September 21


5 Dirty Little Secrets to Getting a Bigger and Larger Penis like a Pornstar

By Ariel Vagus

September 21, 2019


How to Have a Penis Like a Pornstar With a Few Simple Tips & Exercises

I would like to break a common myth: that penis enlargement is impossible.

It’s possible and it has been done by millions of people. It is possible through exercises and by the right intake of food and nutrients. But it’s going to take a lot of time and a lot of effort on your part to have a Penis Like a Pornstar.

So if you’re into quick fixes, let me break the sad news to you that quick fixes don’t work.

A lot of times, they’re just ponzi schemes to make money.

If you want to know the exact time when you’ll start seeing a bigger penis… well I have no idea.

But using the tips in this post, anything under 4 months? Is pretty much impossible.

It’s at least going to take 4 months for you to see some benefits (with one exception… which isn’t REALLY making your dick bigger… but it accomplishes the same purpose–more on that in a minute).

And so, before going deep into techniques and methods I would like to discuss the right mindset with you.

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How to Be More Patient to Get Exactly the Penis You Want

You need to change your mindset of instant gratification to ‘delayed gratification’. There’s no other way around it.

As if you try to rush anything or try to do too much you might harm your penis permanently.

That’s why mindset is so important and that’s why i’m discussing it first.


You must have the stamina and endurance to take the tips in this article and see them to the end… and then the results will be spectacular.

You need to make it your daily habit without which you can’t survive like brushing your teeth or eating etc….

Sticking to a consistent workout schedule and eating habits will help you in decreasing your time to achieve your desired result.

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Does SIZE Really Matter?

No, it doesn’t matter. If you know the right techniques and have practiced them over and over then you’re an expert at pleasuring your woman.

(Read my article on pleasuring her here).

Over three quarters of women admit that they prefer a man who is caring, loving, and attentive. And that kind of man is a much better lover than a pig-headed man with a big penis (or pornstar penis).

And a skillful hand and tongue can definitely be the best sidekicks ever.

Now that I’ve made it perfectly clear that size doesn’t matter but what’s wrong in adding a few more inches in a perfectly healthy and organic way without harming yourself.

In fact by using these techniques you’ll improve your health, size “down there,” and stamina in the bedroom.

What’s Your Goal?

You need to think of a specific size that you want before you could start taking any action.


If you don’t know where to focus, you’ll focus nowhere. That’s why you need to focus on a specific size.

A goal is essential to seeing hefty results.And it’s also going to help you keep motivated in times when you would want to keep up.

Your goal will provide you with the ammunition that you will need to dramatically change your penis size.

The hardest part of doing anything is staying committed.That’s when your goals come in and daily goals at that.

You need to focus on daily goals.

You need to decide on achievable goals and then leave the rest to faith.

Once you have committed to your goals then I want you to visualize having the penis size that you want.This is very important as you need to fill yourself with positive vibes if you’re going to finish this through.

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Important Foods and Supplements for a Pornstar Penis

Your body is like a temple and you need to treat it as such.

The most important things that nurture and nourish your body are the foods that you eat.

Especially when it comes to penis enlargement taking everything in the right quantity is damn important.

For example, take this guy, pornstar Dave Cummings:

He eats five specific vegetables native to Southeast Asia to get hard (and stay hard) during hours-long p*rn shoots.

So while it doesn’t necessarily make his penis “bigger”… it’s kind of the same effect since he’s really hard… and that’s often what gives women more of that “fullness feeling” during sex (and orgasms).


Many of the foods in this graphic are really good for your penis. Read on to see what all these foods can do for you to have a penis like a pornstar…

So let’s break down on the things that you need to take for a pornstar-like penis… and some foods that you should avoid –


Zinc boosts testosterone levels and helps enable erections and healthy sperm.

If you have deficiency of these important proteins then your penis might have “stunted growth.”

  • Zinc also improves your immune system and keeps your body healthy.
  • Helps in healing your penis after you’re done exercising it.
  • Increases your strength and gives you stamina as well.

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Vitamin B12

The vitamin is crucial to cell metabolism and the production of blood. A deficiency of vitamin B12 has often has been linked to erectile dysfunction.

It improves your mood which is very important if you’re going to be committed to this goal. As, if you follow this through in stress by your sheer will it still won’t work.You need to be stress free and without any tension.

It also improves your immune system and keeps your body healthy.


Arginine is very important for amino acids. It relaxes blood vessels and enables blood to flow, helping you get and keep an erection.

It also helps in erectile dysfunction.

Arginine also stimulates the release of growth hormone, insulin, and other substances in the body.


So it can be REALLY important for the health of your penis!

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Magnesium decreases inflammation in blood vessels, increasing blood flow, which speeds blood to extremities,increasing arousal, and making you super horny so that you fvck her brains out. It also helps you build up a lean muscle which is the perfect shape to dominate in bed. it’s the most basic building block of tissue, dense in the amino acids that promote sexual health.

Vitamin A:

It is essential for the production of sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone.It regulates sexual growth, development and reproduction.

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Now, what should you eat?

Eat healthy, low fat, high-fiber food and include fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. 

Try to eat organic food as much as possible.

Here are 5 vegetables that are proven to increase bloodflow throughout your body (including your penis)…

And if you prefer fruits… here are 5 fruits that will firm up your erections… which will make your penis feel bigger to the women you’re with.

Also drink at least eight cups of filtered water daily–it will help flush toxins out of your body, and increase the bloodflow to your member.

What you should avoid?

Foods that are full of sugar, simple carbohydrates, highly processed foods, soda, caffeine, alcohol, fatty foods, foods from fast food restaurants, and lots of salt, should all be eaten in limited quantities or not at all.

These foods won’t do anything to help your health or your penis growth.

The most dangerous things that can hamper your penis size are alcohol and cigarettes.

If you take any of these in your life at a permanent basis then it can lead to true erectile dysfunction (if you’re worried you might have real E.D., always consult with your doctor).

Avoiding all these things will give you mental relaxation and give your mind, peace.

Mental relaxation and peace of mind are among the most important factors to increase the ability of your body in developing and maintaining sexual organs and hormones.

You need to always keep that in check.

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5 Easy Exercises to Increase Your Penis Size Naturally

Do all of these exercises 30 minutes per day. 3 sets of 10 minutes. 5 days a week. 2 days for recovery.


WARM UP – How to Protect Your Penis

A warm up is going to be pre-requisite for getting a good workout that is safe, comfortable, and that brings some great results.

The easiest way to warm up is take a warm shower… but only for 5 minutes.

The other way that works really well is to jog for 10 minutes and get your blood flowing all across your body.

Another extra way for you to warm up is by using hot compresses.

Soak a wash cloth in hot-warm water, wringing out the excess water.Wrap the cloth around the shaft of your penis.

Hold it there a minute, then repeat a couple of times. Dry off your penis well.

This will ensure a good grip for the exercises you’re about to perform.

It also will draw out bacteria from any ingrown hairs you might have, which will keep your penis in tip-top shape.

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1) How to Exercise Your “PC” Muscle (For a More Muscular-Looking Penis)

Exercising your PC muscle will give your penis a stronger, more muscular look.

If you’ve ever thought, “wow, I’d really like my penis to look jacked… nice and muscular… maybe some veins…”

Then the PC muscle is really what you want to work out!

The PC muscle, when exercised with the Kegel exercises below, is also a big help when it comes to controlling orgasms and ejaculations.

Kegel Exercises – The PC Muscle’s Best Friend

A Kegel exercise is what you’re going to do to strengthen your PC muscle.

Kegels are easy to do, you can do them anywhere.

Here’s how to do them:

Step 1: Find your Pelvic Floor (“PC”) Muscle

It’s impossible to exercise your PC muscle unless you know where it is to begin with.

Here’s how to find it:

Next time you’re taking a leak… try to stop the stream mid-pee.

Feel those muscles? Those are your pelvic floor/PC muscles.

You can also pretend that you’re peeing and then pretend like you’re stopping the flow.

It should feel like something is kinda going inside of you… like near your perenium.

Another way to find them: pretend like you’re trying to hold in a poop.

Yes, the same muscles that stop you from peeing also can prevent you from having an unwanted bowel movement!

Step 2: You’re going to want to “tighten” your PC muscles for a 5-count here.

Really “hold” them in and count a full “One Mississippi… two mississippi…”

Then relax for a four count.

Remember that you want to do this for at least 5 sets per day. If you stick with it, you’ll be VERY pleased!

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2) Stretching the Penis For MAXIMUM Length

Stretching exercises are going to focus on length.

You’re essentially going to be working on making your penis longer.

The skin and tissue of your penis are not much different than those of other parts of your body.

So, if you can make the other parts grow and get lean and long with something like yoga… then why not your penis too?!


Your penis is also a muscle, and a muscle can be grown by exercising and proper diet.

Your penis stretching exercises is going to consist of combinations of stretching, twirling, and slapping.

Stretching encourages your penis skin and tissues to lengthen.

Here’s How to Stretch Your Penis to Make It Longer:

1). With the penis in its flacid state, take one hand and grip firmly around the head of your penis. Be careful not to cut off too much circulation.

2). Pull your penis out directly in front of yourself.

3). Stretch it as much as you can without causing pain or discomfort.

4). Hold it there for 5 minutes.

5). After each minute, pull it out slightly further each time.

6). Relax for one minute. Twirl your penis in a circular motion about 30 times. This gets the circulation flowing again.

7). Repeat Step Two again 4 times, except pull your penis in a different direction each time… up, down, to the left, and to the right. After each 5 minute pull, repeat Step 3.

8). After you’ve completed 5 pulls (5 minutes each), pull your penis out directly in front of you one more time. Give it a good 1-minute stretch and 10 slight tugs outward, not jerking too hard.

3) Growth And Circulation Exercise

Take the penis and whip it around gently.

Whip it no more than 30 times, making sure you cup your scrotum with the other hand, otherwise it will bounce around and get hurt.

This “whip” action will help naturally stretch it out, make it more pliable, and longer.

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4) Jelqing (Milking) Exercise

1). Using Massage Oil, Hemp Oil, or Vaseline for lubrication, slide your fingers over the skin of your penis and apply all over. A few drops of oil will last for several hundred strokes. Don’t use soap or you’ll be sore for days!

2). With your thumb and forefinger, squeeze the base of the penis shaft. Pull downward. Stop at the head. Repeat, alternating hands. Make each stroke last about three seconds. This sensation should last about tree seconds. This sensation should help you achieve an erection.

3). When your penis becomes SEMI-ERECT, make the OK sign with the thumb and forefinger of your left hand. With this hand, grip slightly around the base of your penis.

4). Now starting from the base, pull the penis gently but firmly. Stretch downward and outward. You should still be in a semi-erect state. Make sure to touch the penis from the base to the head. Note that the head of your penis expands with the blood.

5). Switch to the right hand and do the same thing, starting from the base and stretching downward to the head. Alternate both hands in a smooth rythmic (milking) motion, touching upon every part of the penis except the very top of the penis head.

6). If you find yourself getting an erection during this exercise, squeeze harder to discourage it or simply wait until it subsides. You can encourage circulation afterward by slapping your penis only partially erect.

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5) Massage and Heat Application

After your workout, gently massage your penis for several minutes.

If you prefer, you can do this with a herbal enlargement cream.

After massage, you can either apply another hot compress as you did at the beginning of your workout, or you can place your penis in a bowl of lukewarm water for another few minutes.

Dry off with a towel.

Not only will this get your penis in great shape for the next day… I’ll be honest: it feels damn good too!

The Final Secret For a Pornstar Penis… Straight From a Pornstar Himself…

Millions of other men have used the exercises and knowledge above to increase the size of their penises…

So if you stick with it, and do all of the above, then your penis will get bigger over time.

However… if you’re looking for something a little faster… I’d suggest this video made by 72-Year-Old Pornstar Dave Cummings.

Dave still works in porn day-in and day-out (yeah tough life haha)…

And he credits these 5 vegetables with keeping him hard enough to be in the business at his age.

As Dave (and his hot young woman co-stars in the video) says… even if they don’t make you bigger

They will make you feel harder to her. And honestly, that’s what most women are looking for in bed anyway.

To see Dave’s 5 secret foods for a firmer, harder penis when you’re erect… that will please the woman you’re with unlike any other… check out Dave’s video below:

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P.S. – The link above isn’t porn… but it does feature a couple of hot pornstars in little clothing. So probably best to get somewhere private before watching!

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