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Category: Law of Attraction

Law of attraction is the concept that you’re literally and actively creating your life in every moment with your thoughts, feelings and actions. While many people now refer to the Law of Attraction as a “secret”, it is neither a new concept nor a recent discovery. It has been an integral part of the great teachings of the ages for several millennia.

Living the Law of Attraction in a conscious, deliberate way will change your life,and it will change the way you
participate in this global community.You can change the way you think,you can change your life, and you can change the world. Start living the life you are meant to live. You are here for a reason,and the world needs what you have to offer.


It is my belief that you must create in one of two ways.Intense visualization is one way, and action is the other to fully manifest and live this law.

Visualization through meditation can be a powerful way to draw what you want to you.However,this is no small task. The mental energy and self-discipline required to make something appear out of thin air is work in and of itself.

I believe with practice you can get closer and closer to visualising all that you want and completing the first of the two components.

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