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The Ultimate Guide To Pick Up Women On Facebook

By Ariel Vagus

August 4, 2019

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How to pick up women on Facebook.

In the modern era our lives have been saturated by plenty of social networking sites. All of them with millions and even billions of followers and users, one such site is Facebook. I often think if there are so many people out there on Facebook then why not use this to pick up women on Facebook, hence i am writing this Ultimate guide for you on how to pickup women on Facebook. Hold tight as you’re in for a long ride.

>> A brief History of Facebook

Facebook is the world’s most popular social networking service with more than 1.2 billion active users.

If Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest country in the world only behind China and India.

What is truly remarkable is that unlike most websites that people only visit fleetingly, according to an agency, the average user visits Facebook four times a day and spends 19.5 minutes a day on the site!

Facebook was launched to the wider public on September 26, 2006. Since its launch Facebook has never looked back and now it’s time for you to never look back while picking up hot girls on Facebook.

The quality of women on Facebook is staggering.

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There is definitely not a shortage of gorgeous, sexy, beautiful women out there ready to be approached in the digital world…

…but the sad truth is …only 1% of guys out there REALLY know how to get girls on Facebook in a way that’s not going to make you seem like “just a friend” or (worse) a thirsty “beta orbiter” just there to give her attention.

After reading this article… not only will you be able to pick up girls on Facebook… but you’ll meet them in-person… and have a much better chance of sleeping with them.

>> Some Advantages of Picking Up Women on Facebook

1) The quality of women on Facebook is much higher. You’re not limited to the “same old” hot girls that are in your geographical area.


In fact, you can expand your search for women to the rest of your state, country, or even the world.

Also, high quality women always use these types of websites for networking, connecting with family and friends and to socialize. ANY kind of woman you could possibly want is on there… so your choices are pretty much limitless.

Plus Facebook is a very user-friendly website with the ability to anti-spam or block people who disturb you.

(Though keep in mind this cuts both ways… so don’t be annoying or a pest, or she’ll block you).

2) It’s a pretty clear way to get a nice clean line of communication with your target.

You don’t have to worry about interruptions, jealous boyfriends,“obstacles”, c*ckblocks, having a wingman, isolating her, or any other “game” stuff–I find all of that crap pretty annoying anyways.

3) If you hate clubbing, or just simply suffer from too much approach anxiety, online attraction can be a very real alternative.

No need to “put yourself out there” as much–online if she says “no” just move on to the next woman.

For whatever reason, rejection online doesn’t hurt nearly as much… and you have WAY more women to choose from.

4) You can have a complete personality makeover and portray yourself as whatever you wish to be.

Want to come across as more confident, or even “cocky”?

Then you can experiment with this more online.


Want to show off your wit and some new jokes?

You can try that too.

Keep in mind though, there’s a difference between “making over your personality” and “being a liar who can’t back it up.”

I’d strongly advise against the latter–women will sniff out phonies really quickly.

>> Setting up your profile

Having an attractive profile is everything on Facebook.

It’s your first and last impression or your make and break deal.

It speaks volumes about who you are and what you’re about.

If you don’t have an attractive profile, you will not receive any messages from quality women.

And trust me no matter how good you’re at texting and conversations…

If she’s not attracted to you, you can’t get her.

Almost 95% of men get their profiles wrong and hope that they would get the women that they want.

Pictures are the focal point of Facebook.

The first thing that women look at men is what they have posted on their photos.

Are your pictures visually appealing… or dull and boring?

I especially prefer pictures that you take with beautiful women in any social setting.

This makes you approachable and likable.

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Always think of your Facebook profile as a business website. You must keep engaging with it and keep spicing it up.

It really is like “marketing copy,” only the product is you.

Once you’ve established yourself as a highly sociable, very interesting guy through your profile… you’ll start getting approached by hot girls.

>> 3 Types of Pictures That Make You Seem Like a Very Interesting Guy to Hot Girls

This guy has the perfect “scenery pic” to attract hot girls on social media–read on to find out why…

The Scenery Picture

Put a picture of you standing in front of an interesting place where everyone wants to visit. Ex – Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, or anything which is beautiful and captures the eye.

This picture must convey excitement and if possible adrenaline.

Women love excitement and adrenaline.

Look at the guy in the picture above:


He’s climbing a mountain, which immediately conveys that he’s willing to go on adventures.

Not only that, but he’s extending a “helping hand” to whomever is below him.

To a woman, that shows that he takes care of others… and if you guys would go mountain climbing, he’d be a strong protector for her as well.


The Playboy Pictures

You need to get some pictures with attractive women on your profile.

I don’t care how you do it, just do it.

Walk up straight to women and ask them to have pictures with you… or give them some incentives to click with you.

One underrated place to make this happen is fundraisers or charity events in your town.

Usually the organization will hire a photographer to walk around and take pics of people who are there.

So if you’re chatting with an attractive woman at one of these events, they’ll usually take your pic and post it on their site for you to download.

In this case, it doesn’t matter if she “has a boyfriend” or even if she’s married.

(Though obviously it’s easier to take her home and f**k her brains out if she’s single haha).

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A good photographer will make it seem like you’ve known each other for years.

It’s scientifically proven that women want men who are desired and wanted.

And you in a pic with a hot chick will convey that and a whole lot more.

You’ll become “a man in demand.” And any woman who sees the pic will be intrigued.

Oh wow… he was with a girl like that? He must have a HUGE d*ck…”

I mean it might not be that crass or explicit… but you’d be surprised at the kind of sh*t women think about…

The Social Guy Pic

This is a good way to show women that you are:

1) Approachable

2) Likeable, and

3) Able to Make Friends

Having pictures of you and your friends out and about shows that somebody can stand hanging out with you.

It also shows that you know how to have a good time “just hanging.”

After all… unless she’s a world-class mountain climber… most women don’t want to climb mountains every day anyway.

This will show her that you can chill and relax as well.

>> 3 Things You Should Avoid With Your Pics AT ALL COSTS!

1) Never post photographs of you looking “lonely” as it conveys the message that you’re lonely and that you spend way too much time in boring and dull things.


A girl only wants to hang around funny and interesting guys.

They want to have fun and have a good time.

So, try to convey those things in your photograph.

2) Don’t put pictures of your naked torso. Or don’t show too much body.As women automatically assume that you have a fake pic. You can put those things in your album.

3) Try and avoid those pics where your photos can’t be seen clearly.

Or where your photos are blurred. This creates a highly negative impact.

>> How to Build a Facebook Wall / Newsfeed That Passively Attracts Hot Girls to YOU

This is probably the second most important thing on Facebook after your picture.

Almost all women decide if you’re their type or not depending on the posts on your wall (or now it’s called your “Newsfeed”) and how many people are connecting with you or not.

You need to regularly post on other people’s newsfeeds so they’re compelled to post something on your profile as well.

It’s important so don’t take it lightly.

Just think of yourself as a young hot woman who was just approached by a guy on Facebook.

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Now she checks out his profile and finds out that his Facebook Wall is almost empty.

What would she think about this?



Or something like that.

If you have a highly active facebook wall it shows your popularity and approachability.

>> Build Social Proof

As I have discussed earlier, you need to treat your Facebook profile as if it’s a website advertising a business… and that business is you.

Social proof can be thought of as respect and admiration from everyone around you.

In the Facebook community as in any other social community—online or offline—achieving and maintaining as high of a social status as possible is the name of the game.

This is particularly true when seeking to intrigue women, generate attraction and keep to their attention.

There’s nothing like social proof when it comes to sending the message to high-quality women that you are a man who deserves someone like them.

Basically, social proof causes women to see you as a “great catch” who meets, if not exceeds, her high standards.

When a woman views you as a high status male, she tends to feel compelled to compete for your attention.

This is opposed to what she does to men with lower perceived social status… whom she keeps at arm’s length.

And your No.1 job when it comes to achieving social proof on Facebook is to draw “followers,” likes and comments on your posts and profile.

You can do it in a lot of ways:

You can use your facebook status and post interesting humorous things on there…

You can make a group and make it interesting and add people into it…

You can even hire some social media experts to grow your profile or you can use facebook ads to promote yourself…

The ways of building up your social proof online are endless.

I know of guys who have written books and published them on Amazon just to show more social proof to the women they date.

So think outside the box a little bit here.

>> Starting the Seduction: What to Do First to Hookup With Hot Girls on Facebook

You have the killer profile setup.

You have amazing, rich, visually-stunning pics.

You have an active Facebook wall.

You have tons of friends and followers who like you and comment on your profile and posts.

Now it’s time to attack.

At long last, you’ve completed the process of positioning yourself for maximum success at attracting and meeting women through Facebook

So what do you do when you see a high-quality woman who interests you on Facebook who you want to date or hookup with?

The first move you should make is to check out her profile.

Do not send her a friend request just yet.

Instead, note the nature and tone of her “Facebook Newsfeed”.

What does she seem like as a person?

Is she coming off as the kind of person you could get along with?

Is she showing every indication that her sexual orientation matches yours?

And perhaps most importantly, is she even active on Facebook?

If all these prerequisites pan out, then you’ve got a great chance to start a conversation.

How to Message a Hot Girl On Facebook to Make Sex Likely

Again, don’t send her a friend request just yet.

Message her before you do anything else.

[for texting tips, read my article here]

That raises the question, “What should I message a girl on Facebook to make her interested in me?”

For starters, resist the urge to use “pickup lines.”

Don’t be needy, clingy or even close to “hitting on her” for now.

If you can be witty, funny or charming without being insulting or creepy, go for it.

Just like in regular life, you should probably introduce yourself first… and then follow with something thought-provoking.

This can be a few different things.

My mentor, Craig, uses a great conversation starter in real life that I think translates over well to online:

“Hey I like your style…”

She’ll probably respond something like, “Oh really? What about it?”

And that gives you a chance to talk about an outfit that caught your eye, something she did in a pic that’s intriguing, etc.

Comment on her pics, likes on them and generally compliment her.

And don’t be available all the time.


When a woman sees that a certain guy is messaging her in a confident manner that is free of perceived “hidden agendas”, she’ll be MUCH more likely to respond.

5 “Copy-Paste Texts” That Get Her to Come Over For Sex…

At some point, if you want to hook up with a girl you’ve been talking to on Facebook…

You’re going to have to get together with her.

I don’t care if she’s halfway around the world… until you meet her in person, she’s little more than a glorified pen-pal.

I’ve got some really good news for you though…

In my experience… once you’ve been chatting on Facebook for a while… it’s much easier to get her to come straight over to your place to hookup.

That means you don’t have to waste a bunch of time and cash on dates… food…drinks… etc.

You can just invite her right over and get down to business right away.

My mentor Glenn is the king of texting a girl straight into bed. Especially if you’ve never met her before in real life…

He has 5 copy-and-paste texts that get hot girls to come over to your place to f**k.

Each one is unique… and the best part is if one doesn’t work for some reason it’s okay–they aren’t “all-or-nothing” by any means… so you can keep trying others until you hit on one that works.

My personal favorite is the “shower sext,” but I’ll leave it up to you to decide which one you like best.

Start using these as soon as tonight on Facebook… and start turning more convos with hot girls into hookups and sex:

5 Copy-and-Paste Texts That Get Hot Girls to Come Straight Over For Sex…



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