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3 "Deep Penetration" Sex Positions For Guys With Smaller Penises... - Your Alpha Dude

3 “Deep Penetration” Sex Positions For Guys With Smaller Penises…


(Plus a Free Secret For Even DEEPER Penetration & Better Sex)…

by Craig Miller

If you’ve ever worried that you’re not “big enough” down there… don’t worry.

I’ve had a lot of the same fears as you.

A lot of times, I tell people I’m “about average” down there…

But according to the Boston Medical Group, the average penis size of American men is 5.57 inches.

So if I’m being 100% honest… I’m actually below average in that department.

Yeah, for a while I was pretty embarrassed about it…

But then I thought, “Hey, being embarrassed about my d!ck size isn’t going to make it grow…”

(Though eventually I did discover the next best thing from a pretty controversial and unlikely source).

So instead of being all down in the dumps about my size (or lack thereof)…

I decided to harden the hell up… and figure out the best ways to make sex feel as good for the girl as if I had some 11-inch monster dong.

And one thing consistently came up more than anything else…


The One “Spot” That Few Women Know About On Their Own Bodies (& How It Gives Them POWERFUL Multiple Orgasms When Hit)

More than anything else… when a woman says she “likes big penises” or “prefers a bigger d!ck”… she’s actually not being 100% truthful.

That’s because what women want isn’t just “having a big penis” inside of them…

They just want for a guy to be able to hit any “spot” inside of them.

The most famous of these spots is probably the “G spot”–the walnut-shaped patch of fleshy skin 2-3 inches up and inside of a woman’s vagina.

But another 3 inches beyond that?

Is her “Deep Spot.”

It’s also known as a woman’s “Anterior Fornix” or “A-Spot”… and many women say it feels really good.

A woman who goes by “Katie” on Vice describes how she discovered her A-Spot:

“After many months of incorporating clitoral stimulation into intercourse and finding that it enabled my orgasms during PIV, I started to notice that things always felt especially good when my partner would thrust very deep. It clicked that this might be the anterior fornix I’d read about. After I figured that out, I started experimenting on my own with sex toys that could reach that spot, and doing a lot of reading about it.” [1]

The A-Spot is 3 inches or so beyond the G-Spot… fairly deep inside of a woman:

Do the math: if it’s 3 inches to a woman’s G-Spot…

And another 3 inches to her A-spot…


And most guys are 5.57 inches or less…

Then a woman is with a guy who can hit her A-Spot less than half the time.

Take out the guys who are above-average-endowed but don’t know the secrets I’m about to show you…

And it’s actually very rare that a woman encounters a guy who can reliably hit her A-Spot… and make her climax really hard… and give her multiple “rolling” orgasms…

So if you can do it reliably… then every time that girl is horny… she’ll blow you up with texts since you can give her something she can’t get anywhere else!

And the easiest way to hit her A-Spot reliably?

It’s not to have a big penis.

Look at the diagram above–if a guy has a d!ck that’s too big… it’s not going to hit a girl’s A-Spot reliably either. It’ll slide on past… and she won’t get the really intense orgasms she craves from that.

So there’s actually a great opportunity here: for guys with below-average-sized penises… who can make the most out of what they’ve got… and use the three brand new sex positions you’re about to learn to reliably hit her A-Spot every time you have sex…

3 “Deep Penetration” Sex Positions That Hit Her “A Spot” (Even If You Have a Small Penis)

All three of these positions are designed to hit a girl’s A-Spot even if you aren’t particularly well-endowed.

Essentially, they position the girl so that her A-Spot is moved forward, and is easier for you to reach.

So instead of six inches… you’ll hit it at 3-5 inches.

And as long as you’re hard enough during sex… this should result in a legs shaking… sheet-soaking… panting… moaning… incredible orgasm for her… (or even multiple orgasms in a row)… that she’ll come running back to you for whenever she’s horny.

Here are these positions:

1) Viennese Oyster

As pictured, this is one where the girl puts her legs all the way behind her head.

Then you get on top, like regular missionary position, and enter her.

Don’t put too much weight on her body–instead, put the majority of your weight on your knees when you enter her.

Some women like it when you “hammer” her for a while, and then just go as slow and deep as you can for a few strokes.

Often, this is the “secret recipe” for you to hit the A-Spot.

If she tells you to “hold it” where you are for a second or two, you’ve probably hit pay dirt.

2) Shoulder Holder

Favored by businessmen and their secretaries for some “afternoon delight” for decades, the Shoulder Holder is great because it allows you to get really deep inside of her.

All you do is have her lay on the bed and raise her legs straight in the air.

Kneel in front of her and put a leg on each of your shoulders.

This should naturally pull her vagina forward, and allow you to get deeper inside her faster than you normally would.


Many times this will allow you to hit the A-Spot pretty continuously. WARNING: this can lead to multiple orgasms quickly… or even squirting (!)

3) Ben Dover

This is a modified doggy style / take her from behind position that gets really deep inside of her.

Also this one is good if her A-Spot is “flipped” inside of her–up to 23% of women have this “condition” where the A-Spot is in a slightly different location.

Ben Dover takes care of that, no problem.

Have her stand up, and then bend over and grab her ankles.

You come in from behind and enter her.

Depending on your relative heights, you might need to spread your legs out further to enter her, or bend your knees.

But if neither of the other two positions seem like they’re working, then this one should definitely do the trick.

Now in addition to the above 3 sex positions for deeper penetration… there is one thing that you can do right now to get deeper inside of her the next time you have sex without changing anything you do…

How to Go Even Deeper the Next Time You Have Sex…

I got this “Tumescence Trick” from a 72-year-old male pornstar… and it really does work!

This “Tumescence Trick” doesn’t depend on a specific position… though if you use the 3 positions above, you will go deeper inside of her… and often hit her elusive “A-Spot”…

This “Tumescence Trick” takes ALL of the guesswork out of it.

That’s because this “Tumescence Trick” promotes bloodflow to your penis… and helps you get as hard as a baseball bat… and stay hard as long as you need to during sex.

So even if you’re “below-average” down there…

The “Tumescence Trick” makes the most out of what you’ve got… FILLS your penis with as much blood as it can possibly squeeze into it…

And the result is thicker, fuller-feeling, firmer erections for you… the likes of which the woman you’re with probably has never felt inside of her.

Sex will be a lot better for you…

…it’ll feel better for her…

…and best of all, whatever woman you’re with will want to have sex a LOT more often.

(And again, as a guy who’s below average-sized “down there,” this “Tumescence Trick” was definitely a godsend–my d!ck definitely felt bigger… and I was way more confident when I started doing it.)

It took some convincing… but the 72-year-old pornstar who showed me this “Tumescence Trick” agreed to come on camera and show you exactly what to do to get as thick and hard as a lead pipe.

And for a limited time… this presentation is available 100% free to you as a Gotham Club reader.

Simply click the button below now to get this “Tumescence Trick”… and start experiencing harder, thicker-feeling, long-lasting erections that make you feel like a damned Sexual Tyrannosaur:

P.S. – Did I mention the 72-Y.O. Male Pornstar brought a couple of hot, 20-something starlets with him to help demonstrate his “Tumescence Trick”? He did! Click the button above to get the free secret now…


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