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What Is An Alpha Male And How To Become One? - Your Alpha Dude

September 25


What Is An Alpha Male And How To Become One?

By Ariel Vagus

September 25, 2019


An Alpha Male is the guy who is successful, driven, funny, and confident. He’s the one with the strength and the wit, the charm and the poise, the drive and the leadership. From being the Leader of Men to having ice in his veins, he can do it all, be it all and often sees it all, till the end, which means he has the vision as good as anyone on this planet.

He’s the extra in the sets of ordinary around him, always fighting an uphill battle in this world of mediocrity to strive for something more, to become someone more, and give back more than imagined possible through the normal realms of the human mind.

Being an Alpha Male is not about competing with others, beating others or trying to be better than the rest. It’s about forging your own path. It’s about creating a path which no one else has walked,walking on that path and helping others in becoming successful in that path. Alphas don’t do the follow up of others, they’re the ones that are followed as they’re the ones who create the path and walk it first.

Women have a variety of tastes- Especially when it comes to men.  Each has her own likes and dislikes in the men they find desirable, attractive and seductive.  Some like the large, muscles with six pack abs, some like the regular body guys and others prefer the thin, intellectual types.

A woman’s tastes can vary over a number of aspects like physical looks, social status,  race, age and intelligence levels. But one type of men almost always attract any women. They might be short, tall, fat, bald, etc… but if they embody this trait they attract all women, no matter the type.

These men are the – Alpha Men.

Alpha men are powerful. They know who they are. Know where they are going and also know how to get there. They don’t let anyone or anything take charge of their life. They’re always in control.

An alpha male believes in himself and he has a vision for himself and where he is going and is not afraid to follow his heart and aspire for his dreams.

These type of guys embody all the things that women love… They’re masculine, they’re confident and they exude a high level of sexual compatibility.

Women find Alpha Men to be irresistible because they see him as a superior provider.

Now before going too deep into what an Alpha male is. I would like to clear some myths which a lot of people think is Alpha like.

Some non-Alpha things that people do and think they’re Alpha –

1). Seeking approval by ending sentences with, “isn’t it” or “right”?These questions tacked onto the end of sentences make you sound weak willed. It makes you sound approval seeking and a Yes Mam. This is a wussy behavior and should be eliminated as fast as it can be. It’s an attraction killer.

2). Trying to dominate. People often misjudge Alpha Males as bullies. But this is far from the truth. We don’t need to dominate others to show we’re Alphas. We KNOW we’re Alphas. You need to know it from within who you are. And other’s opinion don’t mean shit to you.  Who cares
what they think.


3). Being Aggressive. To simply put it Alpha men are one of the most calm and relaxed people you’ll ever meet.They always stay calm under pressure and know that they have the power to walk away when they need to.They try to avoid fighting because they know this is a low status behavior.

4). Trying to be fake. The Alpha Men are one of the most genuine individuals you’ll ever meet. They don’t fake anything and they speak everything to the face in an unapologetic manner

5). Trying to one-up people and prove that you’re smarter than the person you’re talking to. Alpha Men know the amount of time that they need to speak and the amount of time they need to listen. They know the balance. They don’t put other’s down by making them feel inferior. In fact they help and support others to improve themselves and gives them moral

6). Checking out every pretty girl you see. If you stand for nothing then you’ll fall for anything. Alpha men have standards. And until and unless a woman matches those standards the Alphas don’t give shit about them.

Now that we have discussed some Alpha men myths. Let’s dive deep into the most attractive and powerful Alpha Male behaviors and traits and how you can develop those traits into your life.



If you can demonstrate a sense of purpose to your life, then this is one of the most attractive Alpha male traits you have.

You need to be a Man on a Mission.

The guys who live a sense of purpose naturally draw women to them.

As all women want passion in their lives.  A guy “who is going somewhere”. It makes them feel invested in the guy. An Alpha Male’s passion for life demonstrates that he knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go for it. They’re free of fear and everything is in abundance for them.

You need to find something that you’re passionate about. Having a purpose in your life is a great way to become the kind of guy that women want to meet.

You need to find stuffs that excites you and give you a reason for living, the stuffs that gives you goosebumps, that create electrical impulses when you’re doing them. You need to be so passionate about this purpose of yours that you should be willing to give up your time, your peace and your sleep for it.

This is what a Man on a Mission means.


And then, when you talk to women and describe your purpose in an emotional, dynamic manner, they’ll be hooked to you forever.

They’ll be emotionally invested in you and your purpose.


If you can arouse emotions, then you can get any woman.

Do the things that you love, you’ll display an aura that’s naturally attractive to the people that you meet.

The best way to develop a sense of purpose is to establish and complete


>> The Alpha Mindset

It’s all about the mind.

Everyone needs an internal power and control in their lives. Or else everything falls apart. Most people have an external power and control,meaning that they see forces outside of themselves as being in charge of their life.

They believe that success is really beyond their control. For these people life is a game of luck. They are never motivated and blame almost everyone and anyone they could possibly blame.

But all Alpha Men have an internal power and control.

It’s their mindset.

They make their own luck in life. They believe that the more they strive, the more they will succeed. Anything they want to accomplish is totally within the realm of possibility. They’re optimistic, self-confident and self-motivated.

They don’t need others to make their day. They make their own day, and their own life on their own terms. They’re self-reliant and do what it takes to improve their situation.

Always expect good things to happen to you. That way you’ll seize every opportunity that comes your way and get all that you ever wanted.

You need to have a positive outlook towards life, not because someone said it. But because you KNOW good things will happen to you.

This is one of the biggest Alpha traits.



Your average guy goes through life like a Sheep.

He gets up, goes to work, comes home and immediately turns on the TV. Most of the time, he lives a dull existence with no idea of who is he is or what his place is in the world.

And he thinks this is life because everyone else is doing the same shit, again and again.

It’s human nature to follow the herd… A typical guy thinks that happiness can be found by conforming to a crowd and doing what other people are doing.

To those people.. you know what..other people are falling from a cliff…
Why don’t you go too?

Women love guys who have a unique identity, unique dressing and a unique aura around them. They’re not one from the herd.

They know any guy like this understands his place in the world and is moving towards his sense of purpose. They know that these guys are going to keep improving,keep growing, keep
becoming valuable, keep pushing themselves and in the process improve all
those around them as well.

Being Unique is truly understanding who you are. It’s about knowing what you want in life and constantly moving towards it.

Your uniqueness can be displayed in a number of ways like –

1). Your Dressing Sense


2). Your Talking Style

3). What work you do

4). What people you hang around with

5). What are your passions and ambitions

All these come together to form your unique persona.

Women want authenticity in a guy. When you are unique, you speak in a way that’s interesting and believable.

Your uniqueness should come from within. Don’t sugarcoat other’s personalities and blend it with yours. It will not make you authentic. In fact the exact opposite.

The way you act should be completely congruent with your inner-personality.

Your uniqueness is formed by the things you enjoy doing and what you focus on.

Do what you please in life. Be true to your emotions. If you don’t want to do something, then don’t. Be honest with yourself. Be your own man.

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>> Masculine Strength

A masculine strength has always been desirable to a woman. By strength I don’t mean physical strength.

You can be a tiny, thin guy and still show masculinity.

Masculinity is a quality which tells a woman that you can handle anything that comes at you. When she’s in your presence, a girl knows you can take care of her. This quality demonstrates that even if the world falls apart, you’ll take care of everything. It is just another way to show confidence.

An Alpha male is always self-assured and he projects this quality that’s rarely found in other men. You must not let the little things upset yourself. And you must not stress-out about a problem.

When you’re around a woman, you want to convey the attitude that nothing really fazes you.You’re calm, composed, controlled, in short poised.

Always be in a relaxed state.

>> Leader of Men

Women love men of action.

The alpha male is a leader. His people and others always look to him in order to lead when the time is right. The guys who constantly take action, bet on themselves and achieve their goals.

Leaders are often the most sexually desirable men. Women inevitably gravitate towards the guys who are a cut above the rest.

The best way to demonstrate this trait is through your actions. With women you can’t tell them that you’re the leader. You have to show it through the things that you do.

A true alpha male is that who knows how to get the best out of his team and co-workers. He constantly motivates them, checks on their progress, invests in them and believes in them. He knows the importance of team work.

You need to be decisive

If you want to do something, you do it. Period.

In order to “stand out from the crowd”, you should make decisive choices and then have the confidence to stick by them. Plus you have an advantage as most men don’t have the guts to be decisive. So, you can stand out easily.

Take charge of your life and everything else will start falling slowly in your favor.

Do your thing and be passionate about it and people will be drawn into your reality.


>> Be Respectful

We have a myth about alpha men that they’re douche bags and bullies. But the exact opposite is true. These are men who respect other humans and their being.

Alpha men know that this world requires the presence of all the lovely creatures and it would become boring and shallow without them. They genuinely want to help people and be a part of something bigger than themselves. And they don’t do this to show off or anything like that. They just like helping others. It gives them pleasure.

They know that every men and women are unique and they each have a unique role to play in this world and in its entire existence. They know that everyone has a different outlook on life and we must respect them.

Alpha men know that every men and women can teach them something and that’s why they treat them equally and are willing to learn from them.


>> Don’t be Apologetic

Do not apologize for who you are, do not apologize for what you need, do not apologize for what you want. You are who you are and you’re perfect in your own imperfection.

Act as if you are a catch for any woman. Act as if pussy is no big deal to you, since it’s not a big deal to men who get laid all the time. And trust me, men who get laid don’t act apologetic about these things at all.

Act as if all your manly desires are perfectly natural. You have no reason to apologize for or cover up your sex drive the way nice guys do. It’s perfectly natural to want to have sex desires. All men do, and women even more.

And don’t that women will call you a perv, or a creep or sleazy for thinking about sex. They might call you all this because of your incongruency and lack of confidence.

Don’t be affected that much by what a woman thinks, since what you think is a lot more important. Believe it or not, women will respect you a lot more for this.

Be optimistic. Assume that you are irresistible to women.


 >> The Alpha Man’s Reality

Your world is what you perceive it to be.Your perception is your reality. There is no objective reality. Everything is open to interpretation. You have the power to view the world the way you want to. You can have your own reality, your own frame on things.

A person with a weak reality gets drawn into other people’s perceptions of the world.

On the other hand, an Alpha male’s reality is unaffected by other people’s perceptions, and instead draws others into his world. He doesn’t give a fvck about what other’s think.

They know that every person on this planet would be lucky to have them as they provide value of some sort in everyone’s life.

You also need to have a strong mindset that you are highly valuable. You need to have a high value mentality.

The best guys in the world, the guys who hook up with the most attractive women, who are super successful in almost all walks of life in the world on a highly consistent basis, they have insane delusional confidence for absolutely no reason at all.


 >> Prioritize Personal Growth

Life is growth and an Alpha man knows it. He seizes what he wants and takes as direct a path to it as socially possible. He knows that if he stops growing he is as good as dead.

Alpha men know that they’re always a work in progress, as they value a growth mindset. [a very humbling and empowering mindset] They know that life is a journey and a process, and they are never going to stop and be satisfied.

They never settle.

Alpha men rise to the challenge and seek to take something from each experience that will make them a more developed person and human being. They believe in self-development and they have an internal drive to be a better version of themselves everyday.

They welcome change because they know that change is the only constant in life.


>> Be Challenging

Women want challenge. They want someone or something that they can’t have. I can’t put it more simpler than this. When you meet a woman, you need to be the challenge.

While you’re leading the interaction and doing most of the talking, you want to subtly let her know that you can walk away at any given moment. This is one of the greatest abilities that an Alpha Male portrays. The ability to walk away.

Make a woman question and doubt if you’re attracted to her or not. One moment you’re talking to her and giving signals of attraction. You’re being funny, you’re flirting, you’re seducing and hooking her.

And then next you’re saying things that leave her wondering if you’re
interested at all.

You become an enigma, a mystery or a puzzle that she needs to solve.

You’ll find that acting in a challenging manner is one of the best ways to make her work for your interest. Being a challenge creates a power dynamic with a woman. It gives you the power, that is the power to walk away.

So she must constantly keep you interested.


A woman will only be attracted to a guy whose social status is equal or better than hers.

So, don’t approach women with a low status mindset, body language or incongruency.

From the moment you go somewhere or enter into a room you need to let everyone know that you’re the prize. Obviously this will happen subconsciously. You need to act in a certain way to let everybody know.

That is the Alpha Male way. You need to be congruent, calm, composed and poised.

When you communicate to a woman that she has to contend for your attention, you’ll increase your social value.

Comment below and let me know – Do you also follow any of these Alpha behaviors? And what are some other Alpha traits and behavior according to you?

Since now you know what is an Alpha Male. I want to let you know that I have one step-by-step article on developing the body language of an Alpha Male which women can’t resist.

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Ariel Vagus

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