How To Date The Girl Of Your Dreams On Tinder?


How To Date The Girl Of Your Dreams On Tinder ?

Tinder is one of the world’s most popular dating sites for meeting new people. Without wasting time let’s know HOW TO DATE ON TINDER but first lest’s discuss the basic things  so that you won’t mess up anything.

What is Tinder?

Swipe. Match. Chat. Date. Tindering is easy and fun—Swipe Right to Like someone,
Swipe Left to pass. If someone likes you back, It’s a Match! Just swipe, match, and chat online with your matches, then step away from your phone, meet up in the real world and spark something new.

How Tinder works?

You can swipe and click on the faces that you find attractive. Every now and
then you will be notified that someone also found you attractive. Then you can
start to text on the Tinder app with that person.

Unlike other dating sites, this application uses a social graph that
focuses on the geographical location and mutual friends to detect compatibility.

This makes it easier to look for a match and meet them in person.

It shows people in your near by vicinity ,you decide whether you would like to
talk to them or not. This is done by either swiping right if you like them or
swiping left if you don’t.

The other person must also swipe right for you two to start chatting.

If a good conversation gets going you can agree to meet in real life.

And if that goes well,you can do sleepovers and much more.

So, basically Tinder is a speed dating app.

Benefits of Tinder –

  1. Privacy – Nobody wants to be rejected right? Tinder will not notify you that
    you were swiped left.

People love the idea that they could easily judge a person, whether he or she
is hot or not, without worrying about it. You will remain anonymous
until both are interested with each other.

  1. GPS (uses your location) – Some dating apps focus on the personality and interests
    of the people who wanted to look for their match.

But with Tinder, you can limit the search radius, so whenever both parties become
interested with each other they are never further than 100 miles apart.

  1. Uses your Mutual Friends – The people you will meet in Tinder are not total strangers.
    So whenever you like a person, and you have a mutual friend, you can ask him/her about
    your match.
  2. No Annoying Messages. People can only send messages to their matches. Even if the
    other person is dying to meet you, if you do not swipe right on their profile they
    cannot send annoying messages to you.
  3. Simple and easy to Use. This application shows only a limited number of photos and
    a short bio of the person. You do not have to browse tons of photos. With this limited
    information, you can easily identify what kind of person she is and quickly gauge if
    you have things in common and would like to pursue.

Finding your girl on Tinder –

This is your chance to carefully pick the woman of your dreams. If you are serious about
getting a date on Tinder, swiping left or right is important.

Know your preferences.

Determine your hobbies and interest.

Compatibility is often dictated by the number of common interests you and your date have.Hobbies could be a starting point of conversation, plus talking about sharing commonalities will make you and your date more comfortable.

Determine physical features you want in a woman.

Some men are attracted to a specific body part of a woman. Some may say that they want to date women with short hair and a petite build. Write down all these things so you could get back to it when the swiping begins.

Religion, Race and Age

Some may also prefer to date girls with the same religion, race and/or age, but be careful because being too choosy as it may result in a scarcity of matches.

What if you don’t receive any message ?

Leave Tinder for a few days. Chill, don’t get too desperate other wise it may come across in your interaction and neediness desperation is not an attractive quality. If you can’t find a date today, maybe she’s just unavailable that day.

Do other things just to take yourself away from Tinder and go back after a few days.

If you are using Android, force close the application and reopen it. For some,this works. You can try deleting your profile and starting again with new photos of you and a different tag line.

Limit your swipes. Do not swipe 400 girls a day. Have a daily quota. 5 to 10 girls a day is enough. Be patient.

Expand your search radius. In this way, more people will show in your profile.

How to Choose Photos on Tinder –

Generally 4 photos are enough for people to understand your personality. Here’s a
quick guide to pick the best photo –

Photo 1: Solo Picture. This should be a photo which shows happiness and positive vibes.

You should also look confident in this picture. Avoid using selfies where possible.

Do not use a selfie for a first photo! The photo should give the impression you are happy and approachable, people should feel comfortable talking to you. You do not want to be the creepy guy sitting alone in a badly lit room with a serious face on.

Also, avoid pictures that have crossed legs, hands on the pockets and folded arms. Make sure to have positive, relaxed body language.

Photo 2: Social Gathering with Hot Girls In this photo, you should be with some hot girls. This creates a social proof that it is common for you to be around beautiful women.

Photo 3: Physique or Hobby If you have sculptured abs and chiseled shoulders, then
a topless picture is a plus. Girls are attracted to men who are confident with
their body.

Photo 4: Second Best Solo Photo. Find another solo picture that shows your facial


Photos should be high quality. It is hard to understand a person’s features and
personality if the pictures are pixilated and blurred.

Make sure all your pictures look natural. Solo pictures should also show your
facial aesthetics (preferably without being a selfie).

All your photos should show positive vibes and aura.

Solo photos should show your smile.

The aim of your photos should include the following concepts: female
validation, confidence, your interests and your fun, outgoing personality.

How to Create a Tagline on Tinder?

One thing you should remember in creating your tagline is that, it should tell
Tinder users about yourself – what kind of person you are.

It should either be humorous, interesting or eye catching.

Avoid a lengthy description of yourself, short and sweet works wonders. Tinder users
do not care about what college you are from or the name of the dog.

Make it unique.

   Tinder Do’s

Talk about Passion. A man without passion is like a lamp without oil.

Dogs and Babies.Trust me guys it always works.Take some photos with dogs and
babies.It shows that you have a tender heart and you’re a good person.

Create a feel good vibe which makes you approachable.You can do this with your
writing or through your pics.But you must do it.

Open Body Language.Women love men with open body language.It makes them
approachable and makes them look confident in themselves and their body.

  Tinder Don’ts

Selfies. This makes you look girly. Try to avoid them as much as you can.

Group photos as your Display pic. It’s a huge no.


First impression is your last impression on tinder.

So never put a group pic as your do.

Don’t put any abstract photos.Or quotes or anything of that manner.

Don’t put a shady picture.Where your hand is hiding your face,etc…

Don’t talk Cliches. Oh God!!! How do i describe this.
It’s one of the biggest Nos for women.Just stay away from this.

Don’t compliment her on her looks.Even if she’s the queen of somewhere.

So, i have discussed all of my knowledge about tinder.I have given you the
Do’s and Dont’s of Tinder.

Now you have the power to go out there and unleash this raw power of

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