October 9


20 Signs A Girl is Wet For You, Fantasize About You and Desire You.

By Ariel Vagus

October 9, 2019


We men are often conflicted on thoughts if a girl likes us or not. Since they are so confusing and hard to understand we don’t know if they’re truly into us or are just hanging out to kill time. The best thing about being able to understand her signs she is into you or not is that it saves you from going over the painful process of rejection.

Usually it is accepted that it’s the man who has to make the first move with a woman. So, chances are she is never going to come out and tell you that she’s interested in you.

But she can show you that she’s interested by giving you subtle signs, hoping you’re smart enough to catch those signs and then make the move that she’s eagerly waiting for. So, without further ado –

Here Are 20 Sure-Fire Signs She Is Into You:-

1). She wants you to touch her more, to stimulate her more.

Her desire to be stimulated by your touch is a sign of her serious interest in you. Your woman wants to make things more intimate and sexual.

2). The lifted hand that pushes back the hair from her face or rearranges it above the ears.

It’s a flirtatious gesture and it speaks feminity. This is usually done by women subconsciously and if she is looking at you while doing this then it is a clear sign that she’s into you.

3). Touching the lips with the tongue.

It is a courting gesture for women, and their eyes come into play fairly often with long looks and side glances.

This signal is also subconscious, and it’s only the knowledgeable third-party observer who can under-stand what is going on.

Signs she likes you

4). When she’s smiling while looking at you

People who smile while looking at each other are genuinely interested in each other. And especially when she smiles for no reason when you’re around is one of the strongest signs that she’s into you.

Smile is a very useful signal to let you know just how much your appearance pleases her.

5). She looks toward you often if you’re separated at a party or an event.

This is a clear sign that even in a crowd you’re her object of attention. You’re most important to her. She’s probably there because of you and to strike up a conversation with you and get to know you more.

6). She seems relaxed when she’s alone with you.

She may do this by removing her clothings a bit or unbuttoning some of her shirt. These are signs of opening up. This means that she trusts you and is willing to take things further.

Revealing more skin is always a good sign.


7). An accidental touch or a brush.

This is a further signal of her interest. She might touch your arm or thigh—or even let your foot touch hers without making it too obvious. This also means that she’s flirting with you.


When body contact is established, don’t move away.

Signs she likes you

8). When she tries to come close and whisper in your ears.

Whispering is a great way to move into a person’s personal space and if a girl is doing this to you, it’s a clear sign that she wants to be close to you. It shows that she’s very interested.

It is also important to monitor her response after the whisper. Does she move back to her original position by leaning back in her chair or does she maintain the proximity?

9). When she’s leaning in.

Any signs she gives of coming close to you is a clear sign that she wants more intimacy and closeness to you. Proximity when initiated by a woman is a powerful message of interest.

10). She normally approaches you from side or behind.

When a woman is interested in a man, she will normally approach from behind or from the side. This makes her feel less aggressive and in her feminism. Which makes the man more comfortable and open in her presence and strike up a good conversation with her.

11). Using objects as an excuse.

Woman use objects to invade into other’s personal space. Pens, food, clothing or any other item can be used in this way.

She might even leave her clothing at your apartment to use this as an excuse to meet you again.

12). Pointing her fingers towards you.

Pointing is a way to signal that she’d rather be with you than anyone else. It also shows that she’s probably talking about you with her friend, which is a clear sign that she’s interested.

13). When she’s mirroring you.

When a woman is interested in you she will do as you do. Whenever she follows and adopts your body posture this means that she wants you to like her. When she truly wants you and likes you, she would want to be in complete synchronisation with you.

14). When she’s open to dancing with you.

Dancing is a great way to test a woman’s interest. It opens both of you to a lot of touches with each other and be in close proximity with each other. It also increases your eye contact which is very crucial.

Signs she likes you

15). She’s talking to you with her head tilt.

If your woman is really attracted to you, she will tilt her head forward and to the side when she speaks with you. Any neck exposure is meant to display attraction. As neck is one of the most private areas of the body.

It also represents her undivided attention and interest in you.

16). Grooming her hair with her hand.

This is a clear sign that she’s showing off to you and wants your undivided attention. She wants you to be attracted towards her. She wants to draw your eyes towards her prominent features.

If she is looking at you when she does this, then she is very interested.

17). Her pupil becomes large when she looks at you.

People’s pupils grow with interest. They become larger when they see something they like, enjoy or are aroused by.

So, whenever she’s looking at you and her pupils grow larger then chances are she’s very aroused by you.

Opening up more pupil allows more light to get into her eyes which makes her see you even better. This is a clear sign that she wants to look at you as if you’re her object of interest.

18). She licks her lips while looking at you.

A woman shows signs of interest by suggestively licking her lips. It’s a clear sign that she wants to arouse you, seduce you and possibly kiss you.

19). Glancing in a mirror in front of you.

This shows that she wants to groom herself well when she’s meeting you or talking to you as she wants your complete attention.

She wants you to notice her and appreciate her efforts to look good for you.

Signs she likes you

20). When she tries to groom you.

It is another sign of interest as she tries to touch you and get your attention. This shows that she cares for you and wants you to look your best.


After understanding these signs it is now a guarantee that you’ll never miss any sign she gives you. And also save yourself from the unwanted rejection.

It will take time for you to understand all these signs so don’t just experience it in your own life, watch and learn from others as well.

It will speed up your process.

Comment below and let me know your thoughts on these signs and share more if you want to.

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Ariel Vagus

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  • Najah Tabbicca says:

    I love that it’s very impressive,it has motivated me.

  • Joe Roberts says:

    I have a woman that is showing me most those signs. And I have known to look for those signs for a long time but I also know not to move to fast.

  • Yes when girl show these signs then she really into you.

  • Abdul mannan says:

    The positive signs given are strikingly exhaustive, one has to see the criteria of age before hand and his own guts to handle a lady.

  • Md. Abrar ar Rahman (beraj) says:

    I ziboneo dont read signs because i am very much crazy handsome and i have a big butt and girls fall for me all the time. I fuck girls everyday left and right

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