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Recommended Courses

I used to spend thousands of dollars on spammy useless courses, not knowing which of them will be useful for me. And you know what 95% of them were not useful actually.  And i ended up spending a lot of dollars.

That’s why i have compiled a list of my favorite courses which i think will benefit you the most if you wish to actually go deep and further into your self – improvement. 

While most courses are not worth the money, they ask. So, I niched down on some cost friendly courses made by some of my friends and trusted Dating Coaches.

Recommended Books

I still remember the days when i was battling depression in my high school days, thanks to the lack of purpose and a clear direction in life. I was just strolling through life without enjoying it. That’s when i somehow landed upon my first book on Self – education. It was Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. After reading that book my life never remained the same.

Without reading all these books and taking actions with the knowledge which I got from those books, I would never be able to quit my job, open a business and finally become financially free.

I always believe that the right book has the power to change your mind and your mind has the power to change your life. That’s why I always read a book a day, to sharpen my mind and keep improving everyday. That’s what books are for.

Click below to check out some of my favorite books for the mind, body and the soul.

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