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How I attracted a Hispanic Bombshell without saying Anything?

October 11


Adventure Report: How I attracted a Hispanic Bombshell without saying Anything

By Ariel Vagus

October 11, 2019


When I recently wrote my article on – Shocking Secrets to An Alpha Body Language here, I was bombarded with a series of emails and comments from people asking me how did I learn such great stuff, who taught me all this, which course I took, etc…..

So I thought why not share this information with everyone and also share a bit personal but fantastic adventure that happened between me and a sexy hispanic bombshell when I used these amazing techniques.

Before you read my Adventures and invest your time into this, I must first of all come out clean and give you an Important disclosure because I don’t want to keep you in the dark with anything.

An important disclosure:

“Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Please understand that I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something.

And I only ever endorse products that I have personally used and benefitted from personally.

Please do not spend any money on this course unless you feel you need it, or that it will help you achieve your goals.”

Now, since this is an Adventure Report and I love being real, so it’s going to be explicit (a bit), uncensored but absolutely gold in value.

You are going to learn a lot from this and start seeing some results if you apply them in the right manner as well.

So, let’s begin.

I recently went to a bar, few blocks away from my home. It was pretty late at night and they were almost closing (almost) because of which the place was pretty much empty.

I grabbed a booth in the back, where I can be alone and get to work and possibly down a shot or two of tequila.

Waitress comes over.

She’s kind of my type.


Fvck. (Why do they always have to be my type?)

I knew I wanted her instantly.

She asks me if I wanted to order something.

(All I was thinking was how do I attract her…? She’s a hispanic sex bomb working as a waitress. This means at least 30-40 men approach her every night she works. I wanted to be different and let her know I’m the MAN, the ALPHA.)

I kept quiet for 10 seconds. Made strong, piercing eye contact with her, and I was fully laid back with my arms directing towards my crotch. And she was looking at it 😉

(I knew, that there’s not a single pick-up line that this sexy chick wouldn’t have heard. She probably knows more than I could tell. So, I couldn’t attract her with lines or routines. That’s when I remembered the concept of being a Sexual Threat to women as the most honest and attractive signal there is.

I learnt it in David Deangelo’s Body Language course here an year ago, and I applied it masterfully)

Then I ordered a shot of Jose. She asks for my ID. I give her a ” Are you serious??”  face and then ask her, “How old are you? Are you even old enough to be serving alcohol?”

We get into a playfight about our ages, I tell her she looks 20.

She’s 23.

LOL – I really thought she was younger.

Anyways, she goes back to her work. I knew I had an opening. I could make this chick mine.

(she was looking at my crotch, which again I projected masterfully. And it was on from the moment we made that deep, long eye contact.)


Then she comes back after some time and I Cold Read her playfully about her country saying –

Let me guess, you got dark brown hairs, chocolate skin, and you got an accent. You must be from China. (I was just teasing her and trying to open her up).

She laughs and tells me, we talk about how she got here and tells me how much she loves travelling and she’s going to Thailand next.

I said – So are you inviting me to Thailand with you right now…?

(I always let her know that she’s the one who’s sexually pursuing me here. How do I do that? Because I study Man/Woman Dynamics through various courses and books.)

And just like that after about 40 minutes of bantering, teasing and qualifying her she was hooked.

NOTE: During this time I was fully laid back and projected such a sexual body language that she would have no choice but to think of me sexually. Even though I was keeping her engaged with my words, it was my body which was subconsciously putting her in a limbo.

I let her get back to work after that and when she came back with the bill, we made some plans and exchanged numbers.

Then when her shift came to a close, we went to my house and immediately started kissing each other. She was hot, I was hot and the whole environment was screaming sex to us.

And that’s what we eventually ended up doing.

Her response after it was over – I have never seen a guy who got me attracted without even saying anything.

That was the end of an amazing night for me.

And if you thought it was easy, then yes it is, once you understand Man/Woman communications, especially how to sexually project yourself to women so they see you as a sexual threat and want to be fvcked by you immediately.

Trust me, I was not born with such great talents of attracting hot women without even saying anything. I had to put in the time and learn it with a lot of effort.

If you also want something like that with your life, then definitely checkout this course by David DeAngelo ->

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Here are just a few takeaways which I got from taking this course ->

1). Your body projects your self-image and beliefs. What you think about yourself will be shown to the world through your body and how can you fix this and make it the most attractive aspect about yourself.

2). Some of the best ways High Status individual attract this world through their body and how you can learn from them and do it for yourself as well.

3). How to use body language for showing pre-selection even if you are not successful at it? This means that you can make others believe through your body language that you’re good with women, even if you’re not. (Trust me, pre-selection is the no.1 obstacle between you and a perfect 10.

4). The most important Honest Signal – Sexual Threat. And how you can project that signal anywhere you go.

5). Creating Rapport with body. (when I saw David teach this, I was first shocked, then confused but then as a revelation came upon me I was like – Of course, he’s so right. How could it not be.”) Creating rapport with the body is 10x more powerful and effective than creating rapport with just your conversations.

6). Getting total composure is key, at all times. This is what separate the top 10% from the rest. And various exercises to improve that. (I can’t give you that here. Or else I would get in trouble with copyright laws. So, for that you need to check David’s course here)

7). And at last but not least, using your hands and elbows to show her that you want sex without saying anything. This will make her think about it as well, and get her wet, without her even wanting to.

Bottom line

This could be your Ultimate Education On How To Use Body Language ALONE To Attract Women. After watching all the parts of this course, and applying EASY to follow all the strategies which my friend David DeAngelo is going to teach you, I can guarantee YOU that you will no longer be the same.

You’ll become the man who gets all the girls. Women will start noticing you on the streets. They will start approaching YOU to make YOU her man so that she makes all her female friend jealous.

I strongly recommend you this course if you want to become the MAN that I stated above.


And please if you have any questions related to this product,  let me know and I’d be more happy to answer them for you.

➤➤  Get the Body Language course NOW.


Ariel Vagus

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