August 19


Getting Dates using the #1 Dating App ( Instagram )

By Ariel Vagus

August 19, 2019


I recently uploaded a video in which I said that Instagram is the no.1 app on the Internet when it comes to getting a woman.

YES, it’s better than Bumble or Tinder.

And it gets you far better quality women if you know the underlying concepts of what makes an interesting profile and what to text a woman.

But then I got a lot of comments and emails from guys asking me to teach them some basics to improve their Instagram game, so they can also pull women from there.

So, in this article you will find out the amazing techniques I use to get dates from Instagram, how I learnt those techniques and from where and how you can learn them as well, to turn your Instagram account into PimpGram which you can use to get as many women as you want. (I am not kidding)

But before that, an important disclosure, so everything is transparent between you and me as I like to be completely honest with my audience.

An important disclosure:

“Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Please understand that I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something.

And I only ever endorse products that I have personally used and benefitted from personally.

Please do not spend any money on this course unless you feel you need it, or that it will help you achieve your goals.”

Now back to improving your game on Instagram.

So, the number 1 thing you need to do is create an interesting, yet intriguing profile.

It means that people should be amused when they go through your profile and should want to know more about you.


Remember: Intrigue is the key.

Not putting 100s of useless posts.

Trust me, I started getting girls from Instagram just from 5 posts on it. But they were highly interesting and intriguing posts.

Intrigue is the no.1 rule.

How do you create intrigue?

Show the people that you’re an interesting person, but never give away too much. Leave something on the table, for people to think about.

Put as many spins as you can inside your profile.

For ex – Suppose you’re a software engineer. Then don’t just post stuff people will expect from software engineers, nor have a boring bio.

Your bio should be like – I give life to lifeless tools and make them run their magic upon this soulful planet. So, I’m the second coming of Jesus.

Instead of just – I’m a software engineer at Company X.

Don’t do that.

Now, since we just wrote an interesting bio for you, then even if you were to post 5 pics, you should try to show yourself as someone related to your bio.

So, according to your bio, some of the pics you should try to portray yourself as should be magician, a hacker, even photoshop your face with Jesus, show some amazing work of your softwares and how it’s helping people, etc…


So, if people were to make an assumption about you from your bio + pics… some of them would be, you’re a – Magician, Hacker, Photoshop artist, Programmer, etc…

That’s how you create intrigue.

That’s how you make your Instagram profile interesting.

Now, that we have constructed a great way to make amazing, interesting profile page for your Instagram. It’s time to finally message women.

What do you text?

If you were a normal man, you would text – Hey, How are you?

I used to do the same, until I learnt the Iron Rules of texting after buying this book of Kezia Noble ->

➤➤ Online Dating Success Secrets women don’t want you to Know

One of the biggest revelations I got from this ebook was stop putting so much investment early on or going over the top.

It’s a complete failure to even do what other men do.

Instead try Intrigue. (the no.1 rule) Something that will inspire her to respond.

So, what should be your first message?

It could be related to her city, her profession and a one word question…

Ex – If she’s from London….

then ➣ London?

Or if she’s a doctor ➣ Doctor?


It should be intriguing and something that inspires response.


Now, some important rules of game that you must abide by to win at the game of texting, especially on Instagram –

1). Frame her as a sexual pursuer in your convos. She must believe that she’s the one pursuing you. How do you do that.

Ex – If you ask her profession? She says Law. 

You say – Great. Then you can get me out of jail.

2). Do not message during the day. Do it at night. It’s a better, more suitable time (at least night works better for me)

3). Do not ever let her devalue you in any way. Punish her then and there for doing that with your words (in this case, with your text)

Ex – If she mocks you or makes fun of you. Playfully say, mannn I am never            gonna talk to you again. We’re done. ( trust me, she’ll reply back.)

4). It’s best to end the chat at a peak point, than to end at a boring point. So, don’t prolong the chatting.


5). Ask her about herself and keep your shit vague. Keep the intrigue.

These were some of my personal tips I always use to get a girl from any social media platform. You can also do this easily, once you get some practice and some core knowledge about the game of texting.

You can also improve it, and learn the core principles which the successful guys use to get any girl from any social media platform after reading this affordable book ->

➤➤  Click here to Unlock the Secrets to Success While Dating Online

Some of my own personal takeaways after reading this book were –

1). Describing myself and my job in an interesting, yet intriguing manner which makes women fascinated by me.

2). Describing your ideal woman is key. You can’t look for success in a haystack or else you will only end up finding the hay.

3). Some of the most amazing psychological triggers to put in any message which makes women want to respond and know more about you.

4). Finally, Angles! (yup!!) Believe it or not but angles are the key to a great photo. I couldn’t believe it at first but once I tried it. It made total sense.

There are a lot more takeaways which I got from reading this knowledge packed book. But if i go on any further, I am afraid I may get copyright issues.

So, to end this all –


Texting isn’t just about picking up your phone and saying HI to a woman. And then hoping she’ll be hooked to you.

If it were that easy, then you would probably already be successful at it but you are not.

There are a lot of underlying principles which you need to apply to absolutely ensure your chances of success.

In this article I shared as much as I could.

But if you want to go even deeper, and make sure that you never remain single and pull any woman you want, from any social media platform you want, then definitely checkout this book.

I have personally tried this and I can personally vouch for this book, that it WILL get you success online with women.

➤➤ Click here to Download the Online dating Success For Men ebook.


Ariel Vagus

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