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6 Tips to Be More Dominant in Bed — The Basics

Chances are your girlfriend or the girls you meet want to be dominated in bed. According to a survey of 3,211 women, a massive majority — 80% — say they want a mature man who dominates in the bedroom. They

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6 Easy Steps to Instantly Be Less Socially Awkward

Being socially awkward can be tough. It can seem impossible to talk to women. Making casual conversation with strangers feels like pulling teeth. You feel like nobody likes to be around you.  It can lead

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QUIZ: 10 Traits of Alpha vs Beta Men (#9 Will Shock You)

Alpha vs. Beta Traits. Alphas and betas. Chads and soy boys. While “alpha” and “beta” are just heuristics, it’s true that women find alpha traits more attractive. That alpha males are more successful

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