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How To Lead Others And Gain Respect As An Alpha Man - Your Dude

August 4


How To Lead Others And Gain Respect As An Alpha Man ?

By Ariel Vagus

August 4, 2019


It is tough to lead. Without solid loyalty from others in the team,  the alpha leader is nothing. But, respect is earned, not given. And loyalty is a bond which mesmerizes a relationship and makes it beautiful. The simplest answer that i can give you on HOW TO LEAD OTHERS AND GAIN RESPECT AS AN ALPHA MAN is – When you share your knowledge and wisdom with others and make changes in their lives that’s when they start seeing you as a leader. There is no other way around it.

But to put value in other people’s lives, you first need to become valuable yourself. You need to invest in yourself, constantly bet on yourself and take actions that will move you forward. And if you have not been doing all this by now, don’t worry. It’s fine. You just need to begin at some point and start doing the things that you love.


Success is change. And change happens gradually, overtime. So be patient ,be persistent and keep learning.

You’re going to succeed more as the more you evolve in the direction that you want to go. And you need to be patient. You don’t become a leader and earn everyone’s respect in a day. It takes time. It’s a process. You have to work your way up the ladder. Know this that every leader was once a follower. But they had an innate learning capacity to learn and grow which differentiated them from the rest. And if you need to go through the same things, so be it. Be adaptive and adjust accordingly. Leadership takes time. It’s the time and years of perseverance that moulds people into leaders. It takes time to grow a leader’s wisdom.

Patience Breeds Wisdom.

Now let’s look at some steps that’ll help you rise as a leader –

1. Be a GIVER not a TAKER –

Always ask yourself how can you help others? What kind of value can i give to others? Are my actions going to make a long term impact on someone else?

Be like sun. It shines day, it shines night. It shines bright. It shines strong. And it never asks for anything back from you. Giving sub communicates a cool, happy and fulfilled person. And don’t take credit for any of the accomplishments of your people even if you helped them succeed at the first place. If you have to give a shout out to everyone for your credits , then what sort of a leader would you be? A good leader is only a good leader when their power is understood not shouted. When the best leader’s work is done the people say, ‘We did it ourselves’.

2. Be a source of good emotions.

Your priority should always be to be a source of good emotions. Have you ever liked a person who drains energy from everyone? No!!Hell No!!

This is why its so important to do the things that you love. You don’t have to exert energy anymore because your energy radiates by itself. And it makes you a magnet which attracts everyone towards you. Which makes your life easier as a leader.

Now the question you must be thinking – How to radiate this kind of magnetic energy?


It’s simple. The way you envision yourself is the kind of energy you’ll radiate. If you think you’re the best, you’ll attract the best and if you think mediocre then mediocrity will be attracted by you.


3. Always encourage INDEPENDENCE –

Always encourage independence in everyone else around you. Always encourage others to go do their own shit. This makes people like you 10x more.

And now they start wanting more of you. They feel like you know them better than anyone else. You’re not needy, you’re not dependent on anyone and you’re constantly telling everyone to spread their wings. Now they start thinking as a SEER and put much more emphasis on whatever you have to say.


Mistakes will be made by the people on this path towards INDEPENDENCE. So calm down! Take a chill pill dude..No seriously. I’m not kidding.

4. Be Honest

Come on….Did you truly thought you could be a leader and gain respect without being honest? huh…?

Never beat around the bush,beat the f**king bush.Be honest,forthcoming and totally free flowing.Be absolutely cutting through.It’s a very masculine trait. Don’t bullshit your way around stuff. This trait is so charismatic and attractive. And it’s probably the best way to get other people’s loyalty.

Honesty Breeds Loyalty.

5.Have Boundaries-

Its always good to give and share but to an extent.When people start taking advantage of you that’s when you need boundaries.You must close boundaries on those who take too much from you without giving anything.Giving freely makes you awesome but having boundaries also makes people respect you. You want to be a guy who is awesome and is also respected by everyone. Now i know…..i just wrote in step 1 to be the sun and blah …blah ….blah…….and yeah that’s awesome.

But you need to have a count of your Return on Investments[ROI] as well. And you need to keep the extra selfish people away from you as they’ll suck your energy.They’ll completely drain it. If you know what i mean ;}

And so we’re done. If you take these steps seriously and practice them in your life and on the
people around you then you’ll surely gain their respect,loyalty and become their leader.

A small summary –

  1. Be a GIVER not a TAKER . Giving sub communicates a cool, happy and fulfilled person.
  2. Be a source of good emotions. Become a magnet which attracts everyone
    towards you.
  3. Always encourage INDEPENDENCE. Encourage others to go
    do their own shit. Help others spread their WINGS.
  4. Be Honest. Honesty breeds loyalty.
  5. Have Boundaries. You want to be a guy who is awesome and is also respected by everyone.

Ariel Vagus

About the author

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