How to Last Longer In Bed – Part 1 – Mindset

Did you ever wonder how the best lovers last so long? What’s the magic
technique? Is there a quick fix? How can i be an amazing lover?

Don’t worry becuase now all these questions and queries will be solved.

i understand that you want instant results and quick fixes. Everyone wants that.
But they are not permanent results.

What i want to give you is MAXIMUM results.

I’ll first discuss the base and then lead on from there. So hold tight cause
we’re rollin…

First off if you want success in almost anything in life then you have to
have a proper mind-set.

Haven’t you heard the saying – “It’s all in the mind.”

Having a powerful mind-set is the key to success
in ALL areas of life…..

So , first you have to master the mindset. The mind-set of a casanova.
So that any woman you ever pick to sleep with would feel that she’s blessed.

Your mind-set should be always be empowering, not
disempowering. In other words, your mind-set should help you to achieve your
goal (lasting longer). It should not hold you back and sabotage
your success.

Now let’s discuss those empowering mind-sets in bed –

  • FOCUS is the starting point of all things great in anyone’s life.
    Understanding FOCUS is incredibly important because quite simply –
    what you regularly focus on, will become your reality. So if you focus on
    becoming a great lover who can always last long enough to have
    satisfying sex – that will become your reality.

In the bedroom, the best lovers focus first and foremost on giving their women
incredible SEXUAL PLEASURE .

Many guys tend to focus on premature ejaculation and they focus on all
the wrong things.So they attract those wrong things.

They focus on lasting longer and this issue of ‘how long
they can last’ ends up taking over the entire sex act, meaning they forget
to focus on their women.


They don’t focus on their sexual pleasure,they don’t focus on talking dirty
to them and they don’t focus on developing deep connections.Nor do
they focus on giving their women mind blowing orgasms.

Constantly worrying about ‘blowing your load’ too soon is a very negative mind-set
which also creates a lot of STRESS in your mind which hampers your sexual
arousal very deeply.And it makes your woman feel uncomfortable too.

REMEMBER: Always focus on achieving your desired outcome 100%. Don’t think
anything else.

What you choose to focus on most of the time will become your reality.

By the way for your knowledge an average couple lasts 7 minutes in bed.

And what i’m teaching you will help you to last till 20-30 minutes.

  • Another great empowering mind-set for lasting longer in bed
    is to do as the great lovers do and focus a bit more on your woman’s
    pleasure and a little less on your own.This empowers her and make her
    feel loved. This has 3 benefits:
  1. You’ll satisfy your woman and her sex-drive will more than likely increase as a result –
    meaning you’ll get more sex.
  2. By not focusing on yourself as much, you’ll notice that your pleasure
    builds more slowly and this will help you to LAST LONGER .
  3. Your sexual confidence will improve as a result of
    pleasing your woman and lasting longer.

You need to find a balance between your own sexual pleasures and your

And most of all you need to enjoy everything. Don’t do it because
you have to , do it because you want to.Heck…I’ll go one up it because
you BADLY want to.And your woman is the Aphrodite of your life who
you can’t live without banging.

The best lovers enjoy everything in bed.
They enjoy the foreplay, the oral sex, the intercourse and the orgasms that
they give their women. And ultimately they also get the orgasms of their life.

Focus on your journey of orgasm and not the destination that is the orgasm.

  • Now the third and last important mind-set i want to cover is
    visualise everything before doing it.Visualization is a powerful tool that
    you can use to last longer. Simply spend a few minutes every day visualizing
    yourself having great sex and lasting as long as you’d like.

This will build up your confidence and make you believe that YES, you’re
capable of doing anything you set your mind upon.

This is highly empowering and it builds up the believe inside you that
it’s absolutely doable and highly achievable.

I’ve already wrote tons about visualisation in my previous article[Article]
Go and check it out if you haven’t.

It’ll increase your performance gradually overtime.

So go on dude…what are you waiting for…

Use your vivid imaginations and f**k that busty chick you have been
dreaming about all the time.

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