How To Attract a Girl By using Playful Banter?


First of all what is Banter and why you need it so much?


Banter is essentially spontaneous creativity. You take a topic or
statement and see it from a different angle in a way that is
relatable, yet novel.

It makes people laugh and disarms them while allowing you to appear
smart, insightful, and mentally quick.

What’s tricky about banter is that something that may be funny and
completely harmless to you can be destructive or hurtful to someone

You have to know where that fine line is and you have to know
how to straddle it.

Some tips before we discuss it more thoroughly –

  1. First, when thinking about a banter, don’t think generically.


It’s spontaneous creativity.

  1. Second, don’t act like you can’t take a joke.
    If you let it show that you are angry or hurt, it spoils the playful
    tone you could otherwise enhance with your playful banter.
  2. Use the right tone.

Now that we’ve discussed some basics of banter, let’s quickly evaluate
your roadblocks towards getting her attracted –

  1. Needy
  2. Reaction seeking
  3. Approval seeking
    Don’t ask for approval.Just lead.
  4. Don’t explain yourself
  5. Back tracking
    Be a man of integrity.
  6. Being too serious too early
  7. Lack of Certainty

If you’re doing all this , then please stop right now.You’re never gonna
get her like this.

Best Techniques To Banter And Attract Her –

  • The bread and butter of attraction is Fun and Challenging.

Fun and challenging is anything that challenges her in a light and
playful way.

Ex- If a girl asks can i do X activity with you?
You- I don’t know , but i don’t want to kick your ass in it.
I mean it would really hurt.

Keep pushing her limits.

  • Push Pull – First say something she doesn’t like and then comeback with
    something sexy. One step forward,two steps back.

Ex – You – How tall are you ? Her -5’2″ You – Oh shit….shhhhh…
5’2″ is like too short for me. I usually like girls who
are 5’4″. But you dont worry we’ll be friends. We’ll be
good friends.

It keeps her intrigued, curious and it makes you mysterious.

REMEMBER: Pull back from time to time.

We’re attracted to that which retreats from us.

  • Good-Natured Teasing

Being able to tease others in a way they enjoy is very powerful.
It spikes emotions, it makes people feel comfortable, and most of all
it makes you look good.

The best way to do this is the Deadpan Delivery.

The delivery must be completely serious, but exaggerated in its
It must be obvious that you are serious to the point of absurdity,
but there might be some doubt as to how you actually feel –
whether you are kidding or not.

The deadpan face must slowly fade and turn into a smile to let others
feel safe and know that you were indeed kidding and not serious.

For example, the other person says “I love cats” and
your reply is, “You eat cats? Ick, that’s gross.” You basically
took their statement and stretched it to its most absurd meaning.

Great banter is all about taking the spotlight from others and putting
it on you.


It is your sense of humor that is on display.

For example, “Oh, you like that restaurant? I’m going to eat some
broken glass and get the same taste buds as you.”

Keep it lighthearted and entertaining.

  • Brain Scramblers – Speaking something while acting completely

Ex- [confidently and buoyantly] Hi! i’m Ariel and
i’m really shy right now.

[If she’s a red hed] Wow i love your blonde hairs. They look amazing.

If she says it’s not blonde it’s red. You comeback by saying no….
i can bet that these are blonde hairs.

Now before ending i’ll like to let you know that there are many more techniques
to attract girls.

But you gotta have 1 technique in your back pocket which you can use
as your fail-safe all the time.



Don’t take statements and questions at face value. Don’t take them
literally, and seek to purposefully misinterpret them in ways where
you initiate a joke or humorous scenario.



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