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Naturally Appear More Confident to Women... - Your Alpha Dude

May 22


Naturally Appear More Confident to Women…

By Ariel Vagus

May 22, 2020

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Here’s something for you that’s going to blow your mind a little bit:

I’m guessing that like most guys… you’re a little bit worried about your confidence.

And in fact… you’re worried that if you don’t always appear confident around women… you’ll start repelling them… and get laid a lot less often.

In my “pre-Alpha” days, I know I would look at a woman… she’d smile at me… then I could feel the sweat pouring off my brow… my teeth grinding…

And just like that… she’d turn away… disgusted… and go back to her friends.

So it is definitely true that nervousness can be unattractive to women.

Here’s the mind-bending part though:

Have you ever heard a woman say something like, “It was so exciting–I could tell that he was really nervous asking me out… and he was so relieved when I said yes!”

In my experience… women say these kinds of things ALL the time!

So that leads me to the question today’s post is going to answer:

What’s the difference between “unattractive” nervousness around women… and nervousness that they find attractive and endearing?

Once you know this… you’ll be able to not worry about being nervous around women any longer…


And if you do feel nervous around women… I’ll show you how to use it to your advantage to sleep with her.

What Women Find Unattractive About Certain Kinds of Nervousness

When the woman sensed my nervousness and was repulsed by it… there was one thing that happened:

She could tell that I was worried about appearing nervous around her.

To women, when they sense that you’re actively not trying to be yourself? Or trying to be some kind of character?

That’s the absolute biggest turn-off in the world to them.

Think about it: if you do that too much, you’ll appear “slick,” “oily,” and like “a player.”

While there are certain types of (in my experience, trashy) women who go for that kind of thing… they probably aren’t worth your time as anything but a one-night stand.

These kinds of guys make other people (men AND women) feel uncomfortable. And as you probably know by now, while a little bit of “feeling uncomfortable” can be good to help you get laid…

Too much of it can send her running for the hills before you get a chance to hookup.

And you’ll also notice it’s tougher to build other kinds of relationships… in business… among family members… and just in life in general.

Nobody wants to get to know someone who’s clearly putting on an act.

How to Appear to Be More Confident Around Women

I think you probably know where this is going…


If you feel nervous around a hot girl… it’s totally natural.

And in fact, hot girls are used to the kinds of “paper alphas” with a bunch of bravado and b.s. around them all the time.

So in a weird way, if you’re a little bit nervous… that’s not a problem at all.

And in fact, it can help you stand out from the “riff-raff” quite a bit.

Confidence is all about knowing your strengths… your weaknesses… and showing a little bit of vulnerability.

This doesn’t mean “cry like a baby at a movie on your first date”–women find that repellant as all hell.

But they like to see that you’re a little bit nervous… a little bit vulnerable… because IT IS REAL!

That authenticity is a huge turn-on to women, because they know that you are confident in your skin.

What they see is pretty much what they’re going to get.

It also shows a refreshing amount of honesty–and I would argue that brutal honesty is one of the most “alpha” things you can show a woman these days, since so many guys try to B.S. their way through things with bravado and “A-Mogging” other guys by putting them down.

Now there’s another word that I just mentioned that is crucially important to appearing to be confident around women:

The Master Storyteller’s Secret to Getting & Keeping Hot Girls’ Attention

Have you ever watched a TV show that you couldn’t stop watching?

Or read through a whole book in a couple nights?

If so, I’m guessing those stories had one thing in common… and few guys know this… but once you know it it’ll make you appear extremely confident in the eyes of any woman:

Show, don’t tell.

Think about it: the guy who brags about his fancy car… all of his cash… and wears a super-expensive watch?

He’s not very confident at all.

In fact, a lot of people would say that he’s actually quite insecure–using his fancy objects to draw attention away from his insecure self.

Contrast that with a strong, silent type.

He’s tastefully dressed (but nothing outlandish)…

He has maybe one or two things about him that stand out from the crowd… like he’s funny… or has a great beard… or maybe nice shoes for a guy…

And just by the way he carries himself… women can tell that he’s an authentic, alpha guy.

Wouldn’t you rather be him than the flashy braggart above?

I know I would… and I’m guessing you would too.


Here’s the question I know is on your mind:

“That’s great Ariel… but how can women tell that the second guy is an ‘authentic, alpha guy’?

Here’s his secret:

3 Body Language Secrets to Passively Pull Hot Girls to You Like a Magnet…

Yep–use your body language.

By having strong, confident, “alpha” body language… you immediately show her that you’re a strong, confident, alpha guy.

It works so well because you can be really nervous on the inside…

Yet just by using these 3 body language secrets… you show any girls around that you’re confident. You appear confident.

And that’s way more attractive to these hot girls than a guy with a flashy car or a thick wallet.

It’s often the difference between going home with a hot girl… and going home alone.

I know because my whole life changed when I started to use the 3 body language secrets in this video.

The video was made by my mentor, named Magic, who is an Indian guy with a thick accent…

So he learned to attract hot girls without speaking too much at all.

Part of that were these 3 body language tricks he shows you in this video here…

Another part is how he touches these girls once they’re attracted to him.

So of you want to get a lot more hot girls interested in you… and then take them home with you…

I highly recommend watching Magic’s whole video right here:

3 Shocking “Body Language Secrets” To Passively Pull Hot Girls to You Like a Magnet


Ariel Vagus

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