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Courses & Products - Your Alpha Dude

Courses & Products


The Deck of Destiny

A great conversation starter / fun game to play with a hot girl.

Builds a fast, deep connection with her so that sleeping with her becomes super simple.

And it's FREE--just pay a small shipping fee and it's yours:

Silent Seduction

My mentor Magic is one of the most "Alpha" guys I know.

He has a thick accent, but he bangs hot blonde college-aged girls all the time.

He put together a step-by-step system for you to do the same using eye contact, body language, and touch:

5G Male

"Like Steroids for Your C*ck..." -Diamond Dave Conners, 74-year-old male pornstar.

The secret to harder, thicker erections? Bloodflow baby...

And THIS is the absolute best way to boost bloodflow... have "raging bull" stamina in bed... and a truly "Alpha C*ck" that won't quit (highly recommend):


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