This 3-Step “Foolproof First Impression” Makes Sex Likely


The First 2-3 Seconds a Woman Notices You Are CRUCIAL… Here’s How to Use Them To Make Her Soaking Wet For You…

One thing a lot of guys don’t realize is that women are judging you from the moment they lay eyes on you.

That’s why the first 2-3 seconds that a woman notices you is often the most important stretch of time when you meet a new girl.

It’s often it’s the difference between tearing off her clothes and banging all night like wild animals in heat…

…and going home to jerk off to porn with a box of Kleenex at your side.

Fortunately, because so many guys don’t give a sh*t about the first impression they give off… this is a really easy way to separate yourself from the pack of thirsty guys who hit on a woman… and really improve your chances of f**king her.

And best of all, I’m not talking about going and buying a whole new wardrobe… or a fancy car… or otherwise trying to show her that you have fat stacks of cash.

In fact, because a lot of other thirsty guys do this… you’re going to want to do the opposite of them.

And maybe even outright tell her that you’re not all that well-off (more on that in a minute).

No, this is just a simple way to approach women that’s kind of “old school”… but works really well to show her that you’re the kind of guy she definitely wants to f**k… even that same night.

3 Things a Hot Girl Wants to See From You BEFORE She’ll Sleep With You…

When women go out with their friends looking for a guy… they’re looking for 3 things:

1) A guy who is confident

2) A guy who makes them feel something, and


3) A guy their friends will approve of

(I’ve found that the 3rd one usually is no problem when you do the first two… as long as you aren’t a total d*ck to her friends.)

Just knowing these 3 things you need to do when you’re around attractive women you want to sleep with will give you a huge advantage over 92% of other guys.

After all… if you can at least act confident (or more confident than you “naturally” are)… and play nice with her friends… you’re already 99% of the way into her bed.

Where a lot of guys f**k this up is they think “confidence” is the same as “showing off a fancy car” or “having a nice watch.”

When in fact these things show insecurity more than anything else!

After all… if you were truly confident in yourself… why would you need to surround yourself with all of these flashy objects?

That’s why women often go for “starving artist”-types and even criminals–they ooze confidence, and if nothing else, it’s “real” in the sense that it’s coming from them in an honest, straightforward way.

This “Foolproof First Impression” is designed to show that same kind of “authentic” confidence to a girl from the get-go.

It allows you to be 100% yourself… and just tweak a couple of easy things at the start when you meet a woman…

That makes it much more likely that she’ll go home with you at the end of the night.

And in just a minute… I’m going to show you the absolute best thing you can do when meeting a woman to make her really wet for you… so horny that she’ll forget about anything and anyone else… and go home with you that same night.


But first… you have to know how to “prime her pump”… and get her interested in you… and then you can “spring the trap” and get her to come home with you.

Step 1: Make a Strong, Prolonged Eye Contact

It’s amazing how few guys know how to make eye contact these days.

That’s good for you though, since when you start making longer eye contact with hot girls… you’ll see big results really quickly.

Do me a favor: the next time you see a somewhat attractive woman out on the street, instead of instinctually looking away… hold her gaze for an extra 2-3 seconds… and offer her a “kind smile.”

You’ll be surprised how many women enthusiastically return your smile… and even give you an inviting “smirk” that shows you they’re interested in a whole lot more.

That’s because women are starving for strong, confident men. And since so few guys even have the basic confidence to hold eye contact for a few seconds… you’ll show her that you’re in the top 5% of men just by holding her gaze for that extra couple of seconds.

Step 2: Walk Up to Her & Introduce Yourself With a Firm Handshake

This might sound like the kind of advice your dad gave you when going out looking for jobs… but it absolutely still works with hot girls.

That’s because, again, few guys do this kind of thing these days.

Evolutionarily-speaking, grip strength is one of the top “fitness factors” that correlates with longevity.

So subconsciously, when you give a woman a firm handshake, it shows that you’re a strong man to mate with.

Not only that, but it’s a way to touch her in a really low-risk, socially-acceptable sort of way.

Women respond to touch way more than men do.

That’s because the touch “receptors” on a woman’s skin are packed in between 2x – 10x as tightly as they are on men’s skin.

So when you touch her… she literally feels 2x-10x more than you do.

When you make her feel something… that’s the sign of an “Alpha Male” who naturally gets her wet with desire… and who she’s likely to sleep with.

Step 3: Touch Her Like This

Because touch is such a powerful way to make a woman feel something for you quickly…

There are 3 different “Turn-On Touches” you can use to make a hot girl really horny for you… really fast.

I’m not going to ask you to touch her anywhere “crude” or “private”–these are just normal, seemingly “friendly” touches…

That secretly turn hot girls on really fast… and make her really wet & horny for you… and eager to peel off her panties and bend over for you.

Once you know these 3 “Turn-On Touches”… and the proper order to use them… it’s like cracking “the code” of how to get hot girls to come home with you.

It’s like flipping a switch in your brain… and being able to sleep with a hot girl within an hour or two of meeting her.

I can’t take all the credit for these 3 “Turn-On Touches.”

In fact, they were developed by my mentor, nicknamed “Magic.”

He was a guy who was fresh-off-the-boat from India… who was terrible with women…


But he plugged away at it… despite being kind of pudgy… older… and his thick accent…

And eventually he cracked the code of how to go from “Hello” to headboard-rattling sex within an hour or two with really hot girls.

Magic had one of his students make a FREE video that shows you:

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