you should live every week like it’s Shark Week. Dress up as the dangerous beast of the deep sea and everyone will agree that you won the night.


66. Spiderman

Spiderman Best Mens Halloween Costume Ideas

With a great costume comes great responsibility. Unlike Batman and Superman, Spiderman’s powers were awkwardly thrust upon him. Replicate the unlikely teen superhero in a full red and blue bodysuit.


67. Sub Zero Mortal Kombat

Sub Zero Mortal Kombat Best Mens Halloween Costumes

Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat looks part samurai, part WWE. Oh, and he has the power to control ice. If you recreate this frigid fighter, be prepared to intimidate people.


68. Swedish Chef

Swedish Chef Best Halloween Costumes For Men

If you prefer a humorous Halloween, don’t settle for a cringey pun costume. Try a character no one else will think of–like the gloriously hairy Swedish Chef from the Muppets.


69. Tinder App

Tinder App Best Cool Halloween Costumes For Men

A Tinder costume is a guaranteed winner. Just be yourself, plus a white cardboard frame styled to resemble a Tinder profile. You’ll get the laughs and hopefully some right-swipes too.

70. Tom Cruise Top Gun Maverick And Goose

Tom Cruise Top Gun Maverick And Goose Best Halloween Costumes For Men

Tom Cruise’s turn as devil-may-care pilot Pete “Maverick” Mitchell redefined cool for a generation. His iconic Top Gun look is easy to recreate with a bomber jacket and aviator sunglasses.


71. Tony Montana Scarface

Tony Montana Scarface Best Mens Halloween Costumes

Tony Montana from Scarface is truly the original gangster. A crisp white suit and a low cut red silk shirt will transform you into the coolest character in cinematic history.


72. Tyler Durden Fight Club

Tyler Durden Fight Club Best Mens Easy Halloween Costumes

Within us all is the power to become an iconoclastic figure like Tyler Durden. The costume should be basic: brown leather jacket, hair gel, and fake blood on your face.


73. Walter White Breaking Bad

Walter White Breaking Bad Best Halloween Costume Ideas For Men

Walter White will go down in history as a spellbinding antihero. A Hazmat suit is an obvious Walter costume, but if you’re brave, you’ll try the button-down tucked into briefs.


74. Zeus Greek God

Zeus Greek God Best Mens Halloween Costumes

It takes a special man to dress as Zeus, the god of all gods. Wield a lightning bolt and invest in a luxurious beard if you don’t already have one.


75. Zombie The Walking Dead

Zombie The Walking Dead Best Mens Halloween Costumes

World War Z. The Walking Dead. Call of Duty. Zombies are clearly the evil creatures of the moment. A zombie costume can be regular clothes with well-placed rips and splatters.

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