October 9


Flirt With A Girl and Create Irresistible Attraction By Special Flirting Techniques

By Ariel Vagus

October 9, 2019


You’re in conversation with a girl, and things are looking good. She’s giving you good, positive signals, she’s smiling, nodding and open to your approach. But after sometime you can feel all this energy and attraction going down. It’s getting boring. And there’s no spice. It looks like just another boring small talk to her. And now she has started to ignore you and make excuses.

Or maybe you got off of that stage, you’ve taken her phone number, you two are on a nice date, or night out and when you go for a kiss she says ” I see you just as a friend.”

What happened? In both cases there must be something that went wrong. Is the girl not as attracted as she was at the beginning or at the initiation of things? That is what this article is about.

That is “How To Flirt With Girls” so that you can keep that spark burning, that attraction going, so that you can lead it to bed or even into a serious relationship.

Flirting is about playfully breaking rapport with a girl so that it breaks her comfort bubble and create sexual tension. It’s about the playful ‘push’ of the push-pull technique.

NOTICE: It’s not about the pull. And it’s playful.

You create attraction in a girl for you when you are playfully teasing her and creating that tension in her. But at some point you release that tension, for her to take some breathe and then again start from that point, until that leads to a bubble which i call the ” emotional bubble ” and at one point it bursts. Once it bursts that’s when things get sexual.

Attraction between you and your girl always comes down to the amount of sexual tension that you can create with her, which can only happen if you know how to flirt with her.

REMEMBER: Too much tension, and you’ll overwhelm her. You must find the right balance.

Without flirting, your interaction with a girl is going to be flat out boring. It’s just normal socialising. But you are not here to become social, you’re here to become more sexual. So, let’s get ready for the real thing.


>> The Personality Type

You can not flirt with a woman, until and unless you understand a very core concept of dating nowadays. That is the girl you want to flirt with and possibly take things further, is she a masculine centered woman, or a feminine woman. If you haven’t read my masculine article “How To Be More Masculine” then I must let you know that masculine and feminine are just essence or energies.

So, think again. Is your girl, more dominating or submissive? Is she shy or bold? Because that is going to dominate everything that you’re going to be doing with her.


If she is more masculine, then chances are you’re more on the feminine end and vice-versa. Men and women, are always attracted to their opposite energies.

So if you, as a man, have a more masculine centered energy, then you will be attractive to women who have a feminine energy or essence.

Now, before reading another section, I want you to decide first. Which energy are you more centered around? Don’t worry. It’s absolutely fine to even have a more feminine energy. Actually more men have feminine energies nowadays, and women have more masculine energy.



Every woman is unique, complicated and complex. So, is there a one way path to get all of them? Well….. NO. But if there’s one thing that comes as close to that, it is CONFIDENCE in a man. It’s the most attractive trait in a man.

Confidence is being able to increase the value of other men around you. I know….. i just shocked your world. With the most shocking definition of confidence. But now, read this very carefully, it’s about to change your life….

If you’re present in a crowd and you’re increasing the value of other men and upvoting them. What does this sub – communicates to a woman?

That this man has so much abundance, and he has such possessions in himself that he doesn’t even hesitate to increase the value of others around him. He is not jealous. Nor does he have any insecurities. He has it all. Just imagine…

When other men are pouncing here and there for upvotes to increase their value in a woman’s eyes, you’re going against the tide? Who is the leader here?

She sees that if this man can be such a good leader and nurture men around him like that, then he can definitely help me feel secure and at the same time lead me. She’ll see you as having a positive belief system, and somebody who’ll always keep her happy, just like other men, who respect you and see you as a leader.

How To Flirt With A Girl

>> Demonstrating High value

Even though I could have put this in the confidence section only. But i thought that this topic is so important that it should have its own pretty little section.

Demonstrating higher value is all about your belief system and your mindset. Do you have an abundance mindset or a scarcity mindset? Are you a giver or a taker like scavengers or vultures?

When you’re a taker, you’ll constantly try to sell yourself to a woman that you’re this and that, but obviously she’s not going to be sold on you. Because if you truly are a somebody then you don’t have to sell. You already are.


Now let me explain to you a more in depth meaning of what Demonstrating High values means.

To demonstrate means to show. It means that you don’t have to sell yourself, nor do you have to be in a certain way, or fake something, or anything like that. When you’re selling, you’re explaining. But when you’re demonstrating, you’re mesmerising.

When you’re demonstrating you’re not needy. But imagine when you’re selling, you’re a salesman, and a salesman is always needy as he needs to get his product sold and make money.

When you demonstrate high value, you don’t sell. They do. You’re the customer and she’s the salesman or woman actually 😉

She will chase you and convince you, why she’s the right woman for you? She’ll try to tell positive stuffs about herself in order to charm you and get your attention.

Now, before I end this section, i want to let you know, why demonstrating high value is so important?

It’s because women want what they can’t have. So, they must feel like they’ve earned your attraction and attention. They want the chance to chase you. Then only can she be hugely attracted in you.


>> Initiating Your Flirts

Now, that i have discussed the basics of attraction and some of the things which you’ll need to do to make sure, that your flirts doesn’t go to waste and you actually get results when you are hitting on a girl. By now, you would have had a pretty good idea that flirting is not just about some cheesy pick up lines. It’s much more than that.

And most importantly it’s about getting results with the girl.

So, with that in mind. Another very important thing you must know about flirting is that – It is not about making her laugh. [ Whoever makes her laugh, wins her… ] If that were the case, then comedians would become the biggest players of all time.

You must know that you’re in a conversation with her, you’re not her entertainer. Getting a laugh out of her is not going to help you take things further with her.

Flirting is about letting her see the threat of your male polarity. Not about making you see as a joker.

Now, when you’re initiating to flirt with a girl, your primary objective is to become higher status than her. It’s not just going to happen through your verbals. It’a a combination of your body language, facial expressions, eye contact, voice tonality, plus the perfect lines. [ Discussed in the next section. ]

I know you must have thought that flirting is all about some cheesy pick – up lines. But that’s why most of your flirts don’t work on her. The best flirts are those who don’t even need to say a word.

Most of the sexual tension that you are going to create with her, is going to be non-verbal.

Especially through those big black eyes of yours. They’re the best ways of creating tension. If you can master the eyes, then half of your flirting is done.

Another thing to make sure is even though you want to show her that you’re higher status than her but you’re not a rude jerk or a misogynistic hater. SO, it all must be done playfully and light heartedly.

And, always be a value giver. Create a win-win situation for both of you. Flirting should be such that it gives both of you feel good vibes.

How To Flirt With A Girl

>> Body Language For Flirting

Body language is perhaps most important when it comes to flirting with a girl and effectively converting it into more, from there. As, i have written in above section, the best flirt doesn’t even need to speak a word. He flirts with his body.

So, here are my 10 powerful tips that you could use to make your flirts effective –

1). Show that you’re in control

Before you enter a room where you want to make the right impact, or before you meet a person you need to impress take a long and deep breath. When you do this, the muscles of your jaw, neck and shoulder would relax giving you a natural posture.

This will make her more comfortable around you and she will be more receptive to whatever you have to say or do.


2). Slightly move from time to time when speaking


We are drawn instinctively to somebody is moving. When you move, the eyes of the person you’re talking to becomes instinctively more focused on you. So, to attract her attention and hold it, move while you speak or first move a little and then speak. Or you could speak half a line, then pause, move a bit, create some tension and then finish your line.


3). Rotate your palm downward when she’s talking to you

As i have written in one of the above sections, she would love for you to lead her. So, when she’s talking to you, you don’t nod for approval. Instead, of that rotate your palms downward. This ensures you are the authority there, and she will have to work harder for you. And don’t nod. Nodding is very beta.


4). Speak First

This is something I have always noticed in girls, that they want a man to begin the initiation. As in wanting him to lead her on a topic for conversation. So, when she wants you to take the lead, its only smart enough that you take it. It’s a sign from her that she wants to be in her feminine when she is with you. So, whenever you’re with her, and she’s quiet, you speak first.


5). Gauge her readiness or receptiveness to your flirts

If she is interested in whatever you have to say or do, she would sink back into chair and assume a relaxed stance, i.e. she is ready to listen to you and do whatever you want. But if she’s not interested, she would get herself ready to get up and go. If this happens, you better stop whatever you’re doing and change the topic.


6). Widen Your Stance for Voice Tonality

When you do this, you prepare her for a major impact and make her listen more attentively. When you widen your stance it makes everyone to listen and obey to you. [ I’m not promising anything ]

So, you take a deep breath, keep both feet firmly on the ground, feel yourself breathing in and out of the calmness. When you are relaxed and when you use this stance, then your voice would come out more resonant and deeper.


7). Step back, if you’ve angered her

There are a lot of times, that your lines just won’t make the kind of impact that you want with her. Or maybe she may get angry on something you said.

When this happens, you just take a step back, and be on the backfoot. If you do it naturally, then she will also relax and calm down.


8). Display Confidence

Imagine, you’re saying one of your cheesy lines, or qualify her, and your body language is not up to mark. Holy fu*k.

So, to display confidence, stand with your hands lightly on your hips, feet rooted to the ground. It helps you make a great impression, especially when you’re speaking something to her.


9). If you got it, Go Spread it

Spread over the area, if you got the a**. [Obviously you do, so spread it.] Let your body lose; square your body and occupy more space than your body normally does.

This allows her to be relaxed and comfortable as well.


10). Stop Blabbing

Don’t talk too loudly, too quickly – this shows that you’re nervous and unsure of yourself.

This will make her nervous as well. A good rule of thumb is, half the speed of everything that you’re doing right now. Then it will make everything natural, when you;re doing it in front of others.

So, these were my body language tips which you can use instantly to make your flirts more effective and get positive results.

How To Flirt With A Girl

>> Flirting Spikes And Hooks

Flirting has to come from a place of positivity. Sub-communicating this is vital. You need to have twinkling eyes and a boyish grin to pull it off. She has to know that you’re teasing her because you like her. Or else you’ll be labelled a creep.

You must know when to tease her and how much to tease her. That can only happen, once you start going out and try all these stuffs out. It will come from practice.

A flirtatious spike is anything that increases her attraction while playfully challenging her or teasing her.


Now some spikes to lower her value are –

1). We’re never going to get along! You’re too cute for my standards. In this spike you disqualified her and also let her know that you think she’s cute.

Chances are that after this she is bound to ask you WHY won’t we get along? Especially if she is cute? Or she may ask you do you not see anything else in her?

See, this one spike opened up so many chances of improving your rapport with her, or rather breaking rapport with her. You can take this into any direction from here.


2). You can be my personal bodyguard…my mum told me English ( or whatever country she is of ) girls were tough!

This is another legendary line, for decreasing her value, or showing that you’re of higher value.

You can also use this line, if she says that she is tough or strong. It can always be used to lower her value, which is very important if you want her to be attracted in you.


3). Oh, so you’re one of THOSE girls!

If you use this line with the right facial expressions, voice tonality and body language, then my boy,,, you’ve got her hooked to you for a long time.

She will be dying to ask you, what kind of girls? From there you can tease her for a long time and you can even tell her to complete one of your challenges and then you’ll tell her what kind of girls…. Which leads to another spike..


4). Give her challenges, if she wins 10 points, you’ll tell her what kind of girls.

Trust me girls love challenges. And chances are she’s going to take this challenge very positively and in a very fun, light-hearted manner. You’ll enjoy this time, while she’ll become more obedient to you and would want to listen more from you.


5). Nowadays, girls have made it a norm of calling themselves princess….So you can say something like –

Ah, a princess I see…! You must have the facial expression of disgrace and contempt here. It will lower her value and bring her back to earth.

Normally whichever girl says this is self – centered. So, it’s very important that you bring her down to earth or else she’ll whip your a**.  And friend – zone you at max.


6). ( If she touches you ) Every time you touch, it’s $10. I’m done giving free services.

This is another hilarious yet attraction spike. This will boil her tension and chances are she’ll touch you even more after this. So, enjoy 😉

>> Power Spikes

These spikes are meant to show her who’s in control or in-charge. This is meant for those bitchy girls who just use men for their benefits and leave them. But you must get a hang of all the above techniques and mindsets that i have taught you for this to be effective as this is pretty advanced.

1). Mental note…never date this girl!

Do this with facial expression and acting. You can say this when she’s trying to brag or boast about herself, or says something which you don’t like.

If you don’t like something she says or does, instead of nodding yes, just say this line with right acting and expressions.

If you were friends before this or you were friend-zoned by her, this will flip the whole situation. Now, she’s the one who just got rejected by you, even if she didn’t even ask you out.

This is what power spikes are meant to do. They are flirty, they have a purpose and they get you results.


2). We can have fun but please don’t touch!

If she tells you let’s have fun. You can always use this line for that. With the expression of
contempt and the body language of – as if you’ll be disgraced if she touched you, you can make things steamy with her.

As chances are that is exactly what she’ll do. She’ll take that as a challenge. You can take things further from there by trying to stay away from her, or make faces when you’re in that activity.


3). If you do a pull on her… suppose by saying – I think you’re very beautiful. Then an immediate amazing push you can use is –

Don’t get your hopes up, I’m not that easy!


4). ( If she trips, or falls ), Do this with a wink 😉
Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone, it’s our dirty little secret!

This is an amazing spike. It makes the girl confused yet at the same time gets her to be thinking about you.



I could literally keep going, and never end this article. Flirting is that big of a topic. It may be big but it’s not hard to understand. The simplest takeaway that you can have from this article is Now you can do this by normal talks and your visions and dreams as well. But where’s the fun and always show a girl that you’re a man of high values.

playfulness in it?

That’s right. It’s not there.

That’s where flirting comes in. It’s an art which is done in a fun, light-hearted manner. She also knows that you’re just trying to tease her because you like her. And trust me if you’re doing it rightly, in the manner that I’ve taught you, then she is also loving it. As that’s the purpose of flirting. That is to create a win-win situation, where both the parties can enjoy.

I hope that you learnt the right way to flirt, from this article and you get success while flirting. 

NOW, since you know the insider’s secret to flirt with a girl, I recommend you to learn the Body Language of an Alpha Male.

Warning: If you’re not comfortable with making women wet then don’t read this article.

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Ariel Vagus

About the author

  • Reading this as a woman was both hilarious and downright frightening. If you think you need to lower a woman’s value to make her want you then you’re in for a rude awakening. Can confidence and some funny statements be attractive? Of course they can. But this article will most likely not help you to attract a woman long term, sorry to break it to you.

    • I agree Lucy… most of this is rubbish

  • Not every man wants a woman for the long term. Some just prefer one night stands…

  • DEVALUE a woman just to get her in bed with You? Shame on you….mysonogist idiot. What a load of garbage. I would NEVER go out with a man like this.

    • This article was not for you – It’s for men who want to learn the art of flirting and women who want to see their man flirting with them and enjoying couple of lovely time together.

      • Do you really think we’re that stupid that we can’t tell when a guy is doing these things? “This article is not for you.” Um, dude, this article is not for ANYBODY. It’s gross and nobody respects a guy who behaves this way. You want to get a woman in bed? Call a hooker because you don’t deserve anything better if you do these things.

  • In body language #3 is confusing. What do you mean “rotate your plans down”. Can you explain this maneuver in a different way please?

  • Ariel Vagus, a lot of the things you have written here I could not relate to.. I’ve written lovely things in text to my current girlfriend when we first met and when we were together I said really nice things, which made her heart fond of me, but it all came from inside me… I didn’t have to try hard or get tips… Yeah what does this mean “rotate your palms down”. ????

    • Dr. Vador says:

      Hey Joe, I think it all depends on the perspective in which the author wrote the article. Different strokes for different folks, please feel free to stop by and have a read. Hopefully, you will find some helpful tips that you can apply immediately.

  • On the whole , it was a good guide. But varies from lady to lady. Flirting or chasing a lady is a two sided affair. If she likes you she will seductively lead you else …. Oh forget it.. let’s be optimistic. Let’s have fun. Men and women are created to complement each other. Si rock

  • Dear Author of This Article,

    No. Just no. Please don’t ever write anything ever again. And please rename this article “How To Intimidate Women While Pretending Not To Be A Douchebag”.

    Thank you.

  • Dr. Vador says:

    I think that flirting can have different effects as well as results. Let’s not fool ourselves, some women are week, as our some man. Therefore, flirting might have a different effect on them. Keeping this in mind, some relationship advice is for a certain group of individuals. Please feel free to stop by and have a read on us and discover our perspective of dating and approaching your ideal partner.

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