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How To Be More Masculine? 5 Tips To Unleash Your Masculinity

By Ariel Vagus

August 5, 2019


Masculine is not a gender. It’s an essence. It’s a form of energy or vibe that you get from people when you meet them.

Masculine is courage, risk-taking, physical and emotional strength to handle tough agonizing situations. It is the energy, the vibe that makes you say enough is enough, and take actions in the face of uncertainty, knowing that you might fail, yet walking on. It is the ability to protect your loved ones from harms and dangers and make them feel secure.

When you are masculine you’re free from all dogmas and false beliefs which society and BS media binds you to. You live your dreams and create a life from where you can help others as well. Being masculine is being able to hold your composure in tough times. When you can withhold your emotions, detach yourself from a tough situation and evaluate it with an outside perspective without any bias or favoritism and then you take actions strategically with a fool proof plan, that is called being masculine of the highest standard.


A very important masculine nature is the nature of service. A masculine man is born to penetrate this world with his will and make this world a better place than what it was. He is born to make an impact on this world and make a difference. To leave his mark on this planet. He wants to live his life fully, dedicated towards a purpose where there is meaning in his life and he can go ALL IN on working towards his purpose.

He knows he is going to have to rebel, break status quos and probably go against his loved ones to achieve his purpose, yet he is fine because he knows he is fighting the good fight, a fight worth giving everything for.

That’s called being Masculine.

Since, it is a set of traits that resonate to men or manly behaviors. It can always be developed, nurtured and built over time. So, let’s look at some of those traits, their importance and how you can develop and nurture them to become more masculine –

>> Be Brave

A lot of times what happens in our life is we stop ourselves from doing the things we love doing. Why? Because society doesn’t like it. Because someone says we’ll fail. We are not good enough. Because our parents, our loved ones don’t want us to pursue our dreams.

Well, guess what – Someone else’s opinion of you doesn’t have to be your reality.

It is very important that from now on you start following your heart and live this amazing, wonderful life of yours to your heart’s content.

When you are brave you are following the path you want to follow and carve out a path that others can only wish and hope. You become a role model and a leader for them.


This is one of the most important traits of Masculinity.

Challenge yourself everyday to listen less to other’s wishes and more to what you want to do, what’s your focus and priority, you do that.

Make action taking a priority in life. Don’t be like those cold and timid souls who waste out their whole life waiting on the sidelines to give them permission to take actions. And if you still want it, then I hereby permit you to take actions. This world is won by action takers.

And don’t be afraid that you get scared of stuffs and all that, we all are scared or afraid of somethings but it’s just that we still take actions even in the presence of the thing that we’re scared of.

And, you know the best part as i wrote in the above section that all these 5 tips can be developed. So, your bravery can also be developed. It’s just that you haven’t developed it yet or haven’t maximized it, but now after this if you take actions then you’ll become one of the bravest souls people will come across.

Some actionable steps to develop your bravery –

1). Do mini – actionable stuffs which you love doing. It may be singing, dancing or speaking, start doing it. If you are just starting don’t go full-time, just start. Slowly build it up until it becomes your passion and you can’t live without it anymore.

2). Fail at something everyday. I know it sounds crazy but most of the time we don’t do something is because of the fear of failures. SO, you do something in which you suck and fail, then you contemplate and reflect on it. Ask yourself – Was it that bad? Did you not enjoy it? The rush, the adrenaline, the excitement of the unknown are all that not exciting enough?

3). When you go out find you paths to coming back home. This does a lot of good to you. It makes you creative, it opens up your mind and obviously it makes you brave and makes you more receptive to taking risks in the future.

BONUS : I prefer doing cardio as i believe it pumps me up and helps me take action when i am feeling like procrastinating or when i am afraid of anything. I think you should also try something like that, it definitely helps, if nothing at least it will declutter the bull**** and make you focused on the GOAL.

>> Live a life of freedom

It is very important to be FREE in live to tap into your masculine and unleash your greatest power. And if you truly want to have freedom and be independent then you have to stop being dependent on others.

Take responsibility. For yourself, your life, where you want to go, what you want to be and own your sh**. Take control or be controlled forever.


Prioritize your life in having experiences, amazing, bad or even worse, all of them in place of material stuff or money. I don’t mean money is not important or you should not be materialistic. I am not a monk. What i mean is Money is a commodity. But you are the real deal. You can always grow, teach yourself and at that you can teach yourself stuffs so well that you can even make money work for you while you’re having experiences of all kinds.

Never let money or anything control you or your time. Know that it’s just a commodity. And even with people, be free of emotions that binds you to anyone. It is very important that you have a free will and you can always do what you want, when you are in any relationship.


another very important thing which i feel might be holding you back or stopping you from being free and living your life is you not being mindful. Being mindful means living in the present. It’s so important to be aware and be fully present in the NOW.

This is what makes you happy and appreciate stuff for what they truly are. Never get stuck in time. What will happen in the future or what bad or tragic happened to you in the past. Don’t waste your precious life living what’s unreal.

I mean past is already gone and future is not here, so it is not real. What’s real is here and it is NOW, the present. So, always live in the present and be aware of everything happening in the present. It will give a new perspective to you.


Speak the truth. Because ultimate freedom in life is when you have nothing to hide.

I once had a friend who was a big liar. He lied about almost everything but what it did was make things complicated for him and got him entangled. One lie after another and he had created a web of lies only to find himself stuck in it. It even costed him our friendship, i mean who wants to be with a man who can’t be honest, especially with his own buddies.

>> Become your greatest version

Self-Improvement is every man’s birthright and he must do it consciously and deliberately everyday. The greatest investment you will ever make is investing in yourself. It is going to give you the greatest return on investments.

Everything you do, every time you take an action, every time you fail or succeed, all these are opportunities for you to grow and learn. These are the times when you grow your insights and become a man of wisdom, which you ill use in the future endeavors to create something big of yourself.

But for all this to happen you have to prepare yourself. It all comes from preparation, it’s not about luck or talent. It’s all about preparation. And you prepare everyday by being consistent, no matter how you feel. It’s an everyday job. There’s no secret ingredient, no secret trick. It’s preparation. You become what you do consistently. It’s as simple as that.


from now on i want you to commit to one thing which you absolutely love doing and do it until you have completely mastered it.

It’s going to take time, it’s going to take a lot of investments from you but that’s OK, you’re doing all this for you after all. You want all the success, you want to become a more masculine man. And becoming your best version and always improving each day, every day is something every masculine has always done. We never stop improving, we never stop growing. We know it’s a constant process as life is growth and we enjoy the process.

Don’t think that improvement is a sprint and once you have improved then it will remain with you forever. We humans are repetition animals. We only remember those things which we completely do and repeat everyday. So, you must work on improving yourself everyday even when you have achieved some level of mastery because if you don’t then you’ll again get back to your previous level and you’ll again have to build it all up. So, don’t leave it or stop it. Be Consistent.

>> Be passionate

Passion is the secret sauce that is going to make you do it day in and day out even when you are not feeling like it. Even in times when you want to give up, it’s passion that will keep you going. And it’s a hallmark of every masculine man. You would have often heard a woman say – My man is not passionate enough. Or he doesn’t show enough passion to me.

So, what is passion?

Passion is what drives you and propels you to do something, no matter what the situation or the circumstances. It happens for something that you love and feel that you can’t live without it. It’s a very strong and bold emotion.

A BIG mistake i see people make today is confuse passion for results. This mean all they care is the outcome and not the thing that they’re doing. For ex – They’re doing business, and all they want and love is money. They don’t love the business. This is not passion. This is greed for money.

When you are faking material greed for passion then you have to exert a lot of external pressure and focus. You need constant motivation and there will always be times when you want to run away.

So, what does it mean?

It means, when you are passionate about something then you don’t give a fu** about winning or losing, you don’t care about the results and you don’t care about the rewards, you’re just loving doing the thing and fully immersed in doing it, day in and day out. You don’t care who is with you and who is against you, you will do it.

This is very important part of developing your masculine essence because a lot of times the world will tell you to give up, you can’t do it, you’re not good enough. And trust me if you’re not passionate about that thing, you’ll give up. That’s the power of passion, it will keep you going even in dark and gloomy days.


Passion is about discovering yourself and your limits in this world. For ex – You want to be masculine and you’re passionate about it. Then you’ll never stop. You’ll keep discovering more, keep learning more, keep finding more stuffs, to pour your head into.

It’s always about going for more, never stopping. Finding your edges and recreating them. That’s passion.

>> Be Confident

Being confident is having faith in your skills, your talents and taking actions knowing you’ll win as you have prepared enough and put in the time. It’s being certain in your capabilities and having the belief in your power that you will succeed.

When you are confident you are sure of yourself and you’re certain that whatever happens you’ll be just fine and you’ll face all the difficulties.

When you are confident you –

  • Value Yourself.
  • Don’t go to guilt trips.
  • Open and approachable.
  • Positive and ever – improving.
  • Do the things that YOU love.

All these above qualities show great self-worth, ability and power of a person over oneself. And that’s where i want you to start building your confidence.


first start valuing yourself. How you see yourself is exactly how the world will perceive you. If you are calm, compose and self-assured, you know who you are, then that’s the kind of value the world will tend to put on you as well. It all begins from the self-talk. What do you say to yourself? Is it positive? Or is it something whacky or self-destructive?

Look, what you think you become? So, be very picky when you are thinking something.

Once you get this part right, all other stuffs will slowly start happening and coming to you.

So, these were the 5 tips you can do to become more masculine.

Now, you know how to be more masculine and unleash your masculinity, I recommend YOU to check out my in-depth article on Alpha Male BODY LANGUAGE.

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