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How To Use Law of Attraction For Money

By Ariel Vagus

August 4, 2019


Attract Money – According to the Law of Attraction, you can attract whatever you consistently and coherently try to attract. So, in a certain sense, trying to attract money isn’t any different from trying to use the Law of Attraction in any other way. The basic rule of the Law of Attraction is Like Attracts Like. So how are you going to attract money if you have a mindset of a poor person? Think about it.

Everybody wants wealth, everybody wants to be rich , everybody wants to attract money but only few people get that, only few people reach their desired wealth goal and this is why because they live in their own universe, in their own reality, where they are the king, in that inverse they never fail, they consider of it as a lesson and they compile all the lesson and throw them in the sea to make a way to cross the sea and reach to their treasures which are awaiting for them.

If you do not see great riches in your imagination you will never see them in your bank account – Napoleon Hill

Why Is It Difficult For Some People To Attract Money?

There are plenty of things that might hold you back from successfully attracting more money into your life. Lets take a look at some of the reasons why it can be difficult for some people to attract money.

One of the most frequent reasons why people fail when attracting money relates to the very way that we tend to perceive money. Specifically, it is an enormous source of stress and concern for many of us, and its really difficult to get rid of that anxiety.

However, if you take negative thoughts and feelings with you on your journey with the Law of Attraction, you just wont be able to get the results you really want.

Consequently, the number one lesson you need to learn about attracting money is that you wont get anywhere if you cant create and maintain a positive, trusting attitude in the power of the Law of Attraction and attract money as much as you want.

People Focus On Money To Survive Instead Of Thrive

The majority of the world uses and needs money to survive. Despite the fact that everybody uses and needs cash, not every person has a solid view about cash. On the off chance that you need more cash in your life, at that point you must show cash love. This may sound bizarre to you, yet the law of attraction and this attract money.

Pulling in cash into your life is much similar to an affection relationship

In the event that you need to pull in that hot lady or that great looking person into your life, at that point you call them on the mobile. You get together on a super date. Maybe you compose love letters or sweet ballads. You discover what the individual likes and make a little shock blessing.

You keep a photo of that individual in your wallet. You are infatuated. This is fundamentally what the law of attraction is about. It’s not simply saying or composing confirmations. It’s not simply utilizing pictures to (imagine) things. It’s putting your entire heart, soul and brain into it, this way you will make the universe to get the urge to attract money into your life.

How Do You Use The law of Attraction To Attract Money?

The basic thing about the Law of Attraction to attract money is the idea that everything is “inclusion-based”. So when ever you talk about it or against it, you are just including it in your experience. Another thing is that our well-being is totally dependent on the thoughts we think.

The most powerful emotion is the emotion of Love and Appreciation. Just look around and you will notice how much you have and how much you neglect the abundance already provided to you! When we start appreciating things which we already have, we are sending a message to the universe saying “More of this please”. However, the same is with ranting and other negative emotions too!


Hence I would suggest you to take some time and start appreciating Money. Appreciate the give and take of money. Appreciate the value which it providing. No matter how less you have and then you will be on right track to attract money.

Writing gives you a very high and clear point of focus. Hence maintain a small notebook and write how grateful you are for money and how much you appreciate it, and how badly you want to attract money.


Small affirmations like “I AM a money magnet”, “I love money”, “ Money comes to me easily” , “I don’t make cents I make Millions”, also does wonders. Just select one and keep on repeating and chanting it all-day everyday, in order to attract money.

Another important thing to note is, it takes time. Because we have feeded our subconscious mind with lots of negative stuff. So it will take time to remove all those blocks. Eventually you will notice many changes. Make a note of them.

Allow yourself to window shop for expensive things, plan amazing holidays, treat yourself to small luxury things every once in a while.

Positivity attracts positive circumstances.

Now let’s discuss the step by step process to attract money in your life, as much money as you want, because there is no shortage of money on this planet.

The Six Steps:-

  1. Fix in your mind the exact amount of money you desire. Be definite as to the amount.
  2. Determine exactly what you intend to give in return for the money you desire. ” there is no such reality as something for nothing”.
  3. Create a deadline when you intend to possess the money you desire.
  4. Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire begin at once, whether you are ready or not to put this plan into action.
  5. Write out a clear concise statement Of the amount of money you desire with what you intend to give in return.
  6. Read your written statement twice daily, once before retiring and once after arising in the morning.

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