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Dating Is A Game. Here’s How To Be The Best Player?

By Ariel Vagus

October 3, 2019


When you think of game, most of the times people have this misconception that it’s manipulation, or brainwashing women into sleeping with them, etc.. Often times people even think of it as hypnosis. How to hypnotise women into sleeping with you, etc.. 

Game is not your money, your status, your grooming ,your looks, your alpha behaviors or any of those things in particular. It’s a mixture of them all. And the biggest and most important parts of your Game is Confidence, Decisiveness, Resourcefulness, Dominance, Fearlessness, etc.. all these stuffs, which are showcased in the way you talk and the way you act.

And it is all sub-communicated to a girl. She’ll instantly know who you are as a person. 

The energy and the vibe around you and the way you let people feel about you is Game. See it’s all a part of it. Most of the times women look at your sub-communications or your behavioral cues. 

Game is introducing yourself to the girl to getting her into bed. And all of the things that you do with her in between. It’s pulling up your shit together and being a man of high values and beliefs. 

So, it’s time to amp up your game and make you the best player in it, hold tight and have patience because it’s going to be transforming and thought provoking but it’s going to be worth it. 


>> The Winning Attitude 

There are two kinds of people when it comes to taking actions – 

i. Who take actions to get a reaction from others or become hero in other’s eyes.

ii. Who take actions because they want to take it. They love to take it, they enjoy it.

From now on, to all your days on if you want to be great at dating, aspire to be the second one.  

Don’t do anything to get a reaction or build a reputation or because of any other hidden agenda. 

Do it because you want to. Do it to amuse yourself, to become the hero in your own eyes. 


Become the hero of your own life, don’t live for anyone else’s approval or recognition. 

Create your own party and be it’s life. You’re the magnet, you live the high life and people are naturally attracted to you. Why? Keep reading, if they’re not already then they will, just follow me. 

The best attitude to have is to always know that there’s abundance. No girl is too special and you have billions of options. Women like men who display a non-needy attitude and are poised and confident in themselves. Don’t just know it, show everyone that you have abundance as well. 

 Some way to show abundance are – 

a. When a girl texts you, don’t text back immediately. Do other work and then probably after an hour or two, text her back. This shows that you’ve other things going in your life. 

b. When she tries to walk away from you, let her go. Be willing to let her go, you will find a better one, no need to cry over it. 

Always believe in yourself and believe that you’ll get what you want. Be Assertive. Don’t wuss at the crucial moments. Have a thick skin and don’t get nervous around hot women. Stand up for yourself and show everyone who you are. Don’t hide. Nobody is perfect.

Even the hottest of girls do the things you do, they also fart [ probably more stinkier than you ], they also wear tacky clothes at home, and more than anything else they’re also humans, so why hide or get nervous. 

Show them who you are. 

Always be willing to voice your opinion even when it’s unpopular. This is very attractive and it shows that you’re not dead fish, going with the flow. You have opinions of your own and you’re willing to voice for them and also take actions. [By the way, women love men of action.]

Say what you want to say and be  

OK with it. 

Another very important thing that you need to know is always be leading when it comes to women.  

Always be in this kind of attitude that you’re not going to give her the reigns. Women love to be led. You need to lead her throughout the whole process or else nothing will happen, this is how it is and this is how it works.


You need to lead her and let her relax and just be led by you wherever you want things to go. All she wants is a good experience. 


>> Status 

Let’s start with a cold hard truth. Women sleep with men who are of equal status or higher status than them. 

A high status man is a person who has a purpose to fulfill in his life. Greatness vibes exudes through him and it is radiated into each and every human being that comes into contact with him. 

You need to be in full control of your life and your destiny. You have to be moving in the direction of your life and doing what you love doing. 

It will make you alive and pumped up for life. And the energies that you will radiate through you, will be irresistible for women to ignore. You need to be solid, like an oak tree, rock- solid.

A very important part of being high status is being CONGRUENT. You can’t fake it. People will instantly know if you’re higher status than them or not by the vibes you vibrate. You need to align your beliefs with the way you act. 

Trust me,  

you can’t just have a good body language and think like a beggar and then hope that people are going to be attracted to you. That’s not possible. Your beliefs need to be absolutely higher status as well. Actually it starts with the beliefs. 

I have discussed some of them in the Attitude section. 

The most important thing about being higher status is not just that other people will see you as a ‘somebody’ but also it helps you in the real time when you’re actually talking to a woman.  

You will no longer be talking around the bush or doing bullshit stuff or wasting everyone’s time. Since you’re higher status you’ve a purpose in life, so you can’t waste your time. You’ll talk directly about the real thing, whatever it is.  

Example– If you think a woman is hot, you’ll walk up to her, and tell her she’s hot, that’s it. You won’t waste your time or hers by talking nonsense. 

High status people have laser eye contact. They look straight in the eye when they want someone.

This happens because they’re very focused about whatever or whoever they want. 

They have this intense masculine energy which is very hard to resist. This makes them very polarising which makes them the center of attention and makes women curious about them. They’re naturally attractive and they can be talking about the most boring things in the world and still get the hot girls. Even space and Mars. [ know who I’m discussing about ;] 


It’s because of their purpose, a sense of doing something big that let’s the girl instinctively know that she should be impregnated by this higher status man. Why? Because she knows this man can easily take care of her and her child. She knows he’s a potent man. 

The thing that makes the women so wet for higher status men is that they can never have their way with these men, no matter what. And women are biologically designed to want what they can’t have.  

So, they get even more invested in a higher status man as they want to know what is it about this guy which makes him so immune to me and my looks? 

They’re not people pleasers or ass lickers. They will never give fake compliments to a woman no matter who she is. They’re very direct and honest in what they want. And they get it. Even with women. They’re who they are. They don’t put up masks so that women will like them. What they think is – This is me, take it or fuc*ing leave it. Your loss. 

They pierce through all the crap of bullshit and be real, honest and genuine, and girls love that. 

>> Breaking The Bitch Shield 

When you approach a woman there are only a limited number of scenarios that can happen. Let’s discuss all of them one by one- 

  1. She’ll start talking with you. This is the best casescenario. 
  2. She’ll block you and say she’s not interested.
  3. She’ll mock you. And laugh at you.
  4. She’ll say something bad verbally.

This is called the Bitch shield or the shit test. 

First of all, why does she create a bitch shield at all? 

It’s for secreting out the undesirable men out of her life. I would again like to emphasize that women only fuck with higher status men.

And the bitch shield is a good way to secrete the lower status men when they approach her. They want men to earn their respect and attention. So, they put up all this shield and do all the drama. Just imagine, if she doesn’t have a shield, how many men will approach her? Then who should she pick. 


Two things you should do to break her Bitch Shield – 

1). Be unfazed or unaffected.

Become detached from your emotions when she throws her tests at you. Don’t react too much because that’s what she wants you to do. Now lower status men would do two things- get angry or wuss out. 

You can do none. First give absolutely no reactions. So how do you not react? You alter the way you look at her. Don’t think she’s some hot woman, you need to score. Think that she’s an annoying neighbor who always disturbs you and shouts at you. Or you can something of your own. Something like a bratty child, who always disturbs you when you’re doing important work, etc.. 

And don’t think of the bitch shield as a barrier, but as a good thing for you as you’ll easily break it and enter inside while other wuss men will not. Think of it as an enjoyment. 


2). Give sarcastic responses which will shock her.

In the above paragraph i wrote that lower status men will do two things – get angry or wuss out. And she’s expecting this from every other man that approaches her. So, what you need to do? Don’t do these two things. Be different. 

For ex- If you approach her and she says – Fuck off… Then you say – Wow, i love straightforward women who speak their mind, rather than those shy, cute girls. 

Notice the calm here. You are calm ,unfazed, unaffected by her angry rude behavior. And you give her a response she couldn’t possibly imagine or didn’t expect you to make. When you should be getting angry at her, you’re complimenting her for her rudeness. How will you make it happen? It comes down to your interpretation. Or, How you see it. You could think of that as rude behavior or the girl just being straightforward and not putting up any fake societal masks. 

So, the best way to break through a woman’s bitch shield is for you to be yourself and never allow her reality and whatever she spoke or responded to dominate your interpretation and beliefs. If you set the pace, the standards, and lead the interaction, she will have no choice but to follow. 


>> Making Instant Impact 

One of the worst things which people do when starting a conversation with women is being general.  

Being general means being just like everybody else. If you’re like everybody else then she’ll treat you like everybody else, that is like a piece of crap, especially if she’s a hot woman. If your style is very platonic and common then it makes the girl bored to death. 

Don’t do this ever, because no matter how much you talk with her, if it’s boring and not going anywhere, then it’s not going anywhere with her, better to forget her, at least it will save time. You can never become her lover, at max only her friend, who she’ll use to do her dirty work, especially making her real lover jealous. So, you’ll just be a tool for her if you’re not unique, if you don’t have a persona, a style of your own. 

What i preach is that you let your intentions be known at the very beginning, what this does is it lets the girl know that you have feelings for her and you’re not here for wasting your time or anything like that. Don’t hide from her, don’t be the good guy. Think about this, if you don’t have sexual feelings for her and if you don’t portray it to her, how would she start feeling it.  

She’ll only feel that you’re the good guy who wants to be her friend. So, take risks and be bold. It also shows the abundance attitude and your calm and cool nature. Once you have done that then start playing the Game which i’m going to discuss below. Follow the steps very carefully and she’ll never put you in the general category ever again. 


Now, when you are talking to the girl consider these 5 things in mind – 

a. Honesty – Be honest with yourself. Don’t showcase something you are not. As that will make you incongruent, and after that no matter what you say itain’t gonna make much of a difference. 

If you think she’s hot tell her she’s hot, don’t be a wuss. 

b. Pride and Ego – F*ck your personal achievements, they don’t mean shit to you, when you’re talking to a girl. That’s your past and she’s your present, so focus on the NOW. It would be much better and meaningful. 

c. Have social aptitude. Know how she’s feeling by the way she reacts and how she talks. If she’s not in the mood, don’t force talking with her, or else you might become her victim.

d. Don’t be too sold on her, let her know through subtle signs that she still needs to work hard to keep you attracted to her.

e. Don’t be a try hard, don’t force anything.

When talking to her you ought to have 1 motive in mind that is how do you get her out of her auto-pilot and make it manual. What i mean here is you should talk to her in a way where she takes notice of you and don’t just talk to you out of formality. She must also be invested on whatever you’re talking with her. Now, how do you do that? Simple. Create emotions. Use words that talk to her emotional brain. Use emotional words. 

For ex-  

If she asks you what do you do? Now, if you’re a software programmer, don’t say the boring answer, that i’m a software programmer.  

Say – I give life to boring machines and make them useful. I’m the creator. God’s avatar sent from heaven by god himself to give life to the lifeless machines. A software programmer. Think for yourself, which one is more attractive? The boring one word answer or this answer, which is going to make her laugh and keep her asking for more, she’ll instantly be hooked to you. 

Now, think again, if you’re going to talk to her emotional brain like the way i just showed above, will you still be in the general zone for her, like every other guy that approached her before you or will she have a serious attraction and likeness for you? See, it’s that easy. Talk to her emotional brain. Don’t talk facts, don’t talk boring stuff. 

But how do you, come up with answers like that? Simple. When you’re genuinely doing the things that you love, and have a passion for those things then the answers will come. Be excited, be enthusiastic and as I wrote in above lines do these things because you love doing them. Do them because they fascinate you. 

>> Creating Comfort 

Once you have gotten her attention and now she’s fairly interested in you, it’s time to make her comfortable around you so that you can make your move further. Notice : You can’t skip this step.  

It’s important. She needs to start investing her time and effort in you now, for you to have the power and let it to steer in the way you want it to go.  

Because girls will never lead things towards sex, thanks to society and the fear of being called or labelled as a slut. So, you need to take charge and you need to steer things. 

A very good way to let her know that she needs to start making efforts for you is to not be too available. Whenever you are with her create anticipation and then leave her in that high state of mind, which will make her wanting for more. Be scarce and show her that you got other important things going on in your life, so she better have some important things for you, if she wants your time. [ you know what I mean ;] 

Whenever you’re chatting with her, talk about your values and vision. Let her in on your goals and visions. It’s important for her to know what kind of a person you are before she could start trusting in you and  getting comfortable around you. Talk about future projections and also tell her of her role in your vision.  

[ don’t be too serious ] 

Tell her stories in your life that convey that you have been with beautiful women before and it’s a natural thing for you. This will demonstrate to her that you are a man who women want and desire and she can also do that. See women don’t want to be the odd one out. They want a man who everyone wants. At least everyone in her group. 

And whenever it comes to complimenting her on anything throw double sided compliments, or push pull type compliments. For Ex- Say – Wow, your hair looks beautiful. But you know what, if you had sleek long bob with curves and side-swept bang, you would look gorgeous. Oh god, I had almost fuck you right now if you had those hairs on, you would look that gorgeous. 


some takes from this example. Look at the details over which i pushed her away. It’s so full of details. Her hair should have curves and bangs and all that. What does this portray to her? 

iYou’re a man who knows exactly what he wants. 

ii. You’re not afraid to voice your opinion.

iii. You do want to fuck her. 


Notice, in this example, i’m not portraying the woman that i want to fuck her now, but probably in the future. That means she maybe my type but just not now. This is called creating the anticipation and becoming mysterious which i discuss so many times. You have created a mental puzzle inside her head. 

Now, if you’re not that bold and can’t directly say that you would fuck her, then say you would look very beautiful, you can start with small as well and then build up from there. By the way, chances are she will get her hair done next time she meets you, because that’s how women are. If you have been playing hard to get till now, she’ll do all in her reign of possibility to get you hooked to her, See, this is how the game works. She wants to hook you and you want to hook her. 

 >> Breaking Touch Barrier 

If you’re making things more and more sexual through your conversations and your non-verbals then this part will be fairly easy and you can easily touch barrier, actually if you followed all the above steps then she would be craving to be touched by you and what not… 

First of all when it comes to getting physical you need to grow a pair of balls, seriously. Because you need to do it so smoothly and so calmly that she should not think even for a single second that you’re a creep. You need to give yourself permission that you are strong, you’re masculine, girls want you and you’re a natural with girls. 

You need to know this that she’s with you and you both have come to this stage, this far, is because she likes you and she’s also eager for your touch. Just don’t be creepy or weird. 

One of the best steps into getting physical with a girl is again following the push-pull method but this time in a physical way. For ex- You say – Hey, let me take a look at your hands, eww…they look so small, and then throw them way, yeah, literally throw them away, then again after sometime, say,, hey, i just noticed something, give me your hands.

And say.. wow, look at this girl, our hands look so beautiful together. It was as if they were made for each other. 

Look into her eyes while doing all this. Chances are her eyes will be fully diluted and this even creates the perfect time for a kiss. You can go for the kiss from here if you want to. She won’t stop you. 


The key here is two steps forward and one step back. You need to create tension and then release it. Create tension, back off, chill off a bit and then go back. This will even create a limbo in her head. For your kind information, it’s the limbo, that women think as chemistry between her and the man. [ I know, it’s hilarious ] 

A very good thing about this technique is you’re fully in control here. You can fall back if you feel like she’s not responding the way you want her to. How will you know? Social awareness, which I discussed very early on. 

Another very important thing to remember is that no doesn’t mean NO forever. It’s just no for now. 

It’s probably a no because she still ain’t comfortable with you. She needs to know you more, and she needs to invest more time with you. So, you take a step back ,go back to the above stage, that is creating comfort and you work on creating more comfort with her again.

But don’t lose hope, her no, is just temporary, you’ll convert that no into a yes, soon. 

I want you to understand that women are not like us. It takes time for them to get into these stages. 

It takes a lot of investment from your side. She ain’t a switch who you’ll just turn ON or OFF as you would like. This is a process, and you need to put in your best effort if you want to take it to the last stage i.e. Escalating to sex. 

>> Escalating To Sex 

A very important thing when it comes to getting to bed is patience. If you try to do too much too quick then you’ll get resistance. But if you chill, out, relax, calm her and let her be at her comfort then it will be lot easier. 

So, don’t be in a hurry, don’t be needy. Remember, you’re a man of abundance. 

I want you to take your time, enjoy the process, save every moment of it and when you do all this it will gives her those same vibes as well, which will help her in calming as well. Don’t rush it. 

A very important concept when it comes to escalation is how you can change the mood of your girl? 

You can’t convince her to have sex, you can’t give logic to her for having sex with you. Again, emotions comes here, as well. Emotion never leaves you, especially when you’re a salesman or you’re in the dating game. It’s the key to your success in both the arenas. 

To continue further, i want you to make your move when she is having good times with you and you’re touching her and kissing her and all that. I mean when her momentum is already built up, that’s when she’s going to want to have sex with you. So, you need to be building that momentum one step at a time. 

Another very emotion filled thing you can do is, when you have clearly filled up her momentum and you two are physically touching her and all that, you push her away again. This will infuriate her and make her chase you. 

For example-  

If you two are kissing, you push her away, and tell her, what are you doing girl? Why are you doing this to me? What have i done to you? She’ll be probably shocked and surprised by this and then you can say- Now, i won’t be able to stay away from you, and then french kiss her, touch her boobs, and while doing it, tell her subtly how good you’re going to fuck her, and how bad she wants you. 

Notice: I wrote how bad she wants you, not the other way around. This is clearly giving you all the power here, and she’s just playing by your rules. By doing this you can surely escalate to bed, she won’t stop you from there. 


>> Loving The Game 

Congratulations, you got the girl into bed. And now you’re on your path to becoming unstoppable when it comes to dating women. What’s going to improve your game even more is practice, practice and then practice some more. What i gave you is raw knowledge. Now, you need to implement all these. 


Trust me on this, you now have all the knowledge that you need with women and how to deal with them, now you just need to go out there. And I know one of your biggest hurdles is going to be your fear of rejection, especially when you’re new.  

What I want you to know is all this knowledge don’t mean shit if you don’t put in the work. results are all that matters, at the end. So, now you need to start living a life of passion, ambition, hustling and grinding. 

Whenever you start stopping yourself from making moves, just fuck everything. Fuck the safety, fuck the society, fuck your fantasy and your wants, needs and desires, fuck being a spectator and watching others be the hero, it’s time to take charge, take actions and get real epic results. It’s time for you to become the man you were meant to be. 

So these were all about the game. Comment below and let me know your thoughts on this article whether you liked it or not?

Since you know a lot about game, I recommend you to check out the step-by-step article on seducing women to bed. This will make you the real player.

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Ariel Vagus

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  • Very good, I understand dating is a game but there are limits otherwise you’re just a player. If this article was on how to make every guy a player then you got a spot on golden star but if this involved a proper relationship then I suggest you stop describing women as little emotional objects that you just want for some sex. Trust me, some women see right through that bullshit, you might be telling a guy to have genuine confidence and there’s nothing wrong with that but a persons motives can be sensed from a mile away.

  • @kayla I believe that this Article is simply suggesting that in order to understand a woman us men must be sensitive along with understanding women emotions. Note: not all men desire sex but instead wants much more like a life partner.

  • Love Destroyed My Life says:

    I am really satisfied with this posting that you have given us. This is really nice work done by you. Thank you and looking for more posts.

  • I don’t understand when u said that for ex- to brake the physical contact touch her hands and threw them off and then again ask her to you show u them again… Why would she do that now

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