September 7


The Art of Talking to a Woman on The Phone… And Seducing Her

By Ariel Vagus

September 7, 2019


Before we dive in, you need to know some facts.

Women give their phone numbers for many reasons :

There are some who like getting lots of calls from men because it flatters their egos.

There are some who like making fun of men and playing jokes on them

and there are some who are interested!

And the biggest revelation I discovered is that women behave differently on the phone.

When you call a woman for the very the first time, she’s full of herself and acts tough, busy, uninterested, etc… I can assure you, it’s normal.

I always like to say that Seduction is the art of using feminine weapons with a masculine touch.

So we’re going to do what she does, act full of ourselves (not too much though) and come off as uninterested and busy. Yes, yes… it’s as simple as that.

While the first phone game recommends that you don’t spend A LOT of time with her on the phone, this one offers you the opportunity to do so, since your main goal, I remind you, is to convert that little number into a date.

Before looking at and explaining the rules of a successful seduction strategy on the phone, let me tell you something.

A phone game succeeds LONG BEFORE you ever make a phone call to your little princess. This helps make your job easier.


In fact, it’s more practical to set up your plan with your sweetheart, before getting her number… and then arrange things so that the number is only for the logistics of date.


“I’d really like to continue our discussion over coffee, wouldn’t you?

When she agrees, pull out your phone (I hope it’s an Iphone 😀  )and tell her to note her phone number.

In her subconscious, she’ll think it was HER idea to give you her number and not yours… practical, right ?

Another thing… She has to put your number in her mobile phone, that way she’ll answer when you call. Tell her to give you a nickname too, like “Sexy Boy.” It’s always good if there’s a little smile on her lips before she answers the phone.

Finally, I also advise you always to send a text message before your first call. The explanation is in this article.

>> Why call her?

To play Monopoly.

No, seriously …

You’re going to call her to establish the advantage of comfort, and also, to see if she’s really worth the trouble. I’ll talk to her long enough to see whether this girl has something interesting in her, something that makes me want to know her better, and that proves to me that this isn’t a desperate and pathetic woman.

You never know.

You’re going to call her to amplify and solidify the interest that she feels for you. You know, when a woman gives you her (valid) number, that doesn’t mean she’s going to see you again like some loser guys think… We’re talking about a 20% level of interest. Note the work that awaits you…


So stop stressing and complicating your life trying to figure out how to call her and how to behave. Keep in mind that your telephone call is a question of MUTUAL interest, for you just as much as it is for her!!

>> When should I call her?

When you feel like it… and as if you were calling your buddy.

Try to call her when YOU feel great, and when you’re in a record-setting mood… When you’re on top of the world!

The human being is capable of transferring emotions and moods easily and by every means, even by telephone. If you just had an argument with your neighbor who won’t stop annoying you with his idiotic problems, I advise you to go out to put yourself in a better mood before you call your future princess (and punch your neighbor there in the mouth, if it will help.)

You also can call her when you’re someplace FUN! Where you can hear an ambient and happy background, tell her you’re having a wonderful time and life is great… You’ll sub-communicate to her that you have an interesting and rewarding social life, and you’re not calling her from a cave hidden in the jungle.

Now here’s a trick that you’ll certainly find very useful.

In general, I prefer to call a new girl when I have 3 numbers at the same time, from 3 new girls. That way, I’ll call three lovely women and I’m sure that I’ll wind up with at least one little date among the three. As a result, I don’t feel depressed when ONE declines my invitation, I have a choice.

>> How should I call her?

Change your habits, I have a new recipe for you.

The phone rings, she answers, I tell her I’m going out to see friends (I have a social life), “So, what are your plans next week, let’s meet tomorrow at 4 o’clock at cafe XXX, you know the one? If we’re having a good time, we could go eat together afterwards! The cafe is a safe place, because if you’re a psychopath, then I’ll tell you: uh, I forgot, I gotta go feed my little goldfish, I call you tonight.”

That stuff makes them laugh, it’s fun, funny and light!

** Tip ** I tell her that the café is near where I live, why doesn’t she meet me at my place, ring the door bell and I’ll come out, that way if she’s late I won’t be sitting around waiting like a little jerk!

I can continue with:

” Tell me … what percentage chance is there that we’ll see each other tomorrow? You know, the only thing I hate about human beings is when they’re late or stand me up… I can forgive a lot of things, but not that … I’m always very punctual… I just want to be sure, because if there’s something that will be an end to a friendship that hasn’t even begun, it’s leaving me hanging around if you don’t feel like showing up.”

She answers. I say:

” Well cool then, it would be nice to get to know you better, in the worst case scenario we could become friends.”

>> And to finish things off

Never take a phone number seriously, and never believe that a number equals a date.

Expect her to flake, because (interesting) women are creatures who stand people up left and right by nature, they even do it to their friends and families. Even worse… they cancel their own plans.

Another thing …

If a woman doesn’t answer you, it’s not your fault… maybe her friends influenced her… forget it! She’s a girl who isn’t stable, call the other girls AND go out and meet women.

Your friend,




Ariel Vagus

About the author

  • Thanks for letting me read your articles and they are very helpful! I text like a champ, I thought, but very shy in person and on the phone and I’ve gained a little confidence reading your ideas and techniques. I really appreciate it 🙂

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