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By Ariel Vagus

August 4, 2019



First off let us know the real meaning of Alpha. Alpha term is used for a male who attracts women without even trying. He does not WANT, because he is the WANTED. Being alpha is not only considered for attracting WOMEN but it is also considered to in any achievement or situation. His superiority and pure confidence allows him to achieve success.  

Now here comes the question, what success means to you? [think about it] For Alpha success is waking up in the morning and going to bed at night and in between doing whatever the fu*k he wants to do. Here is the purest example of an alpha male. Alpha is Masculine, Masculine means alpha. Now let us know some traits of an Alpha and how to recognize one? 

If there is one thing an Alpha is , it is bold and confident. He is always confident, cocky, and go after the women he wants.  He makes no excuses, nor does he give in to women making demands. He boldly goes  where every man wants to go. Women never walk over him. 

He is suave and charming and ‘Bad-boy’ in all the best ways. He is not afraid to let a woman know when she’s displeased him. And, he doesn’t let them manipulate him by their emotions. He isn’t afraid to step in and let a woman know where he stands with her. 

He will grab her by the arm, pull her close, tell her that her eyes are beautiful and then slip her the tongue. He doesn’t hesitate to project his sexuality to women. And you shouldn’t either. It’s how you do it that’s most important. let us know what that means and what you need to do about it. 

When you’re with a woman, you should tune into her emotional frequency as close as you can. Use your empathic ability to read her thoughts and feelings.  Sense the emotions underneath what she says to you. In most cases, you don’t have to be an empath to read people’s emotional state.  You just have to pay attention to what they say and their body language. Do a lot of  people-watching and you’ll get good at reading this. 

And now the MOST IMPORTANT trait of an Alpha Man is avoiding CONFLICT. Contrary to what you might think, the first guy to jump into a fistfight is not always the Alpha Man. They first try to avoid a fight if possible. However, when pushed to the next level, they are prepared to act. The Alpha Man will seek to disarm with his wit and his words before anything else, and then he will resort to physical persuasion as a last resort. 

Some Alpha exercises that can help you in unleashing your inner Masculinity:- 

For starters I must let you know that this exercise is all about visualisation . Actually becoming an alpha is all about what you think of yourself and do you believe in what you think.  You should always watch people and assess their threat level. Make a game of walking down the street and thinking about how you’d deal with that old woman if she came at you with her cane. How would you handle that kid that looks like a gang member? 

What would you do if he took a swing at you? What would you do if he pulled a knife or gun? Imagine how you would defeat a ferocious beast with nothing but your hands and your wits.Imagine your own fierce opponent. Maybe it’s a monster, or a tiger, or even your father. Imagine every detail of the arena where you finally confront your opponent, ready to do battle. 

Let yourself feel the fear you would in real life, and turn that energy into the force you need to overcome your enemy. Imagine the injuries you sustain from the bites and the punches and the kicks, and focusing that excruciating pain into your attacks. You see everything while seeing nothing, controlling your temper and fighting from the calm center of your confidence. 


Another situation you can visualise is the Graveyard quest [it’s one of my favourite visualisations].
First of all close your eyes and start meditating in a silent place. Now imagine that you have been buried alive with your hands and legs tied. You are sweating profusely and no one can help you. No matter how hard you try or how much pressure you exert you can’t help yourself.  

You’re only gonna lose more breath and suffocate yourself to death. In this situation i want you to imagine that you’re absolutely calm and composed and you aren’t feeling anything. You’re absolutely fine and this is just a calamity which will pass without harming you.

What this exercise will do is it’ll give you immense calm and poise when facing difficult situations especially with women. And when you’re done, walking up to a beautiful woman will seem tame by comparison. 

“The point of greatest fear is the point of greatest power”. 

Now, the Alpha man has a different aura around him.It’s something which attracts everyone towards him. They have this distinctive quality that keeps them ahead of  the pack. It brings commitment from supporters, demands respect from adversaries and brings transformational change. Let’s look at some of those qualities that provide revealing insights about their aura. 



Dominance is a display of power. Sometimes this power is implied and not displayed, though more likely this status will be challenged constantly – depending on the species. In the human kingdom, your dominance is challenged just about every day of your life. 

Dominance actually has very little to do with strength. Dominance is all about wisdom, guile, smarts. Especially in the humans where we no longer fight to hunt down our next meal anymore. Domination is where you ensure that you are heard. That you get your way when it comes to the things you want from life. 


Dominance is also a combination of persistence and wisdom. And, ultimately, Dominance is all about knowing how to outsmart and outwit those who would seek to dominate you. 


The pecking order is defined as the social hierarchy.This occurs in all species, such as pigs, dogs, horses, humans, but was named from the studies of bird nests. The pecking order is not cruel or reprehensible. It is not injustice or thinking that someone is more superior than someone else. It is  Mother Nature at work. In nature, there is no good or evil, only the circumstances of survival.  There’s a human pecking order in every form of organized endeavor. There’s a pecking order at work, as well as in your family, or at the local singles bar. 


Men’s conversational style is built around this. We put each other down to build ourselves up. Our conversations are structured around demonstrating superior knowledge or authority. One thing women rarely grasp is that when you talk to a man you do not belittle or bruise his ego in any way. The worst sin in a man’s conversation is to make him wrong, and in a woman’s conversation the worst sin is not to have heard her out and understood her feelings. 


Congruence means how well a man’s actions match what he really appears to be thinking and feeling on the inside. If I were to walk up to a woman and start a conversation with her, telling her about my brave exploits and how great I handle situations, and the whole time my hands are shaking and I can’t make eye contact for more than a second or two, what does that tell her? She smells “wimp” all over me, like I just rolled in it.

She probably won’t even think this directly – “He’s not being congruent! I don’t think this would work.” She’ll just get a funny telltale signal in the back of her brain that says, “Uh-oh! Danger!” And that signal will block any attraction she might start to have for you. 

So the GREATEST secret to be congruent is- 

It doesn’t matter WHAT you do, it’s HOW YOU DO IT. Everything works if you do it a certain way. You can smile and compliment a woman, and that will work – if you do it a certain way.  You could act like a nice guy if you want, but you have to do it a certain way. 

The easiest method to attract a woman is to start from a position of confidence. That way you don’t have to worry about whether to smile or not smile, or lean in or not lean in, or all the little nitpicky details. You’ll just do what feels right in that situation, without acting from desperation, or afraid that she will reject you. 


Actually you should not even give a FU*K. Who cares if she says no. You’ll find another better looking , better seducing woman with a more social and active lifestyle and who’s a vampire in bed ;} and will dry you out. 

The simplest way to look at this is: If you come across as though you’re trying to manipulate her with your actions, you’ll probably fail. But if you act as if you’re just coming from your own place, your own reality,  and you don’t need her, you’ll probably succeed. 


No one can make you feel inferior without your permission. 



1.Displays dominance, 

  1. Mates with many females rather than one,
  2. Leads others,
  3. Controls his emotions,
  4. Is not afraid to get angry when it’s necessary,
  5. Would rather be outspoken and wrong than meek and right,
  6. Asks for what he wants,
  7. Demonstrates prosperity and provider capacity,
  8. Protective,
  9. Goal oriented,
  10. He doesn’t ask – He tells,
  11. Never apologizes for who he is or what he does,
  12. Doesn’t care about what other people think, and does not let their opinions steer his life,
  13. Seeks power, but in healthy ways that furthers his goals.

For more steps visit 21 more legit ways to become an alpha male …Here you will get 21 more ways to be an alpha male. 


Right now I’ve only talked about the alpha and given a little solution. In further articles this topic will be discussed more thoroughly. 

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The ways to unleash the inner masculinity is to be more elegant and poised, to be more comfortable even when you’re suffocating to death, this will unleash the hidden comfort and confidence, as confidence is the foundation of being an alpha. and this is so important, no matter what u do it’s how u do it that matters, because woman are biologically programmed to sense the wimp and adventurous and hedonismic alpha. 

Please comment on your thoughts, insights and reflections and if you’re an Alpha Man or not?, and if you are not then don’t feel sad or sorry about you, it can be learned and executed. That’s why I’m here to guide you and help you unleashing your inner masculinity. 



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