5 Proven Tips To Cure Approach Anxiety


Anxiety is the body’s natural response to a challenging situation. Anxiety has evolved to be used when we are in danger as an emergency response. The worst kind of anxieties we get are –

When we imagine situations to be more threatening than they really are. In this case Approaching and talking to women. Now let’s roll to the 5 Proven Tips To Cure Approach Anxiety 

Some of the things that happen during approach anxiety are- 

Breathing rate increases. 

Heart rate increases. 

Blood pressure rises. 

Adrenaline levels increase. 

Irritability increases. 

The biggest reason for approach anxiety is a man’s insecurities about himself. 

They have this deep rooted fear inside them about themselves. 

And because of their incapability to approach women, talk to them and attract them, they become stressed and beat themselves over and over about this issue. 

If you’re here for the cure to approach anxiety then you’ve come to the right doctor. 

But let me get this perfectly clear at the beginning that If you’re here for the magic  

formula or the one thing , then i’m sorry to disappoint you, there ain’t such thing as a magic formula. 

It’s a process and you’re the epicenter of all of it. 

Approaching women positively, confidently and correctly is all about your personal development, your beliefs and your values. 

Your results or a lack of it when it comes to success with women is directly proportional to your personal development, your beliefs and your values. 

If you have taken the time to develop yourself, have positive beliefs about yourself and have high values then you are an unstoppable constantly working magnet for women. 

This is the core to everything. 

All this is going to require a serious personal commitment from your side. it’s not going to get handled in a day. 


1). Visualisation 

Figure out where you want it to go. Know the exact direction. You got to know what you want. 

Now whenever you think of not wanting to approach that sexy chick then think of all the good things that you’re going to miss out on, including her tasty pussy;] 

Imagine the faces of all those jealous fake friends when you’ll show off this sexy chick in front of everyone. 

It’s very important to visualise these stuffs as they give you the positive stimulus that you require. 

I also want you to visualise the you of now to the you of future or how you see yourself in the future. 

Take a pen and paper and ask yourself what are your best characteristics and what you’re good at and the things that you’ll want to work on. 

It’s very important that you visualise yourself with all these attitudes and skills and already in possession of whatever you want, including the woman. 

Visualise yourself with as much clarity as you can and don’t be surprised with what you come up with. Believe that you’re capable of all that and much more. 

This is an exercise which you should always do. As it overcomes approach anxiety almost instantly. 

2). Calm 

When you’re calm everything seems to flow naturally to you. You are the center of gravity. 

You’re the magnet everywhere you go. 

You enjoy everything from sports, to love, to public speaking, etc…And you take challenges head on without a slight problem or fear. You’re in a natural flow. 

That’s how important being calm is. 

When it comes to calm your body language is very important. 

It affects our co-ordination and, in turn everything we do. 

It’s very important that your actions match your words or else you get off balance and become uncomfortable. 

Or it can also be said that you become Incongruent. 

Your body must always be upright and be lengthened upwards to activate all your muscles and make you feel powerful and comfortable. 

>> The Right Body Language – 

Be Loose 


Be Broad 

And be in Balance. 

Always be in balance of your body and your body will take care that your mind is also in balance and not tensed up. 

Take time in doing whatever work you’re doing. There’s no need to rush. 

It’s the rush that stops you from being calm as it makes you uncomfortable. 

You need to be free and not rigid. 

And when you are free an aura of coolness breathes through you which makes almost every situation you are in a natural and makes you feel like you can do it easily. 

When you’re calm and in balance of yourself you will feel like you are more in center of yourself emotionally and almost unfazed by anything unexpected. This is very important especially when a woman rejects you. 

This makes you naturally confident and self-assured. 

>> What happens when you’re calm – 

You’ll be more decisive. 

Will be more positive. 

You will start feeling more comfortable in your own skin. 

You’ll accept the way you look and behave. 

Communication skills will improve. 

Start believing in your own abilities and thus be ready to try new stuff. 

Appreciate yourself for who you are and will embrace your good qualities. 

You won’t be afraid to look people in the eyes. 

You’ll appear more confident in front of others. 

You’ll have a higher opinion of yourself. 

Won’t have so many doubts. 

You won’t feel inferior to others any more. 

3). Reprogramming FEAR 

We are born with a protective system inside us that helps us and our mind, body and soul. It protects us from getting into situations that could harm us and our very existence. And most of the time it’s these systems that stop us from approaching women and create anxiety. 

These are called FEAR. 

These systems create a stimuli inside us that approaching women is dangerous. And hence you don’t approach them. 

But thankfully enough these systems can be reprogrammed with the positive stimulus which will then help you approach women. 

Now, everybody has got fears. Fear of rejection, fear of being hurt, etc… 

What if I teach you how you can reprogram your fear. 

It’s simple. Don’t state FEAR as something bad is about to happen. 

FEAR is also expressed as carefulness. 

Change the interpretations of the things you think. 

FEAR can also be labelled as Excited Alertness. 

FEAR usually happens because of the unfamiliar, the unknown. 

But if you could interpret the unfamiliar as a part of a new experience. A part of learning something new. The fear vanishes and excitement arises. 

Embarrassment only happens with unfamiliarity. So if you are embarrassed at something just visualise it as many times as you can until it starts seeming real to you. 

Once it becomes real and you have lived it a lot of times, it will automatically become familiar and your embarrassment will be gone. 


Always consider that you’re the authority. 

That the world is your party. 

Always step into things feeling a little bit familiar and feeling a little bit excited. 

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4). Curiosity 

Life unfolds in ways that we just don’t expect. The only thing that we can expect is the unexpected. We have to go with the flow and be open to those opportunities as life is happening around us. Ain’t that something to be curious about? Doesn’t that gives you chills? 

Does the thrills, chills and the frills doesn’t make you excited for life? 

Until and unless you’re curious for life and curious about the unknown it’s very hard to explore new things in life, including getting into new relationships or making new friends. 

You need to unleash the child in you. 

Always do something new each day. Be it an activity, going through different paths when you go for work, etc… 

The best way to stay curious in life is to follow your passion. 

Follow your passion and the fall of fear is certain. The rise of ideas are an absolute. Opportunities are going to come banging on all fours. In short, when you follow your passion, magic can happen.  

Things don’t always go according to plan, but as long as you are pursuing that passion and moving forward, opportunities open that you don’t even know exist. 

All recognize your strengths and weaknesses and do things which you think you can become the best at. 


It’s your curiosity that kills fear. Curiosity of the unknown. 

5). Who CARES 

Stop caring what others think of you. Because it doesn’t matter what they think. Who cares what they think. 

Don’t be too worried about doing the right thing all the time that you become worried about how much you’re worrying. Or you feel so guilty for every mistake you make that you begin to feel guilty about how guilty you’re feeling.

Or you get sad and alone so often that it makes you feel even more sad and alone just thinking about it. 

When you care too much about what other’s think of you they usually think even worse. 

Life is a process and it’s very important for you to go through everything without skipping any crucial process. 

Be it anxiety, stress, depression, fear, etc…. Oh, and if you thought that those movie stars or any celeb was born perfect then you’re living in a dream land. 

Nobody is perfect. It’s our imperfection that make us perfect. 

Most of us struggle throughout our lives by caring too much in situations where care was not required. 

If you go around caring about everything and everyone without conscious thought or choice then you’re going to get ruined. 

Trust me, other than two or three people nobody cares about you, then why should you. 

Why should you care what that girl will think when you approach her, when she didn’t care about how you will feel when she rejects you? 

You need to be comfortable in your own skin without having the slightest of care about what other people think. 

Find meaningful work to do, instead of caring what other people will think about you, when in reality they don’t give a f*ck. 

Figure out what’s important to you and what’s unimportant. 

And then give the lion’s share of your time and care to what’s important. 



In this article some important tips to cure approach anxiety. 

I want to let you know that always have an open mind. You don’t know what you can do until you try. 

Don’t prejudge your performance especially in a negative way. 

You have nothing to lose. So, go for it. 

Since, now you know the proven ways to cure approach anxiety. I want to let you know that I’ve an in-depth step-by-step article on how to approach women the best way so that she won’t be able to reject you.

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