August 4


How To Last Longer In Bed – Part 3 – Exercises, Food and Nutrition

By Ariel Vagus

August 4, 2019


In part 1 and part 2 of How to last longer in bed we discussed thoroughly
about the right empowering mind-set and techniques to dominate in bed.
Now, in the final section of this 3 part series I would like to discuss
the Exercises, food and nutrition that we need to make a lasting impact.

We have always known that exercise is  important in our daily lives, but we may not
know about it’s importance in our sex lives too.

And trust me, a lot of you sexual problems can be healed by the exercises you do.

  • It increases your energy level. Which will naturally increase your sexual prowess
    in bed.
  • It increases your muscle strength which increases your pumping capacity.
  • It helps you maintain a healthy weight meaning you can enjoy a whole lotta
  • It increases your mood which will help you in a more passionate love making.
  • Last but not the least , it improves your PC muscles which helps you last longer too.

Now we won’t discuss about generic exercises. Because that will be too broad
and frankly off topic.

So, we will discuss a very specific exercise that is the Kegel Exercises.

Kegel exercises were first described by Arnold Kegel in 1948.
These are found to be very useful in a variety of conditions, including overactive bladder,
male lower urinary tract symptoms, post radical prostatectomy, urinary incontinence,
erectile dysfunction and climacturia, fecal incontinence, and premature ejaculation.

While doing these exercises you just need to keep in mind that as you do
your Kegel Exercises, you only want to contract your PC muscles.

Do not allow other muscle groups like the abdominals or buttocks to take over, which is
surprisingly easy to do if your PC muscles are currently weak.

Here’s How To Do Kegel Exercises:-

-Start off by performing 10 reps

– Each rep will involve contracting your PC muscles for 3 seconds

– After each contraction, rest for 3 secondsv

– Add 2 reps per workout


– Work up to 50 reps.

Perform your Kegel Exercises every day or every other day (NOTE: If you
feel tired, it is okay to have a day or two off from performing your Kegel

Once you have worked your way up to a set of 50 reps with 3 second
contractions per rep and 3 second relaxations, increase the contraction time to
5 seconds per rep and increase the relaxation time to 5 seconds between reps.

Some common kegel exercises are –

Squats , Lunges , Squat jump , Reverse lunge ,Jumping lunge , Isometric wall squat , etc..

Food and Nutrition –

Eating healthy is one of the most important part of our daily lives and
often the most overlooked part too.

A quick look at the benefits of eating healthy in your sex life –

– The quality of your erection and your staying power is greatly effected
by what you eat.
– Eating the right amount of green vegetables improves sexual health and reproduction.
– Healthy eating habits produce men’s sex hormones and can boost libido.
– Increases blood flow which is important in lasting longer and also in premature
– Lowers Your Blood Pressure and reduces stress which is so important while having sex.

What i would suggest is 90% of your diet should contain foods like –
Meat,fruit,vegetables,nuts,seeds,healthy oils and honey.

And if you want foods for carbohydrate and energy then –
Brown rice ,Cous Cous and Quinoa.

Always stay HYDRATED. Drink as much water as you can.

I think if you follow these instructions and guide religiously then you’ll become
her king and she’ll worship you.



A conclusion of all the 3 parts in short –

  1. Master your mind-set.
  2. Master the art of deep breathing.
  3. Master the art of taoist thrusting.
  4. Manage and reduce your stress levels.
  5. Fuel yourself for incredible energy and stay hydrated.

Ariel Vagus

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