August 5


Why Ejaculating Harder Is Good For You – Sexually, Physically, and Mentally

By Paco Penne

August 5, 2019


Let’s be honest. Most men don’t cum the way guys do in pornos. Chances are, instead of painting the ceiling you’re dribbling over yourself.

This is normal and you don’t have to be ashamed of it. But when you’re with a girl, dribbling is an unimpressive and embarrassing way to finish. This is just one reason men want to know how to cum more and shoot further.

Ejaculating harder doesn’t come naturally to many guys, and it’s something you’re gonna have to work on. It’s a direct way to display your masculinity and will get girls going.

There are a ton of good reasons to work on it. Here’s why shooting a big load is good for you, physically and mentally.


A Diet That Will Get You Very Far

One common reason that men dribble small loads of cum is that they’ve been putting shit in their bodies. Smoking, drinking too much, and eating unhealthy foods, all lead to a pathetic load.

The steps you’ll take to cum more include giving your diet an overhaul. You have to start eating healthier and taking supplements like maca root and pumpkin seeds. This will not only increase your load, but it will do wonders for your libido too. You’ll start feeling healthier in general, lose excess fat, and get fucking fit fast.


Dick Control

When learning to cum further, you’ll learn to do kegel exercises. These are usually done by women trying to learn better bladder control, especially after having given birth. But they are fucking good for men too.

They will give you control over your ejaculations and your dick in general. This control will benefit you sexually, as you’re able to use your dick more proficiently and with more purpose.

Girls will notice and you’ll gain a reputation for being great at sex.


Come With Confidence

Nothing beats the confidence you get from being great at sex. It’s a secret talent most of the time, but you always know.

Most importantly, you will feel much more at ease when picking up chicks. When you’re unhappy with your sexual performance, part of you doesn’t want to succeed. Part of you is scared to bring a girl home.

But when you know you can shoot like a pornstar, nothing’s in your way. Instead of being embarrassed about your performance, you know you’re going to impress. She’ll see just how much of an alpha you are. Any doubts will be erased.



Sweet Release

Finally, I want to mention just how satisfying it feels to cum bigger and stronger. Cumming is the best feeling in the world, but for most men it’s over after just a short spurt. When you shoot ropes, the feeling is stronger and more prolonged.

You get that sweet release that (almost) nothing compares to. More endorphins are released and you feel more satisfied and happier.


Paco Penne

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