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Stop Being A Nice Guy if You Want to Date Beautiful Girls and Women, Really?

August 17


Stop Being A Nice Guy If You Want To Date Beautiful Girls and Women. Really?

By Ariel Vagus

August 17, 2019


Societal pressure has led many men to adopt feminine traits. The most common manifestations of this include being increasingly timid, submissive, anxious, indecisive and lacking confidence. The guys who show these kinds of traits are called Nice Guys. In this article you’ll learn how to stop being a nice guy.

These guys are very deceitful, misleading and give people the wrong expectations. They lie about what it is that they want from their connection and always have an agenda and motive behind everything.

Now, I know that these are not so nice behaviors, but this is what it is.

The truth is, nice guys are the a**holes of this world.


>> Some qualities and traits of the nice guy –

1). Has a feminine view of the world.

2). Tries to be the “yes mam” or the “me too” guy.

3). He self-confirms the “she’s out of my league” and the “she’s a loose slut” mentalities on-the-fly to reinforce his position for his given conditions. It’s because of these men that women’s character is assassinated everyday.

4). He harbors irrational fears of long term solitude and alters his mind-set to accommodate or settle for a less than optimal short term relationship.

5). He is a man who have been conditioned to seek the approval of others.

6). Always concerned about looking good and doing it “right.”

7). A man who lets people walk all over him because he doesn’t want to rock the boat.

8). Usually this is a man who is addicted to a lot of things.


9). He faces difficulty in setting boundaries. Many Nice Guys have a hard time saying “no,” “stop,” etc….

If you are harboring any of these behaviors then it is important that you cease these behaviors and revive your true masculine essence.

As you replace negative habits with your true masculine essence, you will become more and more attractive.

It will take time and practice to re-accustom yourself with your true masculine qualities, however the results you achieve  as a consequence will be absolutely worth the effort.

We’ll first unplug all of your nice guy qualities and then start plugging the real masculine traits.

>> Attractive Beliefs

A belief is an idea, premise or proposition that a person holds to be true, regardless of if it is.

Now the first thing you need to do, before even reading any further, is start picturing in your mind’s eye exactly how you want your life to be.

Remember, you always have to have something mentally before you have it physically. You must visualize it in your mind. [ for help, check out my article on visualization here]

Write it down, in the present tense as if it’s always been true. Try to make it emotional.

Make sure they are “I am statements” because “I am” statements alter the Self-Image.

And start reading those beliefs three times a day and make it a part of your life.

Once you start believing it, and slowly start speaking it, then it will happen.


Thoughts when mixed with emotion cause your actions, and your actions cause your results. Don’t let your past or present results control your thoughts and emotions, or those thoughts will control your actions.

You must be completely inwardly directed. The outside world shouldn’t move you.


>> Your Inner Confidence

The dictionary definition of confidence is “the quality of being certain of your abilities” or “being sure of oneself; having no uncertainty about one’s own abilities”

A real man is a strong, masculine man. He’s someone who can protect his loved ones and make them feel safe and secure. Someone who is dominant and less vulnerable. He is not intimidated by anyone or anything because he knows his own self – worth and value.

A real masculine man is like a magnet who creates a polarity which attracts all the members of the opposite sex towards him.

He takes charge of his life and leads his interactions.

He is not insecure or needy.

Stop Being A Nice Guy

Men who have confidence in themselves are not needy and have no need to try impress anybody. A man who has confidence in himself will inspire everyone to have equal confidence in him.

A man who is confident feels no need to impress anyone he interacts with.


It is all about what your actions are sub-communicating, far more so than what you actually say.

Confidence is reflective of your value, and as such leads others to treat your confidence as an indicator of strength, intelligence, good looks and charisma.

Confidence is the appearance of being certain by allowing uncertainty. Allowing ‘uncertainty’ could be anything from approaching a woman, making million dollar deals, or risking rejections.

Have the confidence to make a decision or hold an opinion regardless what of others think.

Nobody likes an uncertain and timid guy.

You must know exactly what it is that you want, and are willing to fight for it, and make your intentions clear .

You must get fired up and excited about what you want.


>> Unbreakable Strength

Without strength, masculinity becomes something else—a different concept.

The importance of strength varies from society to society but strength has been a masculinity defining quality always and everywhere.

The common accepted meaning and definition of strength everywhere is –

Strength is the muscular ability to exert pressure.

Strength is an aptitude. It’s an ability that can be developed, with countless hours of training and perspiration but as with intelligence, most people will have a certain natural range of potential beyond which they will be unable to progress. Some individuals will have a greater aptitude for developing strength than others.

Humans are unequal in their aptitudes. This is one of the cruel but fundamental truths of human life. You must accept it, live with it and try to figure out alternatives where you can aspire to be your greatest self.

I don’t just want you to lock yourself into a singular definition and meaning of strength. I would give you another definition of strength to open your mind to the various limitless possibilities of strength as well as life –


Strength is the ability to exert one’s will over oneself.

Strength means increasing your ability, as an individual to do as you wish with relative impunity.

It is the ability to move and stop being satisfied with mediocrity.

It is the ability to calm yourself from the outside noises and pressures of the society and your naysayers.


>> The Masculine Man Credos

1). Frame is everything.

Always be aware of the subconscious balance of who’s  frame in which you are operating.

Always control the Frame, but resist giving the impression that you are.


2). Never WAIT.

Frankly, no woman is worth the wait.

Any woman who makes you wait , or by her actions implies she is making you wait she is NEVER worth the wait.

If she makes you wait, you’re not her highest priority.

Genuine desires cannot be negotiated.


3). Never give her Control.

If you give her control, then your days of becoming a cuck are not far.[or if you like being a cuck, then no problem, just do me a favor get the hell out of here]


4). Stop the f*ck being jealous.

Usually women try to test their men by making them jealous. This is usually a shit test or bitch test or whatever you’re gonna call it.

They do this to check if you’re affected by any of this or not. If you react to any of her tests then you’ve failed the test forever.

Always be in your center.


5). Never ever go back. If it’s over, then it’s over.

It is always time and effort better spent developing relations with new, fresh, prospective women than it will ever be in attempting to reconstruct a failed relationship.


6). Never ever apologize.

Pussy is not more important than your own self – respect.


7). Never ask for sympathy.

Ahhh…I just can’t write anything more for this. I have no words for this one, except the fact that this is the worst nice guy trait ever.

After discussing the ever important CREDO , I would like to discuss a very important portion into unplugging that nice guy out of your life.

The Body Language. Yes, the all important body language.

Stop Being A Nice Guy

>> The Masculine Man’s Body Language

How we move our body shows our thoughts, attitudes and desires. It communicates an emotional message to the outside world.

Body language is universal and instantly recognizable.

Always make yourself comfortable first.

Human beings are most comfortable when they’re expanded, when they’re open.

When you’re open and expanded you’ll become more relaxed, feel more powerful, become more naturally assertive and gain physical benefits.

You must  remain confidently grounded, and not nervously float around the room or fidget on your seat.

Being grounded means your energy is feeding back into your body instead of your mind.

It’s being present in the moment, instead of time traveling to the past or the future. It means when you encounter a challenge or a trigger, you remain firmly rooted within yourself.

You’re strong, you’re present, you’re here.

No one wants to be around someone who’s fidgety or nervous all the time.

It makes us uncomfortable.

While on the other hand if someone is calm, composed and relaxed even in the face of uncertainty, no matter what happens, nothing fazes them, then imagine what do they communicate? These are the real men.

You must move at a slow, controlled , comfortable pace.

All this will come to you naturally if you’re  proud of who you are and what you’re doing.

If you love what you do and are proud of that then it will be reflected in your body language.

You’ll naturally become comfortable towards drawing attention to yourself.

You’d be so excited about life, you wouldn’t even be thinking about body language or any of those things.

REMEMBER: Open, priding body language helps make you irresistible.


>> The Nice Guy Eye Contact

So, first I’ll discuss how nice guys make eye contact and then how eye contact should actually be made.

1). Shy/Coward Eye Contact

In this type of contact the nice guy is usually scared or shy and thinks he can’t keep them fixed. This is anti – masculine and low status.

He moves his head here and there just so that, people won’t look him in the eye as if he has stolen something valuable and is now trying to hide it.

2). The Creep Eye Contact

So, nice guys either try to hide their eyes or they look too much and too much at the wrong places that they become a creep.

They keep staring at someone for far too long, which makes those people uncomfortable.

They stare at those people without their consent.

Or worse if they’re looking at a girl , then they’re staring at her tits.

All these behaviors makes the nice guy socially awkward and incompetent.

Now let’s discuss the right way of eye contact.


>> The Attractive Eye Contact

Even if you are brilliant, even if you have a powerful, commanding body language along with a deep, clear, strong voice… people could still not trust you.

But they always trust your eyes.

A deep, relaxed eye contact SCREAMS high-status, louder than anything else.

You must be complete control of your own eyes and attention. You will look where you want, when you want, for how long you want, unaffected by anything external, while remaining aware of social norms and influence.

REMEMBER: Keep breathing.

In this article I shared a lot of Do’s and Don’ts with you.I hope that I was able to give my absolute best in helping you.

So, comment below and let e know “ Do you still want to be a nice guy or are you ready to become a masculine man?”


Ariel Vagus

About the author

  • Richard Dickenson says:

    Myself personally found that confidence has been a trait that not only made me feel great about me but has been great for the part time job I enjoy that being a good bartender.
    Having control of oneself is by far the best way to live. Thank you for the great article, maybe this bit of information will help the majority of men wake up.

  • Bonolo Ledingwane says:

    This article is not and should not be about just women, this article is about MAN, man must have a presence just like the semi (MAN) trucks, it’s a great article and everything written was on point, I can only hope and pray that more men read items

  • Himanshu Chauhan says:

    How can we stop being Jealous, is it really bad to be true to our feelings? I mean showing what we truly feel about her( ofcourse not all those creepy looks). I mean, what if we actually love this person, and so want her to be together?

    • What kind of bullshit is this?

      This is advice on being a shitty man.

      “Genuine desires cannot be negotiated?“

      What if the woman is feeling uncomfortable? Or not ready? You leave her?

      Fuck off then.

      “Usually females try to make men jealous?“

      Petty females maybe but guess what men have been to do that too.

      Men please do not follow this horrible advice.

  • Thanks for sharing. I read many of your blog posts, cool, your blog is very good.

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