October 8


How To Text A Girl Like An Alpha Male?

By Ariel Vagus

October 8, 2019

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Ever wondered how to text a girl? What’s the first message you should send a girl? How to flirt with a woman over text? How to ask a girl on a date: and feel confident that she’ll say ‘yes’? How to use texts to flirt with girls until they can’t wait to see you? And how to contact a girl after not hearing from her for ages?

Think about how important texts, and emails are to dating today. Long gone are the days of the love letter, maybe even the phone call: We now have about 156 characters to express our intentions in.

So make sure you read this article to the very end if you want to learn how to text like an alpha male and master the art of text game.

This article shows killer alpha male texting examples which you can start applying today and start getting girls attracted to you and making them want to date you in no time.

It’s an in-depth article on how to text a girl but but before going to the real meaty content lets discus few advantages of texting for a good match.

>> Advantages of Texting

Texting is very similar to normal conversation but with one HUGE difference; you have time to think of a good answer.

This is the killer advantage to texting that few people take advantage of. They don’t realize that they can craft a very witty, cool response to whatever anyone says to them.

Texting allows you to get back to the texter when it is convenient or maybe not get back to them at all.

Very often you may not want to respond. Often this sends a stronger message than responding. That person asking you to cover their shift at work or maybe a girl that was a bit bitchy, you may not want to respond to.

If you discipline yourself to take that extra 30 seconds to send something much smarter than what you normally would, you will get extraordinary results.

Not only that, but you can step out of the emotional moment, in other words, you have time to calm down so that you can say the right thing later.

What a killer opportunity if you tend to say the wrong thing to women.

Take your time and create a response that creates more attraction and pushes your wit muscles.


Texting is very useful and is here to stay but it has a lot of limitations. It is very difficult to pick up tone in a text. You may want a response back quickly but you may not get one. Texting can be annoying, easily ignored, or cause feelings to get hurt.

Even with all of these disadvantages, texting is incredibly useful and will only increase in functionality in the next few years.

Unfortunately, no matter how much it improves, there still will be a lot of communication problems associated with texting.

However, I am going to teach you how to become a badass Alpha male at texting and get insane results.

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Very often these results are even better than talking to someone in person.

I will teach you how to avoid the typical pitfalls of texting and the BIG NO NOs that will get you ignored and erased. With some simple strategy, you will be able to get her to text you back immediately with the answer you want to hear!

Now first and foremost the most important things of all the important things which we must discuss –


If you have the right mindset you can get whatever you want.

Your mentality dictates your reality.

If your thoughts are not in line with the messages that you send then eventually, sooner rather than later, she’ll realize that you’re a scam.

You need to understand and embrace the Universal truth that –

  • Your thoughts dictate your beliefs.
  • Beliefs dictate your actions.
  • Actions dictate your results.

Always have a positive outlook towards life. Always know that everything happens for a reason. Everything happens for your own benefit.

More than anything else, YOU are the prize here.

SHE should be lucky to spend time with you.

NOT the other way around.

So with that in mind, let’s get into the biggest texting mistake many guys make:

>> The 3 Biggest Texting Mistakes Guys Make:

You should never hang on the girl’s next words, ready to fire off a response.

This communicates need, the biggest dating buzz kill. I am not telling you to not respond, only to be aware that it is far more preferable to make the girl wait five minutes, an hour, or a day.

A good rule of thumb is wait longer than she last did to fire off a response.


This translates to Facebook too. DO NOT be instant messaging with your target, it is just a bad idea until you build some real attraction first.

DO NOT constantly apologize for who you are. You cannot do this in life, and especially not in texting. I am not talking about being late and not apologizing for it.

I am talking about the incessant use of “sorry”s to be accepted by others.

This is just ugly in text and makes you look very weak. What if instead of saying sorry you actually said, “I am pathetic, please like me” or “please accept me , I am your bitch.”

Would this kind of person seem attractive to you? Would you want to be friends or lovers with this person? 90% of the time, when you use “Sorry…” it is inappropriate.

Now that we know some mistakes during texting. Lets set some Ground rules of texting.

alpha male texting

>> The Texting Credos –

1). Don’t ask vague questions:

Make a question too broad and it becomes very difficult to answer. Avoid it.

Only ask specific questions that have definite answers.

If she has to think about it, she might think, “Oh, I’ll think for a while and get back to him…”

Only to forget about it over the course of her busy day.

So simple, specific questions are very important.

2). Counter demand:

If she asks you to do something for her: make a counter demand. For example, if she can only meet on a certain day; choose the location and what you’re doing.

Women are very attracted to guys who make decisions, and this can be a good way to show her that you’re a leader without being a d!ck about it.

If you say something like “Thursday? I have a great place we can go–wear something nice.”

She’ll be intrigued by the mystery of the situation. And the “wear something nice” might make her start fantasizing about where you’re taking her.


Even if it’s just a nice walk in a park.

3). Use strong language

There’s no ‘if’s’, ‘buts’’, ‘maybe’s’, or ‘would you like to’s’ about it. So scrap all the, ‘would you like to maybe…’ and replace rapidly with ‘let’s do…’

Again, women like strong leaders. They want to be led.

Indecisive language is a sign of an indecisive personality.

Women hate indecisive men.

4). Don’t accept second place:

If she doesn’t give you a firm ‘yes’ back, then accept it as a ‘no’.

However, you should be somewhat persistent too. Girls have lives, get busy, etc.

The caveat here is if she’s REALLY interested in you, she’ll usually text back quickly or make time to text you.

So if she takes a long time to respond or is wishy-washy, that might mean you have a taller hill to climb.

5). Match her ratio:

This means that you do not send her tons of texts in a row and blow up her phone if she doesn’t respond. Keep the ratio of your texts 1:1 where possible.

Even better if you can keep it where she’s sending you more texts than you are her.

Same idea as above: if she’s sending you more texts, then she’s probably actually really interested in you.

If not, you have more work to do…

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6). Act nonchalant if she says ‘no’:

If you get a flat out ‘no’, or an ‘I’m busy’, do not get angry with her!

It might just be that she IS busy.

If this happens you have two options:

a) Give her a few days of space, then re-engage, or

b) Ask “what day works for you?” If she doesn’t answer this, THEN she’s probably not interested.

You should still not get angry… just give her several weeks and then re-engage with a funny GIF you find online.

7). Mirror her levels of investment:

If she’s says she can’t see you this week, you do the same.

She ghosts for a week then responds? You don’t respond to her for a week and a day.

If she’s responding quickly, giving long answers, etc.–THEN you can follow your instincts and text her back quickly.

But until she’s doing that, best to mirror her own activity.

>> Be specific.

Be clear about what you want to do with her, so she knows what she’s agreeing to. Even better, make it sound exciting and she’s more likely to say yes.

You may not feel that you are the most attractive guy, but little do you know that looks really aren’t all that important.

How many times have you seen a really hot girl with an average guy and you’ve said, “WTF? Why is she with HIM??” The answer is very simple, he is smart, and knows how to entertain/challenge her.

Women date men far more often for what they say, and who they are, than how they look. Don’t underestimate this, if you say the right things, super hot girls will be attracted to you like flies to honey.

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>> Attraction

I have discussed about it a lot in previous articles.

But another quick guide is necessary here.

Attraction boils down to one thing when alpha male texting:

Sexual tension.

And maintaining that tension boils down to one thing:

Power balance.

I can give you a ton of tips, tricks, rules and no nos but they are relatively worthless if you don’t understand the purpose and meaning behind what you should and shouldn’t do.

So pay close attention.

Attraction Don’ts

  • Come on too strong setting off her fear response.
  • Smothering her with attention, so she couldn’t breathe.
  • Don’t ignore the fact that she isn’t reciprocating your attraction.
  • Ignore the tons of “hints” showing her lack of interest.
  • Be too polite and never initiate sex, which makes you look weak.
  • Make relationship demands before she is even remotely ready.
  • Act jealous and demand sexual exclusivity.

Now that we know what you don’t need to do. Let’s discuss what you NEED to do.

Attraction Dos –

1). Opinionated – Lovers don’t need to have the same world-view, in fact to push your partner to a new understanding of the world is a beautiful gift.

2). Independent strength – you are strong and you do not need the other’s strength to survive.

3). Demanding of respect – Without this, no love can maintain. You must be willing to lose what you love in order to protect who you are.

4). Continuous desire for growth – Both of you must be growth oriented and keep exploring newer horizons and boundaries to keep things interesting.

5). Equal physical/sexual attraction – If you can look at your lover and say, “My god… is that who I am going to make love to tonight?” Wow, is there any greater positive sexual tension than this?

6). Fun, Humor and delight – Without laughter and joy, what relationship can be whole?

7). Communication – It is so important that in a relationship you both communicate each other and understand each other.This is the glue which keeps you both together.So keep renewing this glue from time to time.

>> When to Text For the First time –


You need to wait… a minimum of a day, better yet, a few days. If it is longer than a week, I find the initial interest tends to fade.

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I know you really want to text girls right away but this is your subconscious betraying you.

Wait a couple of days and show the other person that you are worthy of something healthy.

As a guy you have to watch your sexual impatience, it will do nothing but scare a girl away.

>> Always be the First to Exit the Conversation

You must always do this and it needs to be a conscious choice. You should set up a mental timer of about 10 minutes and then exit.

Now, You are tremendously busy, and you often don’t respond to a text.

This will accidentally put you in control of almost every text conversation.

You simply don’t have time to be talking to everyone that drops you a line.

Your time is too valuable to spend texting all day. This sends a powerful message that you too busy for them.

You have so many things going on, so many people to talk to and if you drop you a line you are LUCKY!

There is nothing worse than expressing too much need, being busy and not getting back conveys the opposite of neediness.

>> Questions, Questions, Questions –

Thinking what questions to ask a girl almost seems like a quest. It’s as if this is the make or break deal in Texting.

Boring questions like, “how are you?” makes her feel bored ,sleepy and wanna block you.

On the other hand Interesting questions increases her intrigue, capture her attention, spark her imagination and makes a positive impact of you in her head.

Interesting questions makes her to open up to you and sparks attraction.

And as you keep building the momentum getting to know each other better your trust will grow, which leads to dates, sex and more.

Examples of Interesting Questions –

  • If you could have any super power what would it be and why?
  • If you had three wishes, what would they be?
  • Have you ever done anything you could have gotten arrested for?
  • If you were in the circus what performer would you be?
  • If you knew you had a week to live what would you do?
  • Would you rather have a guy who is a great kisser or a great dancer?
  • Would you rather have a guy that is an amazing lover or has a lot of money?

Notice the trend in all these examples. All of these are emotion evoking. And that’s how you get a girl.


If a man can arouse emotions, then he can get any girl.

If she asks you a question in return, be sure to give more than one-word answers.

Women connect and build trust emotionally, so give her an emotional answer.

Use a lot of descriptive details and imagery to tell her how it makes you feel.

How to Go From Texting to Sleeping With Her…

I gave my best in trying to make you a Texting king. Now I hope that you apply all that you have learnt and spice up your life.

Now you have the liberty to choose the texts that fit the girl, your personality, and the situation best, but stay in the order of Fun, Challenge, Trust and Desire.


The only way to increase your skills and figure out new methods that work for you is by applying constant experimentation.

And that includes when you’re out on the date. Once you find something that works… use it! Especially if it makes it easier to get her in bed.

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Is this even possible? Yes it is.

And not only that, it’s definitely the BEST way to sleep with a woman once you’re out on a date.

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