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Category: Online Dating

Dating Online?  Is it really possible to fall in love over internet without meeting the person in real? The answer is yes!

There are many self proclaimed dating gurus on internet who put their own views and opinions, with the sake of their own likings, but i want you to ask this question yourself. What do you think? Ask this question and try to answer this. Hoping you done that, now tell me how are you feeling? are you feeling good? bad? I can bet you are feeling great. This shows you are full of postivity, filed with positive energy, you have optimistic nature and  behaviour.

And some people may feel bad, or even worst, and this shows your pessimist behaviour, but let me tell you you ain’t pessimist, you are not filled with negative vibes, if this were a reason you wouldn’t be searching this on google an finding the answers of those three question. It shows you have hope and hope is another form of positivity.

But don’t feel bad on the basis of your past experience with girls, try to enhance your charisma by reading all the upcoming articles of and unleash the masculinity hidden inside you.

First you should know the basics of dating, either online or offline. You should know the basics of law of attraction , law of magnetism so that you never make yourself act needy and sound greedy, as both of them are creepy. By hearing the phrase law of attraction and law of magnetism, don’t lose hope. it’s not the thing we are taught in schools, it is  totally different and quite easy to master.

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