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Getting a Friend with Benefits: The Ultimate Guide - Your Alpha Dude

October 29


Getting a Friend with Benefits: The Ultimate Guide

By Ariel Vagus

October 29, 2020

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There are a million reasons why you may be interested in a friends with benefits (FWB) relationship. 

Maybe you just got out of a serious relationship and don’t want to commit to anything right now, but you still have sexual needs. 

Maybe you’re moving across the country soon.

Maybe you just started college and want to keep your options open for a while. 

Whatever the reason, this article is going to help you find the perfect match for a FWB relationship, establish ground rules, and put yourself in a position to meet and start sleeping with the right girl or girls.

Let’s begin.

How to Find the Perfect Girl for a Casual Relationship

Not all women are built to be in a no-strings-attached relationship. 

Chalk it up to nature, nurture, or a combination of the two, but a lot of girls just can’t help but get emotionally attached to the guy they’re having sex with — no matter how hard they try to do the casual thing.

So the first step is to avoid clingers.

If a girl wants to add more elements to the relationship beyond sex, she’s not the right girl. 

Does she want to hang out all the time? 

Go on real dates? 


Call ‘just to talk’? 

If so, talk to her to establish ground rules, or better yet, move on before it’s too late.

The next step is to make sure that a clean break is possible when the relationship inevitably ends. 

Nothing lasts forever, and while you may have an awesome FWB relationship for months or even years, it’s important to remember that it will end eventually.

When that happens, you want to be able to cut the cord to avoid drama.

  • No neighbors
  • Avoid coworkers
  • Stay away from girls in your inner friend circle

You get the idea.

This might sound harsh, but it’s important to remember that a FWB relationship is a very specific kind of arrangement. You’re not married, dating, or even interested in adding someone else into your life right now. 

This is a purely sexual relationship, and that’s fine. 

Establish These 5 Ground Rules

Ground rules are especially important in a no-strings relationship.

That’s because your heart and your mind are going to be in conflict. 

When we have sex with people repeatedly for a long period of time, getting attached is not just normal, it’s what your body is hardwired to do.

So establishing ground rules ahead of time is hugely important if you want to have a successful FWB arrangement.


Here are the five most important rules:

  1. You can both do whatever you want when you’re not with one another (as long as you’re being safe).
  1. You should stay on the dating market. Don’t allow yourself to fall into the “she’s basically my girlfriend” mindset. Keep looking and flirting with other women. Assume she’s doing the same thing.
  1. You should use the relationship exclusively for sex. If this is an emotional crutch to fill a void in your heart, you shouldn’t be in a relationship, you should be working on yourself. If you crave companionship, make new friends who share your interests.
  1. You should prioritize her pleasure too. Make sure you’re both getting off. A happy and healthy FWB relationship depends on both parties being sexually satisfied.
  1. You should avoid drama at all costs. If you don’t treat her like your girlfriend and make your intentions crystal clear, avoiding drama shouldn’t be difficult.

How to Get the Girl Interested in You

Now that you know the type of girl you’re looking for and how to establish ground rules, how do you actually go about starting a FWB relationship?

Since online dating is now the norm, I’m going to focus on that avenue right now. 

Your dating app profile should signal that you’re looking for something casual, without outright stating it. 

Women on these apps receive a constant barrage of “hey wanna f*ck?”, unsolicited dick pics, and guys otherwise throwing themselves at them. 

This abundance of thirst means that a guy looking for casual sex is not exactly in high demand. A woman can’t throw a rock without hitting some random guy who would gladly jump into bed with her.

So, contrary to conventional wisdom, avoid selecting “No Strings Attached” or “Just Sex” as the What You’re Looking For option on your profile.

Instead, you want to be kinda vague and say that you’re looking for something low key or a short-term relationship.

Next, your profile itself should indicate that you’re a fun guy living life who isn’t ready to put down roots just yet.

Your pics should be of you by yourself or with friends living life to the fullest and going on adventures. 

It shouldn’t be pics of you and your dog lounging on the couch or of you helping your great aunt Tilly cook a roast. 

Think about what your profile is communicating. Do you give off the ready to be a husband and father vibe, or the sexy and fun vibe?

Last, your bio should be short and sweet. 

Avoid explicitly saying, “Just looking for something casual right now” or “Not looking for anything serious” in your bio.

Instead, clever one liners like, “Bet I can beat you at flip cup” or “I love food, bourbon, and roller coasters and not in that order” will communicate to interested girls that you don’t take yourself too seriously — while also being upfront that you’re not exactly looking to start a family anytime soon.

What to Do If She “Doesn’t Do Friends With Benefits”?

This is a common road block women throw up for themselves… though if you know what to do, it’s easy to overcome it.

Many women outright lie to themselves… and think they always have to be on the lookout for “Mr. Right.”

I don’t know if it’s because their friends are telling them… their family is telling them… the f**kin’ tooth fairy is telling them (lol)…

But many women think that being in a Friends With Benefits relationship is somehow “settling” or “beneath them.”

Here’s the thing though:

Women often say one thing… and do another.

For example… they say they’re “only interested in long-term, monogamous relationships…”

But they do go out specifically to get laid… and sometimes even go home with complete strangers under the flimsiest of pretenses.

So since you know that almost any girl bang a complete stranger under the right circumstances…

You just need to make it much, much easier for “the right circumstances” to exist.


When you can flip this “Psychological Switch” in a woman’s mind… you’ll make it way more likely that she’ll:

  • Go home with you the first night…
  • Have sex with you if she considers you “just a friend,” and
  • Become your no-strings attached “Friend With Benefits” who will often text you when she’s hot and horny.

Once you know what to do… this “Psychological Switch” is actually quite easy to trigger…

So here’s a short, free video showing you what this “Psychological Switch” is… and exactly how to consistently trigger it in hot girls to get them to be your no-strings attached FWB:

[VIDEO] How to Flip Her “Psychological Switch” to Make Her Your Exclusive FWB (Even If She’s Hesitant at First)

P.S. – Oh… did I say “your exclusive FWB”? Yeah kinda buried the lede there haha… yeah this will even work so that she is loyal to you… while allowing you to go out and bang other hot girls! It works like Magic–click here now to make it happen…


Ariel Vagus

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