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How to Be Funny and Make Women Want You - Your Alpha Dude

August 4


How to Be Funny and Make Women Want You

By Ariel Vagus

August 4, 2020

Dating Is A Game, how to be funny


“Funny guys are dangerous.

They make you laugh and laugh

And laugh and laugh

Then boom you’re naked.”

I can’t track down the original author of that quote, but I’ve always found it to be equally funny and true.

Making women laugh is one of the surefire ways into her heart and between her legs.

Making people laugh helps them relax, let their guard down a little bit, and trust you.

But, many guys struggle to make women laugh.

For two reasons:

First, making women laugh is different than making men laugh.

Second, women can make some men nervous, and a lack of confidence is utterly unfunny.

The good news is that you can learn how to be funny around women, make them laugh and laugh, and get them naked.


Let’s begin.

Mindset and Body Language

Before we even dive into specific things to talk about, the most important element allowing you to come across as funny to women is your presence.

In other words, how you feel, appear, and how others perceive you.

Be relaxed.

Be confident.

Look her in the eye.


And just be yourself.

Having a calm, relaxed, and happy demeanor will put her at ease and will instantly make you 1,000 times sexier.

Use Observational Comedy

The easiest way to be funny in the heat of the moment is by using observational comedy.

You don’t need “stock stories.”

You just have to notice things around you.


Ever go people watching? Of course you have. We all have.

That’s basically observational comedy 101. 

Copy & Paste: 5 Funny Texts That Get Her to Come Over for Sex

We “people watch” because people are interesting, and very often, absurd.

Ever notice that skyscrapers are kinda shaped like dicks?

That’s funny.

Ever notice that women push when the door says pull all the freaking time? 

That’s funny.

Observe your surroundings, notice things that are kind of silly, and point them out.

Make fun of it while being silly and good-natured yourself and you’re sure to make her laugh.

Learn How to Make Fun of Yourself

When it’s executed properly, self-deprecating humor is some of the funniest stuff out there.

Stand-up comedy megastars Jim Gaffigan and Louis C.K. have basically made their careers on self-deprecating comedy.

Be jolly — not somber. 

You’re showing that you know you’re not perfect and that you know that’s A-OK.

Being able to laugh at your own flaws like the fact that you may be balding, your height, or a weight problem is peak alpha male behavior. 

It displays confidence in spades.

My brother-in-law is one of the funniest guys I know. He’s also a rather hefty fellow.

He refers to himself as “the fat guy” all the time and it’s usually good for a laugh, especially with strangers.

“Who invited the fat guy? Oh wait that’s me.”

“Watch out, fat guy comin’ through.”

Stuff like that.


Tease Her

Poking fun at women is another great way to make them laugh.

Cowards never tease women because they’re so afraid of it being taken the wrong way.

This is stereotypical soy boy, beta male, or simp behavior — whatever term you want to use.


Teasing has been part of human courtship behavior for a long time.

Think about children and how little boys will instinctively tease girls they like (often without even realizing they like her or why they’re doing it).

It’s a signal that says “I notice you. I’m paying attention to you. I like you.”

And women enjoy it too.

How to Tease Her Into Bed: These 5 Texts Make It Happen…

The best way to tease women is to use fake insults as a way of complimenting her.

If she’s well dressed, fancy, and enjoys expensive things, but suggests going to a local pub, you could say “Well, well, well!  Miss Fancypants wants to slum it at the dive bar huh? Haha let’s do it.”

Just be careful.

Avoid poking fun at her insecurities and don’t be intentionally insensitive and you’ll be fine.

Collect Your Funniest Stories

Anecdotes are always good to have in your back pocket.

Trust me, we all have some experiences that we can create into funny stories, even if you have to think about it for a while.

Think about past experiences that made you, your family, or your friend group laugh.

It could be a ridiculous bar story.

Or that time grandma got too drunk at Thanksgiving.

Or a funny habit your old roommate in college had.

Here’s my personal favorite, feel free to steal it.

I had this roommate in grad school with a sleepwalking problem.

One night, he comes into my room at like 3 AM, whispering “sorry…sorry” very quietly over and over. 

He leaves his comforter on my bed then proceeds to pee while still sleepwalking before finally going back into his room. 

All while I was petrified and essentially hiding under my covers like he was a monster or something.

Not the funniest story in the world, but it always gets a lot of laughs.

Being a good storyteller is more important than the story itself.

So practice.

Practice on your friends and family or even your mirror.

How to Be Funny While Texting

Texting girls in a funny, charming way is its own art form.

It’s tough since you can’t text long drawn-out “walls of text” to her without seeming “try-hard”…

Yet if you can master it, it’s an easy way to get laid fast… often without having to date her (since you can use many of the same strategies on apps like Tinder and Bumble).

I think if you’re trying to be funny over text… you should try out these 5 copy-paste texts that get her to come over for sex from my mentor, Glenn.

Glenn’s the baddest-ass texter I know–he makes hot college-aged girls soaking wet for him just with a few well-timed, funny texts…

And he gave you 5 little-known texts you can copy-and-paste, right into your phone, right here:

5 Copy-Paste Texts That Make Her Come Over for Sex

How to Go From Making Her Laugh to F**king Her Brains Out…

Making a woman laugh is one thing.

Knowing she wants to sleep with you…

Or knowing when to make your move…

That’s a totally different ball game.

And if you want to get laid with hot girls, knowing how to take things to the next level is of the utmost importance.

If you’ve got her laughing, it’s true that she’s going to be more receptive to you…

But then the timing of your next step if you wanna bang her is crucial.

Shoot your shot too early — and you’ll come across as a weirdo or a creep.

Do it too late, and you’re in the all-too-familiar Friend Zone.

So timing is everything.

Here’s how to time it perfectly so that she wants to go home with you and be banged like a drum all night long:

Look for the signals of interest that women are showing you.

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You’ll suddenly realize all the signals you missed from other women.

You’ll discover how to get on-demand sex from any woman you want.

This is a proven method to getting faster, easier sex.

In fact, it’s so effective that Craig needs to blur his face in the video and hide his identity, because he was getting so many death threats from angry feminists.

So stop worrying about rejection and check out this video right now:

7 “Dead Giveaway Signs” a Woman Wants to F**k You

The only thing you’ll regret is that you didn’t do it sooner.


Ariel Vagus

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