August 4


Power of Visualisation

By Ariel Vagus

August 4, 2019


Power of Visualisation: Law of Attraction 

Your ability to visualize your dreams will serve as a catalyst in their creation. Visualization exercises and techniques are incredibly powerful.  

Through various visualization techniques you can fully experience any situation as though it were real.  

You can create emotional and physiological responses to the situation you are visualizing.  

Your subconscious mind will internalize this information and store it as truth, and the universe will respond to this vibrational energy with the manifestation that matches it. 

Now the BIG question, Could physical items literally manifest in your life based on nothing but your mental images and sheer concentration? 

The answer to that glooming question is YES. It sounds a little like playing a trick on your own mind. But the truth is, thoughts are one of the few things in this world in which we should, and do, have complete and utter power over. 

We are spiritual beings, who observe our bodies, observe our thoughts and actions. 


Winston Churchill said, “You create your own universe as you go along”. 

Countless people the world over have discovered this universal power. One of my favorite lectures is “The Strangest Secret”, by Earl Nightingale, in which he states, very plainly that if you but set a goal, you will achieve it with almost certainty. 

But that most people set about drifting, imagining that their life is a result of circumstances over which they have no control. Most people do not hold the belief that they are creating their own life, in every moment. 

If your goal is to become rich, then set that goal. Do not wish for one thing after another with no real substance behind it. If your goal is to travel more, do not set a goal to travel more. Set a specific goal, such as going to Portugal next December. 

Get specific. 

  • Another important lesson I have learnt form Napoleon Hill by reading his famous book “Think And Grow Rich” is that, mind is everything , what you think you’ll become. It depend on your thoughts, but when they are mixed with definiteness of purpose and, persistence and a burning desire, then no power can stop you. 

Definiteness of purpose is the most important thing. You have to know what you want, you have to be specific, then only your mind can acquire the state of obsession and a burning desire. 

Everyone wants to be rich. Everyone wants to have a nice car. Everyone wants to travel. But those are vague wishes. Say how much money you want. Go test drive the car you want. Imagine it, VISUALIZE IT. Goals are achievable, and the universe will correspond to your mental images and feelings, if you but choose something to focus on. 


How Powerful is Visualization? 

Visualisation is so powerful that it can create the desired outcome you want, it can attract every thoughts of your mind like a super powerful magnet, so think wisely and do whatever it takes to achieve it. 

Many people never get what they want even after visualizing everything right, because they quit too quick, they don’t show perseverance and persistence in whatever field they are working on to get they quality life and lifestyle they want or any result they want in their life. 

But they do focus on bad things, show persistence on wrong and negative things which will take them away from their desired goal. 

Apart from attracting success visualization can be used for excelling in sports, being healthy etc… Visualisation can get you meet any your desired outcomes in any field. To help you excel in sports, visualize yourself achieving the result you want with perfection every time. 

If you are a football player, visualize running, throwing, catching, tackling, everything you do during a game, and do it perfectly in your mind. When trying to eat healthier, many people make mistake #1 and visualize themselves staying away from all that tasty, sugary food. 

Their mind is focused on all the unhealthy foods, so what happens when they walk past a box of donuts? They give in and take some, sometimes without even thinking. The way to fix this issue is to instead think positively about eating the healthy foods. 

See yourself walking over to the apples and picking one up. Feel the texture as you bring it up to your mouth. Hear the crunch as you take a bite. Taste all the juices running down your throat as you eat it. Feel the life and health you are receiving from that delicious fruit. 



How Do You Improve your imagination And Visualization? 

Drawing on my own experience, the only way you can improve – and sustain – your power of imagination and visualisation skills is to use more of your brainpower on a daily basis. This is because imagination and visualisation are innate capabilities, and like our muscles, they need regular exercising to keep them in shape. 


Since as much as 90% of what we learned in a life-time always come to us via visual cues, we should constantly enhance our perceptual sensitivity to the environment, according to information scientists. 

So, more than 500 years ago, Leonardo da Vinci was absolutely right when he said, use all our senses, especially our sense of sight. 

Our power of imagination and visualisation depend on it. Productive thoughts often have their origins in the combinatorial play and dynamics of sensory inputs from environmental cues. 

Our thinking cap is often governed by how far we can stretch our power of vision, imagination and visualisation. Constantly strategise, and think through your problems or challenges or issues at hand, by seeing things backwards, inside out, and upside down; inside the box as well as outside the box, plus no box at all. 

Also, by expanding your viewpoints from multi-directional and multi-developmental perspectives: seeing ahead, seeing beyond, seeing from above, seeing from behind, seeing sideways, seeing beneath, seeing within, and seeing through. Act like a child, but don’t be childish. 

More precisely, adopt a child’s mindset of a beginner. Approach the world without any preconceived notions. The world out there is full of possibilities. 

Seeing as a strategy is one good way to go. Take notes and make notes of your observations. Don’t hesitate to sketch, draw, and doodle about things, events, people and even ideas that cross your field of vision, focally as well as peripherally. 

Make unlikely connections, especially from disparate spheres of discipline or activity, not matter how weird they may be. Use them as jump off points. When looking at a problem or challenge or issue at hand, explore beyond the positives and the negatives, like what’s interesting here. 


“Focus on what you want instead of focusing on what you don’t want” –  Ariel Vagus 

The subconscious mind doesn’t understand negatives. If you’re focusing on all that debt you don’t want, the mind registers you thinking and feeling all this emotion towards your debt, and it works towards creating more of what you are focusing on.  

So, Always focus on what you want and work on sub conscious mind and increase your imagination and power of visualisation. It’s up to you. The power of visualization is at your command. Don’t waste it. 



Ariel Vagus

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