Hi… It’s me Ariel. The man in the pic.

Now, you might be hoping who is Ariel Vagus? Why did he open this site and how can he help me?

Worry not i’m going to answer all your questions one by one. So, sit tight and wear a seatbelt because we’re going on a helluva ride.


So, first of all i’m not a normal guy. I mean you aren’t normal when you are on a vacation 365/365 days of the year. Right? SO, how do i do that?

I’m actually a personal development coach, public speaker and also a dating coach ( i help guys get chicks ). And i get paid ( a lot ) for doing these things. Which helps me live an extraordinary life, where i get to choose everything.

Now this wasn’t always the case with me. When i was a high school kid i was a whiner. I didn’t take any responsibility for myself or my life and that’s when i suffered my first heart break with a girl as well. [ who i thought was my soul mate. I wish she reads this ]

What happened with her was that she wanted a man, not a kid. And she left me for a guy who she thought could take care of her. I was left in shambles but that’s when my journey began.

I left my hometown of Seattle and traveled the world for almost 3 years. I met with people all around the world and learnt so much that i can’t even imagine writing here ( it’s PG13 stuff as well )

Most importantly i learnt to conquer my fears which will be the starting point of me becoming the Ariel Vagus people know now. This helped me in getting 100s of women, giving public speeches in front of 1000s of audiences and also becoming a dating coach, where i started advising men how to actually be men and not be wussies.

How did I actually figured it all out and became what I am?

Since my heartbreak i became obsessed with proving that b*tch wrong. I wanted to make her regret every fvcking day. I wanted to show her that i’m not someone she can’t just walk over and leave. And in this process of proving her wrong i met with a lot of people who will forge me into the man I am. I call them my mentors, others call them gurus and some also call them Experts.

These people taught me self-mastery by dominating myself and my life. And after spending almost 3 years in my exile 😉 i felt it was time to return, and help my fellow friends. But what i found at first glance was drastic. They didn’t look like men at all. They had become emasculated. Pressured by the bullshits of society and unreasonable burden of stuff that didn’t really matter.

What did I do to help them?

I offered them free personal development sessions for around 1 week. The result? All of them ended up with at least 1 chick. And that’s not all. One of them said he’s quitting his job and opening an online business. And that’s when the idea struck. Why should I just be limited to 5 people? When i could help millions of people all around the net.

And hence, YourAlphaDude was found.

Why should you Believe that i can Help you as Well?

I don’t think you should believe me without personally checking out the content i post or even without trying out the tips i give you. Once you try them and once it works for you then only do i want you to believe me.

Because look, the fact is this. Everyone has their own frequency waves of understanding. For some I am the great Ariel who solves all their girl problems, and some say that my advice didn’t work for them.

SO, its fine. It happens. What i want you to do is go through my articles and check for yourself, if you like them or not and can you apply them in your real life. And if you want more then you can also go through my Courses ( i offer refunds ) and figure out if I am legit or not.

I am not going to tell you to believe me instantly. I am not like others. So, now the choice is yours. I told you all that you needed to know about me.

Hopefully this will be a good building block for our relationship in years to come.

Thank You!