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How To Develop A Masculine Voice?

By Ariel Vagus

September 26, 2019


In this article on “How To Develop A Masculine Voice”, I’m going to share with you all my secrets to make your voice really deep and sexy furthermore masculine.

Have you ever heard your voice played back on a tape recorder? The first time you heard it, you probably said, “that’s not me.” The second thought was probably, “do I sound like that when I talk? ”And, the third silent thought was, better do something about it quick!” But, what to do? How do you start improving your voice? Better say a masculine voice. Then here comes your dude, Your Alpha Dude.

The secret sauce for a Masculine voice is to speak from your stomach with proper breathing. Does that sound fictious? I don’t think so. What I mean to say is to use your stomach when you speak more than your throat. Create tension in your stomach and then release accordingly when you speak. Follow proper breathing to get your voice sound more clear, deep and masculine.

Having a good speaking voice is an asset in any profession, or in day to day life and nothing is more revealing about your personality than your voice. What does the voice do? It reveals all the emotions inherent in man: anger, frustration, happiness, contentment, etc.

Actually, the impression you make on other people is not done with words, but how you speak them. The most important word in the human language today is “communication. ”Without it, enemies are made, friendships are broken, businesses are lost.


The another secret sauce for a heavy, deep, and masculine voice is to know who you are.

Now, you have reached a point in your life when you realize something is missing, and being a mature person, you naturally want to correct this lack. So read on this valuable content gotten from years of experience and followed them with utmost sincerity to make my voice more masculine.

Yeah when I was younger I was a real mess, since I’m a man of progress, I worked on them and become the best version of myself. And so can you. So, read all my points and have faith in my words, follow them and TAKE ACTIONS.


>> Find your own unique voice

There comes a time in our lives when it becomes more painful for us to stay mired in our old habits than to step outside our comfort zone and risk the unknown as we journey toward finding our true voice. Your true voice is the language of authentic fulfillment, joy and happiness. While speaking your true voice creativity flows, fears subside, and peace of mind prevails.

Finding your voice means you have to discover the courage to walk in your own personal greatness. As one of my mentee has defined himself as being bold and courageous, that’s exactly what you have to be or become, bold and courageous about who you are and not being afraid to walk in that.

YOU were born with a unique voice.

When you know exactly who you are, you have the audacity to speak the best of you. You speak with high range, you don’t stutter, you don’t get nervous. Fluent voice comes naturally to you. And all you have to do is to chisel them by constant practice of speaking from your stomach with peoper breathing technique. Since it’s a trait you have to put in the work and develop it, if u lack it in the first place.


Many of you out there wondering why your voice is so feminine compared to others. Especially actors in Hollywood always have the manly voice. People often give example of Morgan Freeman and many more celebs.

Have you met people that are masculine in their voice and you admired them so much? Ever wondered if it’s even possible for you to have a deep voice like them? Ever tried doing silly things such as shouting, clearing your throat, trying to speak in low voice hoping for it to train your vocal chords muscle to remain such a way?

But the thing is they have found their own voice and worked on them with utmost sincerity. Some people do have natural masculine and deep voice but most of the people found their voice and chiseled them.


Some ways to find your own voice –

  1. Despite what you’ve told yourself or made yourself believe, understand that you DO have a voice. That’s a good first step: acknowledging that your voice does exist. You may not be using it, but you definitely have one. Discover what that authentic voice is.
  2. Embrace the uniqueness of your voice. Take in or receive what is you. Don’t expect your voice, your journey or your process to mirror that of someone else’s. Don’t try to imitate someone else. Be authentic to who you are.
  3. Open your mouth. Begin to speak with your purpose-filled voice. This is both in the literal and figurative sense. Talk and walk in the person you are. Don’t shrink beneath the voice of someone else because you think their voice is bigger or more powerful. When you begin to open your mouth, you will discover just how powerful yours is.

Bonus : Stop listening to the self-sabotaging voice.


Here’s my voice :

My purpose is to Unleash the masculinity of people by making them Brave, Unafraid, Living a life of Freedom and becoming their GREATEST version.

Inspire and motivate millions of people around the world to discover, embrace and walk in the greatness that is inside of them; to empower people with the tools to identify and resolve issues that keep them stuck.

Wow! When I hear myself say that, I get goose bumps because I know there is power in words. There is power in the sound of my voice.

How powerful does your voice sound? comment and let me know.

Now come to the technical part.


>> The voice is an instrument

A trumpet and flute and piano could play the exact same note in terms of pitch and intensity, but they would sound very different because of the quality or resonance. Resonance is affected by lots of variables, like the size, the shape, the material, the way they’re played, etc, etc.



Your instrument has three main components :

  1. Lungs : Air moves past the vocal cords in the voice box, causing vibration.
  2. Voice box : Muscles in the throat control the shape of the air passage and the tension on
    the vocal cords, making pitch and resonance changes as you speak.
  3. Mouth : How you hold your head and jaw affects the sound coming from your voice box.

But the main thing holding these components is your stomach and your breathing technique. You need to figure out the perfect combination of your stomach and breathing.

Breathing from your stomach gives your voice more support, making it stronger. When breathing, make sure you expand your stomach as you breathe in. If you try to increase the strength of your voice without breathing properly, you’ll just end up shouting. That can cause your voice to crack and will push people away. However, when your breathing is properly supported, you’ll project calmness and confidence without shouting.

As you speak, think about speaking in a lower tone. Just being conscious of your pitch can help you drop your voice to a lower range. It also may help to speak slow and steady, so you don’t rush and make your pitch go higher.

Breathing well can be especially useful in stressful situations. For example, when you’re approaching a new woman you may have a habit of not breathing deeply.

In addition to meditation, exercise is very useful. It opens up your chest and helps you breathe deeper.


>> Exercises

we need to do some atonal exercises to understand the foundation we use to make tones with our voices. You already know all kinds of ways to move the muscles in your throat without even thinking about it. Now it’s time to think about all the stuff you do naturally! For throat control.


Exercise 1 – Yawn

Hold your fingers against either side of your larynx and yawn. This opens your throat to its fullest position. Feel the muscles move things around in your throat. If you were to make a sound while yawning, it would be AAH.


Exercise 2 – Look in mirror

As you look in the mirror, open your mouth and press down your tongue. Say ahh as you make a sound like a siren. You’ll see your throat muscles tighten up. Look in the mirror and watch your throat as you do this. While you’re at it, look at what happens in the mirror when you yawn or swallow. See how your larynx gets moved around by muscles?


Exercise 3 – Clear throat

This constricts the throat in different places to clear phlegm from the area. You can clear it from different places depending on how you move your throat muscles. Try clearing your upper and lower throat. Try to feel the different muscles you’re using.


Exercise 4 – Get a loogie up

This is a rather disgusting slang term for the practice of clearing your throat in a way that brings phlegm into your mouth. This constricts your throat from the bottom and progressively squeezes upward to the top. Do one very slowly from bottom to top (3 – 4 seconds), and feel the muscles.


Exercise 5 – Gargle

Gargling soothes your throat by allowing liquid to hit an area for an extended time. Liquids and food usually pass through this area quickly as you swallow. Grab your glass of water and take a small sip. If you’re wearing something nice, you may want to have a towel to hold under your chin. Tilt your head back and begin gargling. Do it without making an AH sound at first. Next add tone and gargle up and down in tone like a siren

The water can help you feel how these muscles work, and the area we’re dealing with. You’ll also notice you make a GUH sound when you start. That’s your tongue unsealing your throat and letting the water travel further down your throat. If you push enough air up from your lungs, you can force the liquid back up into your mouth.

Congratulations! Now that we understand the fundamentals of how we use our lungs, throats and
mouths to manipulate sounds. Now we will go for musical exercises.


>> Musical Exercises

Start reciting the alphabet, starting with the letter A. Take deep breaths. Go slowly and deliberately. Do not rush any of the letters. Speak each letter out completely.

After you reach the letter Z, repeat the exercise, only this time drop your tone one octave lower.
Repeat the exercise again, dropping your tone another octave lower.

Continue repeating this exercise until you reach the lowest tone that your body is physically capable of reaching. This exercise can be practiced multiple times a day. Over time, you will gradually start to notice the physical transformation in your voice box when you speak with a deeper voice. With enough practice, this exercise can loosen up your vocal cords so that the deeper voice becomes a habit.


>> Posture

What is good posture and why is it so important? Basically posture refers to the body’s alignment and positioning with respect to the ever-present force of gravity. Whether we are standing, sitting or lying down gravity exerts a force on our joints, ligaments and muscles.

Good posture entails distributing the force of gravity through our body so no one structure is over stressed. By having good posture breathing becomes easier and deeper.



How you position yourself is very important

  • Seated position
  • Bare feet flat on the floor
  • Knees shoulder width apart
  • Hands on upper thighs
  • Shoulders not hunched forward; slightly back, but not exaggerated.
  • Shoulder blades should be as far apart as possible
  • Full breath through nose should bring spine to full extension
  • Chest expanded but not thrown forward
  • Head held high as if you were hanging from your hair
  • Chin parallel with floor
  • Lips together teeth apart when mouth is closed
  • Jaw relaxed when speaking
  • Don’t pull chin into neck when speaking


>> Practice suggestions

With any vocal exercise, only work in a range comfortable for you; be patient – your range will improve in time. General tips :

  • Drink plenty of water. This will help keep your vocal folds moist. Have cool water on hand when you practice.
  • Avoid overexertion whenever possible.
  • Learn and practice good vocal technique.
  • Practice vocal rest when your voice is tired. This is especially important after a long practice, a speech, or talking in a loud place, or if you are suffering from a cold.
  • Regular exercise benefits
  • The whole body, including the voice! Take time for you, exercise regularly and relax.
  • Use good posture.
  • Proper breath support is a must.
  • Allow adequate time to warm-up and warm-down your voice. As with an athlete it is important to allow your voice the time to effectively warm up and warm down.


>> Masculine Essence

Masculinity is a set of traits that resonate to men or manly behaviors. It can always be developed, nurtured and built over time.

The most fulfilling way to be more masculine is to relish responsibility and challenges. By being brave, unafraid, living a life of freedom, becoming your greatest version, by being passionate and confident.

Express the full range of your emotions so you can feel confident in yourself and become the best man you can be.

I have an in-depth article on this “How To Be More Masculine” and it is highly recommended for you to check out if you want to embark on a journey forged by YOU with your own hands and attract everything you ever wanted form life.


>> Conclusion

Developing more masculine and deeper voice comes from knowing who you are. How you see yourself. And then amping up the process by above exercises and breathing techniques to get more masculine voice.

Developing a masculine voice is surely a good thing. Since it has many benefits. When you have a POWERFUL voice, life becomes so much easier. Your social life will be much better and your business life will reward you so many times. Girls will be much more attracted to you… and you’ll be respected and admired by every person you meet.

Just imagine yourself at a business meeting: you will be the most valuable guy there, because your voice will be so STRONG and COMMANDING. Everyone will be raptured by your words.

Enjoy feeling like you’re more in control of your life, exude sex appeal and inspire confidence in others when you speak. And by creating a more attractive you, using my techniques, you will quickly and effectively improve your voice.

Do comment and let me know whether it was helpful or not?

And don’t forget to check the article on how to be more charismatic and influential. Trust me this is going to ten fold your personal development and success.

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