August 4


How To Make A Girl Laugh And Get Her To Like You?

By Ariel Vagus

August 4, 2019


What do you think is the most important element to make a woman like you?
Is it your muscle? Is it your money? Is it your good looks?
If your answer to all these questions were yes then we’re going to have to agree
to disagree. Because it’s none of these

Normally we start a conversation with “ritualistic small talk initiatives”.

Questions like –

What kind of car do you drive? Where she lives? What’s her views on religion and
politics? If she has any pets?

come into this category.

These questions are normal and boring.

And it makes her feel awkward. As if she’s in a job interview or she has committed
a crime and is now giving a police enquiry.

I think one off the best ways to break ice and get her instant attraction is
create your funny responses and reactions to all these common questions so that
she laughs on them and you instantly get differentiated from the other guys.

Laughter is the universal bonding communication. It’s rarely in response
to something that’s funny.
It occurs unconsciously. It is a message we send to other people.

Even when trying to make a girl laugh some guys choke. And it become anti-

# Laughter Don’ts –

Self depricating humor.

Don’t communicate that you think you’re a dumbass.


Don’t blame for bad luck being a clutz or for not being successful.

Don’t put yourself down to seem humble.

Don’t look at her everytime you say something to see how she’s responding.

Don’t laugh to make her laugh.

Don’t laugh unconsciously or consciously to break tension.

Don’t be a wannabe comedian who’s waiting for a laugh.It shows your neediness and
makes you a man with an agenda.

Don’t try too hard. Don’t force it.

The Importance Of Character or Gimmick –

Humor doesn’t go into a character.It comes out of a character.
A character needs a trademark. A predictable POV which doesn’t change.

Humor doesn’t come from the joke. It comes from the character.

Most funny people are noy trying to be funny nor are they seeking
approval.They just try to stay in their character and the laughter comes

. Some characters to play or try –

I’m superior than you.

I’m a victim of your seduction.


Being cold in a funny way.

The ultimate commentator on wussy guys.

You’re always on her mind and she’s pursuing you.


Techniques to make her laugh-

1. Irony –

Irony is a situation that is strange or funny because things happen in a way
that seems the opposite of what you expected.

Irony provokes a sudden epiphany, a thoughtful juxtaposition, or a contrary

The trick is to make it serious and oblivious and then add your punchline.

Ex “Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side.”

2. Surprise –

What’s expected is something common and predictable , then you kick it up
a notch and do the unexpected.Do the element of surprise.
It can also be called misdirection.

You can also exaggerate to make the misdirection happen.

Everyone knows how to exaggerate. Think bigger and more creative. Bend the
rules of logic —
Compare your topic to the most ludicrous mental image you can imagine.

3. Be Mean –

One of the most attractive laughters comes out when a personis trying to be mean
and trying to tease the girl .
For this you need to create tension and humor and then keep going back and
Two steps forward,one step back.

For ex-
“You like Nickelback?”

“Okay, I am going to jump into an empty pool right now”

4. Voice Change –

Changing the voice for humor is an often overlooked and underrated technique.
Yet it creates some of the best laughs and i’s easier to do as well.

In this you just need to change your voice and get out of your character from time
to time.

For ex If you are discussing politics you can do an impersonation and voice
over of Donald Trump or Bill Clinton , etc….

It’s funny ,out of the box and it makes her laugh.

5. Use Sarcasm –

Sarcasm is an ironic or satirical remark that seems to be praising someone or
something but is really taunting or cutting.
Sarcasm is an objectively great tool to make a girl laugh.
It shows your high sense of humor and intelligence too.

Ex “Why do they call it beauty sleep when you end up looking like a troll?”

Some games that are funny and could also help you get physical with her –

  1. Pushing on sidewalks . When you two are walking just give her a slight nudge
    and say- Walk carefully girl. I just saved you. Now thank me for being your
    knight in shining armor.


Be Careful. Don’t hurt her.

After this event chances are she also starts doing this with you and this will
be an incredible way for you to create a rapport with her.

  1. Thumb Wrestling. What i suggest is that you always win in this and ask her
    for a treat. You can also cheat and make her annoyed and act as if you did nothing.

In case if she cheats on you then say that you win naturally as she is disqualified
for cheating.

In short , always create scenarios where you win. Don’t let her win.This creates
tension and tension is good for attraction.


There are many more games that you can play with growing attraction and tension
such as –

Guessing game ,Things I hate game , etc……

Now it’s my greatest desire and wish that you use these techniques and get
With practice and constant use i can guarantee that you’ll become a master at
all these techniques.

And remember it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.

Always be congruent in whatever you’re going to do. Do it without a shadow of a


Ariel Vagus

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