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The 23 Best Places to Meet Women: The Essential Guide - Your Alpha Dude

October 23


The 23 Best Places to Meet Women: The Essential Guide

By Ariel Vagus

October 23, 2020


It can seem like a challenge to meet and talk to attractive women. 

In today’s world it seems like no one really talks to one another anymore. 

Everyone is always staring at their phone, dating apps are everywhere, and rarely does there seem to be the opportunity to talk to an attractive girl IRL. 

But armed with the right information, you can change that.

This all starts with knowing where the best places to meet women are. 

So today, that’s what we’ll be discussing.

For detailed, step-by-step advice on HOW to talk to women, check out my article right here.

Let’s begin.

Meet Fit Young Women at These 5 “Hot Spots”

First on our list are places that revolve around physical activity.

These are places where you can regularly meet young attractive girls who take pride in their appearance and like to maintain an active lifestyle.

An easy way to spark up a conversation with a girl in these situations is to play the clueless newbie. 

Typically, women find it attractive when a guy is willing to try new things and put himself out there. 


Plus, acting like the clueless guy who has no idea what he’s doing is disarming, will likely put her mind at ease, and probably make her laugh. Here are five places to try:

  1. The gym
  1. Yoga classes
  1. Spin classes (***these are JAM-PACKED with hot girls***)
  1. Co-ed sports leagues
  1. The track

The Obvious Ones

Next on our list are the obvious, or cliché, places to meet women. 

While these may not be the most original ideas, remember that clichés exist for a reason. 

Namely, because a LOT of people have used them in the past (often successfully).

Meeting women in places like a bar or at a party can be difficult unless you know how to spot girls who are there looking for sex, but we’ll discuss that in more detail later. 

Give these five “obvious” places another try, and keep an open mind:

  1. Bars
  1. Nightclubs
  1. Bookstores
  1. Coffee shops
  1. Social gatherings like weddings and parties (if you’re invited!)

BRAND NEW: How to Pick Up Hot Girls at These Hot Spots (& Take Them Home…)

The Not-So-Obvious Places You Probably Overlooked

Sometimes a conversation can spark up where you least expect it. 

But take a look at this list below and think about it for a moment.

At the airport, people are super eager to talk to anyone who will listen about where they’re going. 

At the post office, everyone (including the attractive girl in line in front of you) is probably irritated at how slow the line is moving — giving you an “in” for a conversation starter.

Antique shops are where every girl loves to roam around and feed her inner interior designer. And these places are almost literally overflowing with interesting and eclectic items you can use to begin a conversation.


Animal adoption centers are filled with cute fluffballs who will already have any girls in the vicinity basically oozing with joy. You can tap into that to start a conversation by just commenting on how adorable one of the animals is. 

And you’d be surprised how often women will go to nice hipster restaurants and order lunch for themselves, practically begging the right guy to come up and talk to them. 

  1. Airport
  1. Post office
  1. Animal adoption centers
  1. Antique shops
  1. Eating alone for lunch

When you go to these places… Here’s What to Do to Find Hot DTF Girls…

“Match” with Someone Compatible at Community Events Centered Around Your Interests

The women you meet out and about in public could be anyone. 

You have no idea who they are, what they’re interested in, if they share the same faith or lack thereof as you do, or if you even have anything in common.

Community events give you the opportunity to meet women while “filtering” for similar interests.

Are you religious? Go to a faith-based group that aligns with your values. 

Do you love animals? Volunteer at the local animal shelter.

You get the picture.

  1. Volunteering
  1. Faith-based groups
  1. College art exhibits
  1. Poetry readings
  1. Fundraising events or races/walks

Fun and Relaxing Places to Meet and Chat Up Girls

The last places on our list are good because if you’re at any of these, you probably have some time on your hands and you’re not in any particular rush.

If you’re at the beach, make sure you look good. Make sure you have a nice, properly fitting bathing suit and a decent pair of sunglasses. Bring the boys and something active to play like a volleyball, frisbee, or spikeball. 

Women love watching boys be boys — rough housing with their friends, having fun, showing off. So put your blanket and cooler near young women, avoid families, and keep an eye out for any girls checking you out.

The same goes for the park, except your attire will be a little different.

Last on our list, the laundromat is a great place to start a conversation because you’re both doing one of those monotonous chores everyone loves to hate.

It’s a relaxed, easy-going atmosphere to just chit chat and get to know someone.

  1. The beach
  1. The park
  1. Laundromat

How to Instantly Spot the Girls Who are DTF at Any of These Locations

Knowing where to go is the easy part.

Now what?

If you’re going to talk to a girl (and you want to be successful) you need to have a plan.

Getting rejected feels terrible. You worked up all that courage to try to talk to a girl just to get shot down.

We’ve all been there.

But if you know exactly what to look for in certain women, you’ll increase your chances of getting laid to the point of a virtual guarantee.

I know from experience. 

For years, I’ve been using these 9 giveaway signs to instantly spot what girls in any given situation are open to sex. 

At the grocery store, at a super loud nightclub, at the park… it doesn’t matter.


Here’s just one example: 

A couple years ago I went to a friend’s house party and I saw this hot blonde. She was showing these subtle body language signals and I knew immediately that she was DTF.

After I saw her glance my way, I walked up to her — and without even introducing myself — I asked her if she wanted to go upstairs to fool around.

Fast forward maybe 12 whole seconds and I had her bent over the bathroom sink.

So believe me, this stuff works.

I don’t even want to think about how much sex I was probably missing out on before I learned about these body language secrets.

Check out this simple formula so that you can start “decoding” women who are craving sex right now.


Ariel Vagus

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