>> My biggest belief in life is Kaizen. That is improve everyday. Learn something new everyday.

>> Because of that reason and since you’re my dude, i have hand picked some of my favorite courses for you to kaizen.

>> Trust me, the greatest investment that you can ever make is investing in yourself. So, don’t think twice when it comes to that.


Now, with all that in mind, I want to make a very huge confession that not every course you’ll get your hands upon, is going to help you. Actually a lot of them might even lead you off path. Trust me, i’m speaking from years of my experience in these things. That’s why i want to give you the most hassle free path to your best improvement.

The fact that i know so much about these things is not just about my years of experience but also the fact that i live these things. I am a self – improvement junkie. And i literally start going through any course i could get my hands on. But i have found out that a lot of them wastes your time and money. Hence, the reason for my honest reviews…

Below are some of my favorite courses on different topics. They have been personally hand picked by me. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them.

Metamorphosis of a MAN

This is my own personal course which i created after understanding that there aren’t many courses like these in the marketplace. My very point in making this course was –

You’re unique. You’re a one time PHENOMENON. Period.

In life most of the times we are not able to live the way we want to live, something holds us back, something stops us from living that dream life. Well, this course will help you get over those things and supercharge your success.



Online dating is the name of the game now

There’s a huge oppotunity and fertility in the online world right now. As a lot of f*cking rookies ain’t got any idea how to succeed while dating online.

And if you have read any of my online dating articles i always explain a lot of new perspectives and ways to succeed online. But, with that in mind i thought that this is one course which you can’t miss [ unless you love sucking ] if you want to succeed online.

The best thing that i prefer about dating online is that it saves a lot of time and hassle. You could do it from your house and build up your social skills and also get to chat with sexy chicks. Hence, i thought i should recommend to you a clear and no nonsense guide to online dating success.



Master the art of conversation.

This is where my journey to become a chick magnet began. It  is one of the most amazing courses to become a master seducer and get success with women. After going through this course i was able to form new conversation sets in instances. It was as if everything was ingrained inside me and i just had to wait for the girl to stop and i would start mesmerising her with my conversation skills.

This course instantly helps you in becoming a man of high value.



This course is for advanced players who already go out into the field and are pretty good at warming the girls up. They even get the girl’s numbers but that’s when they start to suck. 

If you can’t convert numbers into something further, then this is for you. This has got a lot of texting examples and techniques which work with women nicely and creates a very impactful image about you in their head.

It also has got a lot of escalation texts which you can use to do sexting with you and lead things sexually with the girl. It will help you discover powerful insights on a girl’s mind.



How to transform yourself into a sexual man which all women crave for? Literally undress for? Give up their time, their peace and their sleep for? [ Okay! maybe i exaggerated too much. ]

This course is for advanced players who want to be sexual and escalate things further with women. It will also help you build instant attraction with women.